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Pc power point celia

  1. 1. www.DaysofWrath.comP&A (PRINTS & ADVERTISING) INVESTMENT PROPOSALCelia Fox Entertainment LLC8307 Grandview Drive, West Hollywood, CA. 90046 CeliaFox@gmail.com
  2. 2. Investment Outline Foxy Films has invested 15 million into the production and completion of an action gangster film entitled “Days of Wrath”. All previous contracts have been resolved and the Company owns the clear chain of title.• Foxy Films is looking for an investor to fund 18 million in P&A (Prints and Advertising).• Investor’s cash flow would start to come in 75 days after theatrical release. It will take one full year before investor will be paid back the majority of his money with interest. Please refer to the cash flow chart.• Investor(s) will recoup money first and an interest rate of 12.5% per annum. After the investor recoups his original investment, and receive 10% back end profit participation.• The investment funding will be placed into a bank account specifically for Prints and Advertising of Days of Wrath. This account will be accessible online for the investor(s) review. Foxy Films will execute the P&A marketing plan and P&A itemized theatrical budget.• Foxy Films plans to employ a major studio to release the film in over 2,000 screens in United States and Canada. We will simultaneously release the film internationally as well. The top three theatrical chains in the U.S. consist of Regal, AMC, Cinemark along with a few independents, depending upon the market and city.
  3. 3. Film Time Line1. Foxy Films will sit down with distributors (Summit, Warner Brothers, Sony, Lions Gate etc.) and negotiate a Service Deal for Days of Wrath. A distributor is hired on a “fee for service” basis and is contracted to distribute the film. This deal places the Investor a step higher in the revenue “food chain,” by minimizing the Distributors share from 65% (or higher) to 15% in the U.S. theatrical market and triple the revenue in every other market. This will be especially significant with respect to DVD sales and profits from all markets worldwide.2. Foxy Films will then sit down with Twentieth Century Fox and Sony to discuss the DVD, On Demand, and TV release of Days Of Wrath. We will then determine which company offers the best deal as both companies have already expressed great interest in distributing the DVD of Days Of Wrath. They will not receive an upfront fee rather negotiate a percentage of the profit from sales. We look to procure the distributor for DVD distribution for fifteen percent or less.3. The film’s soundtrack contract will be finalized. Universal is interested in doing the soundtrack deal although Foxy Films will also be sitting down with Universal Republic, Motown, Fontana, and Interscope to negotiate the best deal.4. All Product Branding and Integration will be either in negotiation or finalized by the first few months.5. All vendors will be contracted: General Marketing with our media buyer, Latin Marketing with Arenas & Clear Picture, Urban Marketing with the PMI Group. In addition will contract our; Poster House, Trailers, Online Marketing and Publicist for Television, Radio and Print.6. At this point (thirty to sixty days after funding), we will have a Theatrical, Home Entertainment and Soundtrack deal signed with a release date. Everything from this point forward will revolve around the release date for the film – which will be the priority of Foxy Films, for the next five to six months. The next phase in the U.S. is to make the project as visible as possible through product placement and original marketing concepts. Now, we will explore options for foreign sales, since the deals we have mentioned so far, will cover the USA and Canada.
  4. 4. Repayment Timeline Approximate Timing of Cash Flows Based on Assumed Release Date of Fall 2013:1. Theatre- payments starts at 75 days and continue thru 150 days as final settlements agreed.2. Colleges, Military, Ships & Planes - start at 75 days and continue thru 120 days for late pays.3. International Rights Advances- sales expected to occur Fall 2013 and will pay on delivery.4. PPV Revenues - Hotels, Cable- starts at 90 days and be collected within the next 60 days.5. DVD- will be released to public mid-May and payments will start 60 days thereafter and continue for an additional 90 days. 15-20% of total will drift into years 2-4.6. Pay TV Sale - HBO/Showtime/Starz sale- will be made after Box Office is known, to be paid 50% Spring and 50% Fall 2013.7. Free TV Sales - FX, Comedy, Spike- sale will be made after Box Office is known, availability after the Pay TV sale above, cash will be dependent upon the station actually airing the film, no cash till the 3rd year, then collect over next 2 years.8. Soundtrack Royalties- CD sales commence prior to theatrical release and will be collected over 6 months.9. Apple’s game revenue will commence selling just after theatrical release and will collect over 6 months.10. Investor payments will continue until all Prints and Advertising Funds have been returned, plus 12.5% interest rate. Once Prints and Advertising Investor is paid back with interest rate, then Foxy Films will be compensated.11. It will take a full year before Prints and Advertising investor will be paid back the majority of his money with interest. After the investor recoups his original investment, investor will then get 10% back end profit participation. That will continue until the movie stops profiting.
  5. 5. Projected Financials
  6. 6. Term Sheet Days of Wrath, LLC (“Producer”)P&A Facility: 18 millionInterest Rate: 12.5% per annumDistribution: Funding conditional on reaching an agreement with an approved theatrical motion picture distributor in the United States (“Domestic Distributor”) to handle distribution of the Picture in North America.Recoupment: P&A Facility plus interest recoups out of 100% of the domestic revenues net of Domestic Distributor’s distribution fee and on a pro rata basis with any other P&A provider(s). The Distribution fee will be in accordance with Distributor for the theatrical Release and Foxy Home Entertainment for the DVD release. Thereafter, Producer to recoup production cost plus interest.Profit Participation: P&A Provider to receive an amount equal to a pro rata share (with any other P&A provider) of 10% of Producer’s share of worldwide net proceeds after Producer recoups 100% of the cost of production plus interest from all sources.
  7. 7. One SheetSynopsisIn one of the most advanced cities in the most advanced country in the world, the law of the jungle still applies. “Days of Wrath”tells the story of gangs in Los Angeles, the media who exploits them and the consequences of both. Byron Gordon, ahandsome, wealthy playboy owner of a struggling Los Angeles television station, KIND, finds reporting on gang warfare good forratings and good for profits, but he finds much, much more—a gang leader son he didn’t know he had, threats and danger from agang boss that could destroy him and his business, and a love that he finds when he least expected it.Urban/Action/Gangster Films - Box OfficeIn 2009, box office receipts were well beyond the 10 billion dollar mark, which has never before been accomplished. This was thesecond year that U.S. ticket sales have posted record-breaking numbers. Most urban/action/gangster films that were releasedduring 2009/2010 had opening box office earnings of over 10 million dollars.Takers ------------------------------ 20,512,304Death at a Funeral ---------------16,217,540Brooklyn’s Finest -----------------13,350,299Machete -------------------------- 11,416,164The Lottery ------------------------10,652,297
  8. 8. Celia Fox BioThe Foxy Films CEO has been immersed in filmmaking and entertainment since her preteens, whetherwriting and directing short films or producing her own theatrical performances. Not long after herarrival in Hollywood from her native Philadelphia over a decade ago, she chose to forgo what had beena successful run of “L A Underground,” her one-woman show, to devote all her attention to movies.She wrote and produced her debut feature, Wasabi Tuna, starring the late Anna Nichole Smith andformer Saturday Night Live alum Tim Meadows, which became an instant cult-hit.She was inspired to write her next feature, Days of Wrath, after meeting with actors who had comefrom gang lifestyles. Celia made her directorial debut with film stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan, WilmerValderrama, Taye Diggs and Laurence Fishburne. Once again, the industry has taken notice: Not onlyhas Ms. Fox delivered an authentic portrayal of the effects of gang life on gang members, their familiesand the community at large, as well as the media’s role in covering those effects.Citing filmmakers like Ridley and Tony Scott and films like Man on Fire, American History X and TrainingDay as influences, Ms. Fox has dedicated herself to producing the kinds of stories usually reserved forbig-budget studio slates, but at a fraction of the cost. Whether delivering feature films or televisiondramas, her Foxy Films banner signifies the presence of a new and very loud voice in Americanentertainment: “I’m always focused on telling stories that the mass audience can relate to. Stories withaction, pain, conflict and eventual triumph. Stories about our human condition, no matter what welook like or where we call home. And now, Hollywood had better get ready. It’s a new day, and womenare leading the way.”
  9. 9. Film Cast
  10. 10. Film Cast Jeffrey Dean Morgan Laurence Fishburne Amber VallettaThe Possession Contagion The Spy Next DoorRed Dawn Mission Impossible GamerWatchmen The Matrix Hitch
  11. 11. Film CastWilmer Valderrama Brandon T. JacksonLarry Crowne Tooth FairyColumbus Day The Day the Earth Stood StillUnaccompanied Minors Tropic Thunder Taye Diggs Faizon Love Dylan Dog: Dead of Night Couples Retreat Malibus Most Wanted Idlewild Equilibrium Elf
  12. 12. Marketing StrategyGangster films are morality tales of pursuit of the American Dream and success stories turned upside down inwhich criminals live in an inverted dream world of success and wealth. Often from poor immigrantfamilies, gangster characters often fall prey to crime in the pursuit of wealth, status, and material possessions(clothes and cars), because all other "normal" avenues to the top are unavailable to them.Presently, given the surge in the domestic and foreign theatrical box office, we feel it is the best time torelease this film theatrically. Jeffery Dean Morgan, the star of Days of Wraths last film, ThePossession, released August 31st, 2012, grossed 49,130,154 domestic and 27,561,295 foreign.The multi-ethnic and multi-cultural nature of “Days of Wrath” lends itself to a myriad of marketing anddistribution strategies. This film will be marketed to the largest going theater audience which are Caucasianmales and Latino males under twenty five. Analysts say that compared with other groups, Latinos are the fastest-growing segment of the movie goingaudience and buy more DVDs. Figures showing that 37 million Hispanic moviegoers bought 300 million ticketsin 2009, a per-moviegoer rate of more than eight tickets a year, the highest of any ethnic group.Every movie is different and the promotions department must figure out what type of campaign will be themost effective at reaching their target audience. Based on this research, the movie marketers decide howmuch of their budget to spend on each different media outlet.
  13. 13. Marketing StrategyOpening weekend has become so important, that most if not all of the publicity and marketing iscentered on breaking out from all the “noise” in the marketplace that weekend and attracting thebiggest audience, even audiences who might not have wanted to come see the film as their first orsecond choice. Most big-budget movies are marketed to the widest audience possible, so ads blankettelevision networks, online, newspapers and magazine, but theres no focus. Chances are that withevery blockbuster movie marketing campaign, millions of dollars are lost on people who would neversee the movie, no matter how good it is.* Our solution is the niche buster, a smaller movie marketed heavily to a highly specific audience.Around the same time that the first trailer hit the theaters, we will unveil an official website for thefilm. The website allows visitors to view multiple versions of the trailer, watch behind-the-scenesinterviews and mini-documentaries, read plot synopsis, download cell-phone ringtones and desktopwallpaper, play games, chat in forums and even pre-order tickets. The official movie website is only thebeginning of a much larger Internet marketing campaign.
  14. 14. Marketing StrategyWe plan to roll out favorable press coverage in newspapers, magazines and on entertainment TV shows, asthe release date draws closer. One of our main movie publicity tactics will be the press junket. At a pressjunket, journalists, entertainment reporters and movie critics for our specific niche are flown out to a speciallocation for a day or weekend of interviews with the stars and creators of the film.Weeks before the movie opens nationwide our promotions department will start an all-out publicity blitz.The idea is to bombard our specific audience with so many images and promos for the movie that it becomesa "cant miss" event. Movie marketers will plaster the sides of buses with huge ads, place billboards allaround the city, run tons of teaser trailers on TV, place full-page ads in major newspapers and magazines, andthe movies stars will show up on major talk shows, all marketing heavily to our highly specific audience.Another marketing strategy will be a publicity stunt, an orchestrated media event where we place “wantedposters” all over our cites of Danny boy at barber shops, grocery stores, light poles etc. to make our charactera real person and draw further attention to the opening of the movie.
  15. 15. Target Market1. Target: Caucasians Actors: Jeffrey Dean Morgan /Amber Valletta / Wilmer Valderrama / Laurence Fishburne Network television: ABC / NBC / CBS / FOX Cable television: HBO / IFC / MTV / VH1 Talk Shows: The View / Conan O’ Brien / Jimmy Fallon / Good Morning America / David Letterman National magazine: Entertainment Weekly / GQ / People / Maxim / Etc… Local newspaper: New York Post / Los Angeles Times / Miami Herald / Etc… Network radio: Mainstream / Top 40 / Pop radio Web sites: MySpace / Facebook / Twitter / Etc…2. Target: Hispanics Actors: Wilmer Valderrama / Ana Claudia Talancon / Lupe Ontiveros / Jesse Garcia Network Television: Univision / Telemondo / Galavision Cable Television: MTV3 / MUN2 / LATV / SITV Talk Shows: Despierta America / Sabado Gigante / Primer Impacto National Magazine: People En Espanol / Urban Latino / Latina / Etc… Local Newspaper: NYP Tempo / El Popular / El Diario / Hoy / Azteca News Network Radio: Tropical Latin / Urbano / Mexican Regional / Spanish Contemporary Web Sites: Univision.com / Batanga.com / Lamusica.com / Icaramba.com3. Target: African-Americans Actors: / Laurence Fishburne /Taye Diggs / David Banner / Rick Ross / Brandon T. Jackson Cable television: BET / MTV2 / SPIKE TV / TVOne Talk Shows: Tavis Smiley / Wendy Williams / Tyra Banks Show / 106 & Park National magazine: Black Man / XXL / Source / King Network radio: Rhythmic / Urban / Urban AC Websites: Worldstar.com / Nahrigth.com / 2dopeboys.com
  16. 16. EVENTS PUBLICITY· Screenings for media, groups, leaders and consumers · Press Kits, press releases, production notes, trailers,· Staged events for product launch and promotions stills· Database of 2,000+ conferences for booths, trailers, · 3,000+ mainstream and niche media outlets materials, promotions · PublicistPROMOTIONS ADVERTISING· Radio Promotions through 2,000+ radio stations · Advertising – print, radio, TV and web ads, infomercials nationwide· Web Promotions to thousands of websites· Sweepstakes – online and retailMATERIALS WEB· Print – creation, printing, and fulfillment of flyers, posters, · Resource websites guides, etc. · Social networking, viral buzz· Video – creation of resource DVDs, trailers, screeners, · Online press room, Screening RSVP system and EPK’s E-vite system· Product - T-shirts, stickers, mugs, calendars, hats, toys, etc.· Communications - 800 #s, email blasts, fax blasts
  17. 17. Target CitiesNew York, NY Minneapolis, MN Hartford, CTLos Angeles, CA Cleveland, OH Raleigh, NCChicago, IL Denver, CO Nashville, TNPhiladelphia, PA Sacramento, CA Kansas City, MOSan Francisco, CA Orlando, FL Miami, FLDallas, TX St. Louis, MO Greenville, SCWashington DC Pittsburgh, PA Salt Lake City, UTAtlanta, GA Portland, OR San Antonio, TXHouston, TX Baltimore, MD West Palm Beach, FLDetroit, MI San Diego, CA Grand Rapids, MITampa, FL Charlotte, NC Birmingham, ALSeattle, WA Indianapolis, IN Harrisburg, PAPhoenix, AZ New Orleans, LA Norfolk, VA
  18. 18. Online CampaignmPRm was founded in 1998 by PR veterans Rachel McCallister and Mark Pogachefsky, bringing together agroup of communications specialists whose expertise spans entertainment, technology and consumerbrands. Our work includes the launch of companies, brands, technologies and networks that have changedthe culture, as well as countless entertainment and brand properties. Some highlights include:Film: Creating and implementing comprehensive campaigns for critically and commercially acclaimedfilms, such as: Brokeback Mountain, March of the Penguins, Good Night and Good Luck, Monster, AnInconvenient Truth, Saw II and III, The Pianist, Traffic, among many more managing public relations, eventsmarketing and production for a wide range of clients including Independent Spirit Awards, The HollywoodReporter, The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, The Italian Feast of San Gennaro Festival, and I Have ADream Foundation - Los Angeles.Lifestyle: We apply our trademark ingenuity, intuition and effective media strategies to lifestyle brands andadvocacy organizations – tapping into trend-setting audiences, the ever-changing youth culture and ethniccommunities with powerful motivating messages. mPRm is a leader in reaching the influential gay, AfricanAmerican, Latino, Asian and under-30 markets for product launches, promotions, special events or causes.
  19. 19. You don’t get to be the best because you are the oldest… you get to be the oldest because you are the best.ARENAS is a diversified entertainment and media company founded over 20 years ago and has beenrecognized as the foremost authority in marketing entertainment products to U.S. Latino audiences.ARENAS believe that, in order to develop the most effective marketing campaign, client partnerships mustinvolve an honest evaluation of the diverse, ever-changing consumer. We are dedicated to developingmarketing methods, which target each segment of the evolving U.S. Latino population within theacculturation spectrum.ARENAS are completely focused in marketing entertainment to the U.S. Latino market. Unlike any othermarketing or advertising agency, every team member, from media planning to corporate finance to the front-desk receptionist, plays a role in contributing to our clients’ successes.ARENAS offers marketing strategy, creative advertising, media planning, media buying, research, publicityand promotions Arenas has worked on over 300 films and TV programs including:King Kong (UNIVERSAL); War of the Worlds (PARAMOUNT); 8 Mile (UNIVERSAL); 2Fast 2Furious(UNIVERSAL); The Scorpion King (UNIVERSAL); The Mummy Returns (UNIVERSAL); Shrek (DREAMWORKS) andShrek 2 (DREAMWORKS); Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto (DISNEY), as well as such cross-over films as Selena(WARNER); My Family (NEW LINE); Like Water for Chocolate (MIRAMAX); and Empire (UNIVERSAL/ARENAS).
  20. 20. Our Mission at IGT Media Holdings, Inc. is to provide our Clients with value that they cannot readily achieveon their own or through other sources. We are a full service agency, offering clients everything from strategicplanning and research to media buying. We are best known for our very successful national and regionaladvertising campaigns.Highlights:Our planners and buyers average over 25 years in the industry this combined with our principals extensiveexperience in retail, travel, direct response and packaged goods advertising has provided insights notnormally available to most mid-sized agencies.We employ the latest, most sophisticated online planning and research tools available to the advertisingindustry including Strata, Smart Plus, Squad,Tapscan Qualitative Data, Scarborough, MRI, TNSIntelligence, Arbitron, Nielsen and SRDS.Combine these unusual media insights with our huge buying power in markets around the county and youhave unbelievable power to deliver your message.IGT maintains relationships with thousands of advertising partners, including:
  22. 22. SoundtrackFoxy Films and Universal Music will combine artists from the film i.e. Rick Ross, David Banner as wellas today’s top artist including Snoop Dogg, who has already produced a track for the film. Thesoundtrack will also include some of the top selling Latino artists to give the album a universal appeal.We will be working with Jessy Terrero, who has worked with 50 cent, Akon, Neo, Rihanna as well asmany others, to produce superior videos for MTV, MTV2, and BET. These videos will be dropped in acomprehensive campaign three months prior to the theatrical release.The street campaign for the soundtrack will consist of radio interviews with the artists on thesoundtrack and in the movie, support in the clubs from individual DJs, wrapped vans in cities whereDays of Wrath will be released. Combining the use of video and radio to hype the movie along withthe soundtrack will create a highly specific niche buster blanket effect on our target demographic.We have a full service marketing and promotion company focused on targeting the Caucasians, Latinoand African-American youth markets in the U.S.. We will ensure that Days of Wrath receives intensiveexposure in all relevant music outlets and still manage to maintain its theatrical credibility as a film.
  23. 23. Radio PromotionOur radio promotional department will keep weekly contact with college radio and commercialstations. So we can track the progress of the record and allow us to provide detailed reports eachweek, which includes our staffs recommendations and comments. In conjunction with our streetteam we will also implements product giveaways and arrange station IDs.Clear Channel - Owns and operates more than 1200 radio stations in the United States.Emmis Communications- EMMIS owns the two most influential hip hop stations in the world - Power106 in L.A. and HOT 97 in N.Y.C.Radio One - is one of the nations largest radio broadcasting companies and the largest radiobroadcasting company that primarily targets African-American and urban listeners.
  25. 25. THEATRICAL RELEASE PROJECT BUDGET : 15,000,000A spread sheet copy of the P&A budget attached