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The DASH Diet for Girls New Fad Diet or New Help


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World Report has ranked the DASH diet tops for health and weight loss. Look inside for more information on this life changing Diet.

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The DASH Diet for Girls New Fad Diet or New Help

  1. 1. ==== ====Free diet report and video! Just click the link to a slimmer you! ====High school and middle school girls are perpetually under pressure to maintain a certain weightrange. Print and T.V. advertising always cast the most attention worthy women as slender, in goodphysical condition and concerned about their appearance. That is why for some teen girls bodyweight is the most important thing on their mind, even more important than their health. Becauseof the importance of their physical appearance, some girls even start purging their dinner. Thisleads to such unhealthy conditions as anorexia and bulimia these teenagers use to attain theirdesired weight.Of course anorexia and bulimia are unhealthy alternatives to keeping a healthy weight and foodintake, luckily teenage girls weight loss has been given a boost in a different form, something thathas had incredible benefits, the DASH diet for teenage girls.Originally the DASH diet was not intended for teen girls, actually it was designed for adults withpre-hypertension disease, or hypertension, but just because it was not created for teen girls doesnot mean it doesnt yield great results.With so much processed food, it is not surprising that girls are gaining weight rapidly, the DASHdiet for girls puts the emphasis back on healthy diet. It focuses on high quantities of such tried andtrue healthy products as fruits, whole grains, vegetables, fruit, lean chicken, fish and low-fat dairyproducts. These are all food items that fit within a proper diet.There have been several studies that show that the DASH diet, which has been promoted by theAmerican Heart Association for awhile, helps people to reduce their blood pressure. However, theDASH diet for girls also has the added and proven benefit that those young women who mostclosely adhered to the DASH diet principles had the lowest increase in their Body Mass Index(BMI) over a 10 year study.Not only does the DASH diet for girls keep school age girls slender in a healthy and structuredway, but also as they get older they are going to benefit from an overall bonus in health whencompared to their friends.Over 17% of all American girls are overweight; with the DASH diet for girls, girls not only follow abalanced diet that is going to help them stay or become slim now, but it will also lead to less healthproblems as they grow older and a better body image for life.Shane Ede is a blogger and online enthusiast. He writes both fiction and non-fiction blogs, articles,and fuller length items. Would you like him to write for you? Contact Shane Ede today.
  2. 2. Article Source: ====Free diet report and video! Just click the link to a slimmer you! ====