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Kate Harris - Limerick City Family History Research


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Kate Harris fascinating journey through the genealogical legacies of Limerick city.

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Kate Harris - Limerick City Family History Research

  1. 1. My family history research Paternal Harris’ and Maternal Clarkes.
  2. 2. Beginning My research: harris’ The first thing we learned about ancestral research from Lorna (and from almost every Clans and Surnames presentation that followed) was to begin with yourself and work backwards. So I did what I was told and mapped out all the relatives I knew as far back as I could go and listed all the information I knew about them. From here, I decided I would first concentrate on the Harris family as my uncle had already looked into it and I therefore had an idea of what I should be looking for. II was then able to cross reference anything I found with the research my uncle had done years before.
  3. 3. I started with the website Irish Genealogy at and tried to find Joseph ‘Da’ Harris my great grandfather’s birth cert which I found straight relatively easily. From this I was also given the name of Da’s parents and the area, Charlotte’s Quay, where he lived. Because Da was born in 1887, I knew he would also be mentioned in the 1901 and 1911 censusesso I went to these next. Joseph ‘Da’ Harris (a few years after he was born)
  4. 4. 1901 Cen
  5. 5. 1911 Census
  6. 6. Joseph and bridget After finding Joseph in the census I decided to look for his marriage cert.
  7. 7. GEORGE’S QUAY TENEMENTS In 1932, Bridget and Joseph were living in one of the tenement house on George’s Quay when it collapsed. There was such a shortage of houses at the time that the residents were housed in tents beside the river across from the houses old location.
  8. 8. George’s Quay : Tents by the River 1930s. While on campaign in Limerick, Eamon De Valera saw the tents and organised for homes to be built in the Castle Barracks to house the residents.
  9. 9. New Houses at Castle Barracks
  10. 10. Inside the castle walls.
  11. 11. Joseph and william Da’s father was also named Joseph and lived in tenements through out the city. He was born in Charlotte’s Quay to parenrs William and Margaret Harris (nee Quinn) in around 1849 At the time of his death, Joseph was living nearby in Bank Place. Joseph married Bridget McMAHON on the 12th of January1878 in St. Michael’s Church. . They had 5 children together and lived in Tenements in Bank Place, Michael's Street and Dixon’s (Dickson’s) Lane Joseph’s father William was born in 1821 and also lived in Limerick City. He married Margaret QUINN, in 1844 in St.Mary’s Church and they had nine children together. William was a brush maker and owned a business in Clare Street which is mentioned in Slater’s Directory of Ireland in 1870. Joseph was also a brush maker and had a business in John’s Street mentioned in the Limerick City Directory in 1879.
  12. 12. His father William was a brush maker and worked in Clare Street, Limerick.
  13. 13. Joseph HARRIS was also a brush maker and had a business in John Street in Limerick. -Limerick City Directory1879
  14. 14. Joseph and his father William spent a month in prison in 1888 for Larceny.
  15. 15. Harris/sheehan grave, mount st. Lawrence cemetery.
  16. 16. Clarke family From the Harris’, I moved onto my Mother’s side of the family, the Clarkes. I decided to start with my Great-grandfather John Clarke. My mother told me he was born somewhere in the North of Ireland on the 29th of April 1900 so I began by checking the 1901 Census for 1 year old boys named John Clarke. I found John Clarke in Antrim and assumed it was the right John Clarke because his family members had similar names to my granda’s siblings.
  20. 20. John Clarke: Military Record
  21. 21. John Clarke and Catherine Gleeson marriage cert
  22. 22. Catherine (kate) Gleeson birth cert
  23. 23. Gleesons 1901 cenus
  24. 24. Gluson 1911 census
  25. 25. Research experience overall HARRIS Primarily in Limerick for 5 generations Research already began by other family members More people to talk to Local and more accessible CLARKE Moved around a lot Had to start from scratch Unfamiliar locations