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Kinesiology taping triceps_brachii


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A step-by-step guide to proper kinesiology taping of the triceps brachii.
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Kinesiology taping triceps_brachii

  1. 1. Meridius Medical presents
  2. 2. Identify the triceps brachii muscles
  3. 3. Measure the length of muscles with tape
  4. 4. Cut the tape to length
  5. 5. Round both ends
  6. 6. Tear through and remove the paper backing from both ends
  7. 7. Anchor one end over the base of the elbow joint
  8. 8. Stretch the tape along the muscle fiber to the infraglenoid tubercle of the scapula
  9. 9. Press down firmly
  10. 10. Taped triceps brachii
  11. 11.