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Workshop and activities


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We know that in the previous period, due to quarantine, we spent most of our time at home.
Therefore, the volunteers of the Youth Council-Prilep, carried out on-line activities by making newspapers, presentations, and sharing various types of recipes on the Facebook group #youthQuarantine.YCP volunteer Leonardo from Italy made an interesting newspaper with some of the previous activities.
The volunteers of the Youth Council-Prilep had the opportunity to meet local young people and spend time with them, socialize, create and learn.
Youth Council-Prilep will continue to implement creative workshops and activities.

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Workshop and activities

  1. 1. Workshop & Activities
  2. 2. I got a big pleasure to meet and spend couple hours with these guys so special. We got ton of fun, drawing, talking and laughing all together to celebrate love's day, Valentine's day. Amazing time with great company LOCATION: Sуница центар 14/02/2020 I got impressed by their big hearts and emotions that they show without fear. They are such great people that I can't wait to meet them again !!!
  3. 3. 2 FESTIVITIES 1 DAY On the 14th February in Macedonia, they are celebrated two different festivities that somehow divide people. Those are Valentine's day and S. Trifun. While the first one is well known worldwide, the second one is a Macedonian tradition, where the peaseants trim the vineyards, hoping for a big season. It's tradition therefore to drink basically a lot during that day.  
  4. 4. I met students of the local gymnasium that told me about the history of S.Trifun and how much influence it actually has on the life in Prilep. Afterwards all us volunteers told how we celebrate Valentine's Day in our country. It was really curious and interesting to find out this traditional festivity of which I was completely unaware!
  5. 5. 27-28 February Location: Kliment Ohridski - elementary school Blaze Koneski - elementary school Прочка
  6. 6. Procka is a traditional carnival where everybody celebrates by dressing up how they want, whether with traditional costums or any kind of other dress. In occasion of that, I got the opportunity to visit a couple of schools and help the kids preparing their own mask. They were so excited about it and it was a good time also to know each other a little bit. It's always a pleasure for me to work with kids and students in general because they are (almost) always positive and active about workshops and they somehow share their happiness and excitement, making the whole experience so energizing
  7. 7. Woman's Day 8th March Rampo Levkata school
  8. 8. I was so glad to spend this day, along with my peer, to help these nice guys make a lovely envelope and letter to give to their most important woman in life, their own MOTHERS