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Inspiring storytelling quotes


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Inspiring storytelling quotes from famous storytellers.

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Inspiring storytelling quotes

  1. 1. InspiringstorytellingquotesCompiled by @MerviRauhala
  2. 2. “Storiesare powerfulbecause they transport usinto other people’s worldsbut, in doing that, theychange the way our brainswork and potentially changeour brain chemistry — andthat’s what it means to be asocial creature.”- Paul J. ZakPhoto:Flickr,affab(CCBY-NC2.0)
  3. 3. “Scratch the surface in atypical boardroom and wereall just cavemen withbriefcases, hungry for a wiseperson to tell us stories”.– Alan Kay, vice president at Walt DisneyPhoto:Ndecam(CCBY2.0)
  4. 4. “We experience life as a seriesof ongoing narratives,as conflicts,characters,beginnings,middlesand ends.”– Dr. Walter FischerPhoto:Flickr,eliot(CCBY-NC-SA2.0)
  5. 5. “Whoever Tells the Best Story Wins.”–Annette SimmonsPhoto:Flickr,ElisabethHaslam(CCBY-NC2.0)
  6. 6. ”Stories teach, model, unite and motivateby transporting audiences emotionally.”- Peter GruberPhoto:Flickr,Shandi-lee(CCBY-NC-ND2.0)
  7. 7. "Brands are built around stories.And stories of identity – who weare, where we’ve come from – arethe most effective stories of all.This storytelling is a powerful wayto bring brands to life."– Bill Dauphinais, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLPPhoto:Flickr,TomWachtel(CCBY-NC-ND2.0)
  8. 8. ”Stories are software for the mind.”- Arthur M. Harkins, University of Minnesota &George H. Kubik, Anticipatory Futures Group, LLCPhoto:vGvenVanhee(CCBY-NC-ND2.0)
  9. 9. “I think the future of storytelling is: You think ofsome good characters and you have them do somecool stuff that you can relate to and go throughhell and come out the other side of it changed in somepositive or negative way, and then it ends.”–James CameronPhoto:VinothChandar(CCBY2.0)
  10. 10. “The Universe is made of stories,not of atoms.”-Muriel RukeyserPhoto:Flickr,(CCBY-NC2.0)c@rljones
  11. 11. "Even when the body goes to sleep, the mindstays up all night telling itself stories"-Jonathan GottschalPhoto:CCBY2.0)thejbird
  12. 12. “Living and breathing an authenticstory is the best way to survive in aconversation-rich world. “- Seth GodinPhoto:Flickr,marfis75(CCBY-SA2.0)
  13. 13. “Content Marketing: Its Not About Shock, butGood Storytelling.”- Alexander JutkowitzPhoto:Flickr,BigFatRat(CCBY-NC-ND2.0)
  14. 14. ”The best way to communicate withpeople you are trying to lead isoften through a story.”- Stephen DenningPhoto:Flickr,GabrielWhite(CCBY2.0)
  15. 15. “Human beings share stories to remind each other of who they areand how they should behave. When we hear stories based on thesepatterns, we feel more like were remembering something forgottenthan learning something new.”-Jonah SachsPhoto:Flickr,BrandonChristopherWarren(CCBY-NC2.0)
  17. 17. “I actually think one of mystrengths is my storytelling.”- Quentin TarantinoPhoto:Flickr,(CCBY-NC-ND2.0)FotoRita[Allstarmaniac]
  18. 18. Photo:Flickr,TcMorgan(CCBY-NC-SA2.0)