Fostering learning leadership


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Childs, M., Keppell, M., Brown, M., Hunter, C., Hard, N. & Hughes, H. (2011). Fostering institutional change and learning leadership – a study of stories of adaptation in blended and flexible learning and distance education. In G. Williams, P. Statham, N. Brown, B. Cleland (Eds.) Changing Demands, Changing Directions. Proceedings ascilite Hobart 2011. (pp.220-226).

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Fostering learning leadership

  1. 1. Fostering institutional change through learning leadership – a study of adaptation in blended and flexible learning, distance and open education. Merilyn Childs (CSU), Mark Brown (MU), Mike Keppell (CSU), Carole Hunter (CSU), Natasha Hard (CSU), Helen Hughes (MU).
  2. 2. Our geographic spaces Port Macquarie
  3. 3. Our landscape spaces
  4. 4. Our proximal journey 2007-2011 • Responding with and within our institutions to the challenges presented by dynamic change in learning and teaching (BFL, open and DE) • Building innovative, resilient, and change- capable staff • Generating change
  5. 5. Our 2011 question What do the strategies and activities developed at CSU and Massey (to foster change in BFL, open and DE) help us to understand about learning leadership?
  6. 6. Our emerging conceptual space – learning leadership Positional leadership Leadership as activityLearning leadership Informed by Scott, Geoff; Coates, Hamish; and Anderson, Michelle, (2008). "Learning leadership in times of change: Academic Leadership Capabilities for Australian Higher Education" Higher Education Research. Accessed 1st February 2011 tion/3 Informed by Parrish, D & Lefoe, G (2008), The GREEN resource: Growing • Reflecting • Enabling • Engaging • Networking. The Development of Leadership Capacity in Higher Education, Australian Teaching and Learning Council, Sydney. Accessed 23rd October 2010 eadership/docs/GREEN_Report.pdf Including: as fostered by distributive leadership
  7. 7. The 8 case studies we chose to explore the question Macro Meso Micro •CSUEDs (CSU) •ePortfolio (CSU) •The Teaching Fellowship Scheme (CSU) •Course team Symposiums (CSU) •Stream @ the Faculty of Business (MU) •Stream @ Bachelor of Sociology (MU) • FLI Teaching Fellow 1 (CSU) •FLI Teaching Fellow 1 (CSU) What do the strategies and activities developed at CSU and Massey (to foster change in BFL, open and DE) help us to understand about learning leadership?
  8. 8. Planned outcomes (2012) • Eight case studies • wikiResearcher • Methodological development • Final report • Further questions • Ongoing collaboration
  9. 9. Generative thinking • Can the research team make sense of the case studies by considering the interplay of positional leadership and leadership as activity (sometimes fostered through distributive leadership)? • No-one in the case studies uses the term “learning leadership”, nor do they use the term “leadership”. We are considering how we might write about the various leaderships shown, using a language that is respectful of this reluctance, yet defines innovation and influence as leadership.