How to teach Grammar /Lesson plan


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How to teach Grammar /Lesson plan

  1. 1. Lesson Plan Student Teacher: Merve Özdemir Mentor Teacher: Mine Dikdere Grade/ Level: Pre - intermediate Number of Students: Twenty (20) Textbook: Course book Subject/Description of Lesson: ‘’Would you mind’’ Date: 06.05.2013 Starting/Ending Time: 09.00/ 10.00 (for each class hour) Materials: the pictures that the teacher shows Learning outcomes : At the end of the lesson, the students will be able to identify in which situations the target form can be used use the target structure properly in making requests make meaningful examples of the target form in different situations
  2. 2. Presentation Social Chat: (Teacher comes to the classroom) T: Good morning everybody, it is such a beautiful sunny day, isn’t it? and I am happy about it . So, How do you feel today? ……. T: Ok, I am glad to hear that you are happy too. How was your weekend? Is there anybody to talk about the weekend? ……. T: Yes Batuhan, we are listening to you. ……. T: Hmmm, such a nice weekend for you Batuhan , which animals did you see in the zoo? ……. T: Ok then, thank you so much Batuhan for sharing with us. Is there someone else to talk? ……. Transition: T: Ok everybody, nice to listen about your weekend activities. Now , Let’s talk about these pictures. Creating the Context: Instruction: T: Let’s look at the first one. (holding picture A). This is Mary. What is she doing?
  3. 3. ……. T: Yes, she is studying but How does she feel? What do you think? ……. T: Hmm, you are right .She seems to be hot and because of that , she seems unhappy. The windows are closed and the temperature is high. Now let’s look at the second picture. What does Mary say to her mother? Is there any idea?
  4. 4. ………. T: Yes, very well. Maybe she says about the temperature. Maybe she is bored. Ok , let’s look at the third picture. What is happening in this one? Is she happy or not? ………. T: Ok, her mother opened the window and she seems happy now. So according to the this one ,What can we say about the second one? (holding the second one) What does she want from her mother? ………. T: Yes, yes class. Mary ‘s mother opens the door and Mary feels happy. So Mary wants her mother to open the window. She is making a request. Now I will show you the second picture with the conversation. Let’s see the conversation. (holding the picture with the conversation)
  5. 5. ………. Introducing the Target Structure T: Mary says ; ‘’Would you mind opening the window Mom? ‘’ ‘’It’s too hot’’. Mother says ; ‘’No, of course not honey.’’ ‘’ I am opening it now.’’ Ok , this is our conversation. What do you think about it? What does Mary want from her mother? ………. Checking Understanding T: Very well my class. Mary wants her mother to open the window. And she wants to learn if it is a problem for her or not. Are we okay now? Is there any problem? ………
  6. 6. Instruction: T: Ok my class. Now, let’s read these sentences. Please repeat after me. ‘’would you mind…..’’ ……….. T: Thank you so much, very well. Now ,Who wants to repeat the sentences alone? Yes , Aylin, we are listening to you. ………... T: Very well Aylin, thank you. Now , I will write the sentences on the board. (Teacher writes the sentences on the board, highlights the target grammar structure) ………… T: You can copy the sentences to your notebooks, I am giving three minutes for you. Instruction: T: Ok, we are done. Now I want you to think of a situation that one of you ask your friend to give his/her eraser to you. I am giving you three minutes to think about how to request. ………… Giving more Examples: T: Okay, you will see how to ask . Now think that I am a friend of yours. Watch me carefully. I will play both of the students. T: ( Teacher pretends that she is speaking with someone else and she uses mimes and gestures. Also she uses true intonation.) ‘’Hi Beril, Would you mind giving me your eraser. I lost my eraser.’’ Then teacher changes her place and pretends like the other student who will give the eraser.) No Selin, you can use my eraser. (Students applaud the teacher.)
  7. 7. Checking Understanding: T: Thank you class. Is there any problem you want to ask? Pelin , Can you explain what I did? ………… Giving More Examples: T: Very well Pelin. Now, I am writing these examples to the board. Can you give me any other situation like this? Please think in three minutes when I am writing them. ( A student says that she asks her father to help her about the homework and the teacher plays this situation like the previous example.) Would you mind helping me for my homework Dad? Yes, honey I have to go to work now. T: Ok , I am writing this one on the board. ( She also writes the rules of the grammar pattern briefly for making the form clear) Would you mind + verb(-ing) + object? Yes ( Negative answer, there is a problem, it doesn’t happen ) No ( Positive answer, there isn’t any problem, it happens) Checking Understanding T: Our lesson time is about to end , lastly I want to make an activity. Can anybody make a request like the previous examples? For example, please ask me to do anything in this pattern. Yes, Gizem? S: Would you mind giving me the pencil my teacher? T: No Gizem. You can take it. T:Thank you Gizem. And I want to thank all of you for this good lesson. It is time to finish the lesson. See you next lesson, take care of yourself 