House rental project final


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House rental project final

  1. 1. Prepared for Wendy Weingart – Landlady By Merima Turcinhodzic GEB3213 – Business Communication 04/30/2014
  2. 2.  New landlady, Ms. Wendy Weingart, invested money in property.  Ms. Weingart is really busy one person business woman and does not have time to do research.  My informational report will give Ms. Weingart enough tools to make right decision on choosing tenant.
  3. 3.  Owning a rental property house  Advertising rental property  Rights and responsibilities of landlady  Rights and responsibilities of renter  Background Check  Signing the lease  My final recommendation
  4. 4. Owning a rental property house House rental is a time consuming process Finding right renters is a challenge Doing repairs when necessary, can be a hassle 32% of U.S. population are renters
  5. 5. Advertising rental property Newspaper ads “For Rent” sign in front of the house Craig’s List / online advertisement
  6. 6. Rights and Responsibilities of Landlady/Landlord First right as a landlord is to receive rent Safety and security of the property Front and back of the house are clean Lawn is maintained on regular basis Repairs done in timely manners
  7. 7. Rights and Responsibilities of Renters Paying rent on time Giving early notifications to the landlord Keeping premises clean Maintaining the smoke detector
  8. 8. Background Check Online background check, with fee and for free Signing the lease Final step is signing the lease, that both sides agreed upon and giving house keys to the new tenant.
  9. 9.  Do interview of potential renters in timely manner  Do background check online  Have lease signed for one year