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  2. 2. WHERE ıS ‘’BANGLADESH’’?  Bangladesh is a country located in South Asia. The country is bounded by Indian in the north; Bay of Bengal in East and West while Myanmar surrounds it in the South.
  3. 3. BANGLADESH FACTS Official Name: The People's Republic of Bangladesh.  Capital: Dhaka  Religion: Islam  Official language: Bengali  Area: 147,570 km2  Population: 148,000,000  Currency: Taka  The most popular sport : Cricket 
  4. 4. NATIONAL FLAG  Adopted on 1972, a red disc on a green field. CAPITAL CITY Dhaka Population : 7,000,000
  5. 5. NATIONAL ICONS OF BANGLADES  The National Flower: The Water Lilly It is found almost in every water body in the country.
  6. 6. THE NATIONAL EMBLEM  The National Emblem of the People's Republic of Bangladesh is the national flower Shapla (water Lily) surrounded by two sheaves of rice, four stars and a bud with three tender leaves.
  7. 7. THE NATIONAL PARLIMENT Situated at the center of Dhaka city  An architectural wonder 
  8. 8. THE NATIONAL ANIMAL: ROYAL BENGAL TIGER  This majestic beast finds its home in mangrove forests in the southern part of the country.
  9. 9. THE NATIONAL BıRD : THE DOEL  It is famous for its sweet look and melodious whistle and is found everywhere especially in rural Bangladesh.
  10. 10. FLORA AND FAUNA IN BANGLADESH >> The forest cover of Bangladesh is only about 9 percent. >> Bangladesh is home to the Royal Bengal Tiger and others of the cat family, such as leopards and the smaller fishing and jungle cats. >> Bangladesh is habitat to 650 species of bird. >> Forests are extremely important habitat under national protection.
  11. 11. SPECIAL FOODS AND RECIPES Bangladesh is famous for its distinctive culinary tradition, delicious food, snacks, and savories.  Boiled rice constitutes the staple food, and is served with a variety of vegetables, 
  12. 12. PANTA ILISH  Traditional dish a traditional platter of Panta bhat with fried Hilsa slice, supplemented with dried fish pickles dal, green chillies and onion
  13. 13. BIRYANI This dish is made from a mixture of spices, rice, meat or vegetable and yogurt. The spices used in this food are what contributes to the taste. There is a saying only few poeple can make this difficult dish. >> >> Weddings in Dhaka are incomplete without this meal.
  14. 14. RELIGION >> %90 are Muslim >> A small number of Hindus, Christians and Buddhists are living in Bangladesh >> People of different religions perform their religious rituals with festivals in Bangladesh
  15. 15. CLOTHING ( WOMAN)  SAREES : Bangladeshi women habitually wear Sarees and Moslin Sarees.
  16. 16. SHALWAR KAMEEZ   The other main dresses of Bangladeshi women They can be silk , georgette or designer shalwar according to the economical levels of people
  17. 17. CLOTHING (MAN)  Bangladeshi men sometimes wear kurta or fatua on religious and cultural occasions. Kurta Fatua
  18. 18.   Bangladeshi men wear lungi as casual wear (in rural areas) They wear shirt-pant or suits on formal occasions Lungi Shirt-
  19. 19. FESTIVALS AND CELLEBRATIONS 1)) Eid ul-Fitr : >> It is the most important religious festival for the majority of Muslims. >> The prayers are held all over the country, in open areas like fields or inside mosques. >> The government of Bangladesh declares the holiday for three days.
  20. 20. 2)) POHELA BOISHAKH: >> It is the first day of the Bangla Calendar. It is usually celebrated on the 14th of April. >> Pohela Boishakh marks the start day of the crop season. >> They spend much of the day visiting
  21. 21. 3)) LANGUAGE MOVEMENT DAY >> It is a national day of Bangladesh to commemorate protests and sacrifices to protect Bengali as a national language during Bengali Language Movement of 1952. >> Every year on February 21 this day is observed to pay tribute to the martyrs who sacrificed their lives.
  22. 22. BIBLıOGRAPHY bal-etiquette/bangladesh.html   adesh   