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  1. 1. • You will be presented with a hypothetical information interaction. • Your team will decide: • How many hash marks you would make • What categories (Reference, Circulation, Security or Display) you would make them in. • You receive 1 point for every correct hashmark in the correct category. • The team with the most points at the end of the game wins a somewhat fabulous prize.
  2. 2. QUESTION1 A harried mom comes up to the Youth Desk. She wants to know why her pin number is not working. You reset it, but, she comes back because her card is blocked. Why?! Fines? But! They’re less than $10. More than 3 months old? Whatever. She’ll pay them. She has to go to the Service Desk? She’ll do it later. Could she just get her 3 kids on the YouthGame computers? You are working the Youth Desk… 2 Circulation – resetting the pin, checking the account 2 Reference – referring her to another desk and giving her kids passwords.
  3. 3. QUESTION2 A patron calls in wanting to renew his DVDs. You look at his account, and he is blocked because his card is expired. You update his card and renew his items. You are on Circ Workroom Phones 2 Circulation – updating his card and renewing his DVDs.
  4. 4. QUESTION3 An irate patron comes to you. There’s a dad with a baby in a stroller in ERI. The baby is noisy. The patron is trying to work! The baby is not that noisy, but you suggest the father use the Youth computers instead. You are on the Service Desk 1 Security – noisy baby 1 Reference – telling father about youth computers.
  5. 5. QUESTION4 You notice a small child climbing on the shelves. You stop her, and ask where her parent is. The child points in the general direction of the Adult Dept. You take the child to find the parent. Sure enough, they are browsing the DVD section. You explain to the adult that the code of conduct states children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult. You are on the Youth Desk 3 Security – stopping climbing, lost child and explaining code of conduct.
  6. 6. QUESTION5 A very sweet little old lady comes up to the desk. She wants to check out her items, but she needs to renew her card first, and, she wants to buy these books from the booksale. And while she’s here, she’s wondering if you could tell her which James Patterson books she hasn’t read. Oh! She hasn’t read that one. Is it in? Could you put it on hold for her? But, she needs the large print. Could you cancel the hold you just placed and put it on the large print? And is there someone she could talk to about the library hours? She really wishes you were open Wednesday mornings. You are on the Service Desk 4 Circulation – renewing the card; checking out; booksale; cancelling hold; 3 Reference – Finding James Patterson titles, placing hold, placing hold on large print. Referring her to Branches Manager.
  7. 7. QUESTION6 You are called out to ERI. There is a woman needing help with her resume. There’s a weird line on it. And the spacing is all screwed up. OH! You fixed it. Thank you! Now, what is an attachment? The patron needs to send the resume via e-mail as an attachment. A USB stick? What’s that? Dropbox? Like, at her house? She can e-mail it to herself? Really? Now, she needs to print 10 copies, but she doesn’t have any cash. She has a debit card, will that work? How do you print? You are the Librarian on Call 3 Reference – fixing the resume; saving it/emailing it; showing her how to print 1 Circulation – taking the debit payment
  8. 8. QUESTION7 A very upset gentlemen comes to the desk. He got a letter from a credit agency! Saying he was in collections. A lost book? Preposterous. He never even checked that book out! Yes, he renewed it multiple times, but he has looked everywhere, and does not have the book. We’ve made a mistake. Yes, his phone number and e- mail is correct. Yes, he received the overdue notices. But he should not be charged for the book. The fine should be removed immediately! He demands to speak to a supervisor! You are at the Service Desk. 1- Circulation (looking at his account and then you should get a Circ person because this is a collections account!)
  9. 9. QUESTION8 You have been forwarded a call from the CWP person. Do you have the book the Applique Guidebook? No? How about Applique Techniques from Around the World? Not that one either? Can you borrow them from somewhere else? Interlibrary Loan? Great! Now, there’s a third book. It’s not really a book, it’s a calendar that has applique patterns in it. Libraries don’t usually buy calendars? Do you have anything with applique patterns? You are the Librarian on Call 4- Reference – Searching her titles, ILLing 2, explaining the calendar thing and searching for more applique books.
  10. 10. QUESTION9 A family comes up to the desk. Both of the parents want cards. Plus, they want to get cards for each of the 4 kids. Can you tell them about youth programs at the library? When are your storytimes? Do you take teen volunteers? Where are the bestsellers located? Do you have a special section on Homeschooling? Where do you keep the Christian Fiction? Can you recommend a good, clean mystery for a middle school reader? You are on the Service Desk 6- Circulation – New Cards 7 – Reference – Youth Programming, Storytimes, Teen Volunteering, Best Sellers, Christian Fiction, Homeschooling and Reader’s Advisory
  11. 11. QUESTION10 You are on the Service Desk 4 – Reference (connecting to WiFi, slow WiFi, can she use the staff WiFi, question about study rooms) 1 – Security (when she became agitated and abusive) A woman is having trouble connecting to the Internet on her laptop. Can you help her get on? (A few minutes later) The WiFi in this building is really slow, can you do anything to speed it up? What about the GPLSTAFF network. Is it faster? Can you put her on that? Well, why not? She has a job interview, and the WiFi is just too slow! (A few more minutes later) She needs to use a study room for her interview. What do you mean you don’t have study rooms! You’re a library! Why is it so noisy in here? You need to tell those people to be quiet. You clearly don’t want her to get the job. You are discriminating against the unemployed. Her taxes pay your salary. No, she will not calm down. You are just stupid and incompetent.