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"Being digital" LTC Showcase


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This slide was used for a "Being Digital" workshop I facilitated at an LTC Showcase at the University of Wollongong. I set up a #hackbeingdigital hashtag a week prior, and encouraged participation. The workshop offers participants, who are in 2044, an opportunity to enter a Holodeck in 2014 to see what "being digital meant" at that time. The lived experience of the workshop is not on the ppt, as I switched to twitter, and participants did discovery activities that were then posted at #hackbeingdigital

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"Being digital" LTC Showcase

  1. 1. It’s 2044
  2. 2. You are a geo-social pod about to enter a TechHistory Holodeck with thousands of other pods. Orientation:
  3. 3. Please attach WTD_Disk_2014. Once affixed you’ll achieve complete immersion in a university campus of 2014 – eg you’ll be wearing 2014 fashion. You’ll remember everything from 2044, but not all of you have the same skills in 2014, because at that time there was what they called a “digital divide”.
  4. 4. We all know the old stories: Background visualisation Learning content in 2014 Learning networks in 2044 But what was it really like?
  5. 5. Please affix WTDisk_2014_1 Health warning: On entry to the TechHistory Holodeck you’ll find what they called “hand-held devices”, “paper” & they talked to each other by physically typing using a tool called “twitter”. (See WTDisk_2014_10) You may experience some nausea but adjustment is usually quick.
  6. 6. Welcome to the TechHistory Holodeck. You are now in 2014
  7. 7. The TechHistory Holodeck is an immersive experience hosted by a H-Connector (a “Holographic Geo-Social Pod Connector”). Today your H-Connector is called “A/P Merilyn Childs” using the terminology of 2014. “Being Digital” at Learning, Teaching & Curriculum Showcase, A/P Merilyn Childs, 20/11/2014, University of Wollongong #hackbeingdigital Images: Courtesy