MMTO Seminar by Anita Ondine


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MMTO Seminar by Anita Ondine

  1. 1. TransmediaFundamentalsSeminarAnita OndineToronto, CanadaJanuary 19, 2012
  2. 2. #MMTO2012@anitaondine
  3. 3. Agenda• Definitions• Uses of transmedia• Transmedia State of Play• HiM / Pandemic Case Study
  4. 4. console games television telephoneExperimental web merchandise ConvergentCross-Media ARGs live events Multiplatform mobile appsTransmedia... Definitions What does it all mean?
  5. 5. Telling a story... or many stories that exist beyond a single screen No borders No boundariesUsing multiple media platforms & story forms Definitions Transmedia
  6. 6. television games film music telephone STORYweb merchandise ARGs social media live events mobile apps Definitions Unified storyworld
  7. 7. For the audience to enter the storyworld Participate in it... And influence it... Definitions Audience Participation
  8. 8. Evangelists Producers Players Engaged CasualPassives Definitions Participation pyramid
  9. 9. passive interactive participatory Twitter internet ubiquity mobile UGC apps itv / digital games television books cable plenitude television dvd television scarcity cinemaPassive > Participatory
  10. 10. Game Mechanics /Story / Narrative Participation Social / Community Definitions Social entertainment
  11. 11. Uses of Transmedia• Tell stories• Creative extensions to thestoryworld• Market and promote• Develop / pilot concepts• Build audiences• Access new funding andrevenue streams
  12. 12. State of Play• Money flows into transmedia • National and Regional funders • $15m Fourth Wall transmedia studio funded • Trusts and Foundations• Hollywood takes notice • Dark Knight • Lost • Heroes
  13. 13. State of Play Hollywood Takes Notice
  14. 14. Producers EmbraceTransmedia• PGA Transmedia ProducerCredit• Brian Grazer signs first lookdeal with Blacklight• Tim Kring develops transmediaextensions to Heroes• Anthony Zuiker launchesLEVEL 26• Guillermo del Toro startsMirada a transmedia studio• Tom Hanks company Playtonelaunches a transmedia project
  15. 15. Transmedia storytelling gaining traction in brand campaigns Somers Town “Pursuit of Bestness” AmericanKen and Barbie Girl Dolls Bing / Jay-Z Decoded New Old Spice Guy Brands Investing in State of Play Transmedia
  16. 16. Case Study HiM / Pandemic
  17. 17. Pandemic App• Crowd sourced “nests”• Players connect andcommunicate via Twitter• Geo-locational• Think global, act local photo by: anita ondine
  18. 18. Market conditions Audience behaviour Technology innovation Conclusion The perfect storm
  19. 19. Outstanding TransmediaProjects + FormatsSeminarAnita OndineToronto, CanadaJanuary 19, 2012
  20. 20. Agenda• “Types” of transmedia• Documentary• Fiction• Mixed Reality• Art / Experimental• Transmedia Forums
  21. 21. Fiction Fan based / Educational UGCArt / Experimental Social Change Forums Mixed Reality Documentary Transmedia... “Types” of Transmedia
  22. 22. Rekindling Venus Types Art / Experimental
  23. 23. Dr Who Types Fiction
  24. 24. Inside the Haiti Earthquake Types Documentary
  25. 25. David Lynch Interview Project Germany Types Documentary
  26. 26. Prison Valley Types Documentary
  27. 27. Highrise “Collaborative Types Documentary Experiment”
  28. 28. Collapsus Types Mixed Reality
  29. 29. The Art of the Trench Types Fan Based / UGC
  30. 30. Benetton Model Search Types Fan Based / UGC
  31. 31. Transmedia Forums You Suck at Transmedia
  32. 32. Transmedia Forums Transmedia Ready
  33. 33. Other Forums• TEDxTransmedia LinkedIn group• Transmedia Next Alumni forum• Sundance New Frontier Story Lab• Toronto Transmedia Meetup• Merging + Media BC & TO• Many more...
  34. 34. Business + CreativeDevelopment:The Sandbox ApproachSeminarAnita OndineToronto, CanadaJanuary 19, 2012
  35. 35. Agenda• The Sandbox Approach• Creative Development• Business Development• Production Process• Back to the Start
  36. 36. The Sandbox ApproachDesigning Transmedia=• Creative+• Business
  37. 37. •Creative •Business ... Working togetherThe Sandbox Approach
  38. 38. Story Game Mechanics Core Concept Media Architecture ExperienceThe Sandbox Approach
  39. 39. Characteristics✓Collaborative✓Open✓Not silos✓A sense play✓Encourages experimentation
  40. 40. Documents & Process• Project Plan• Reporting Lines• Contracting Process• Shared Calendars• Risk Management• Joint Meetings
  41. 41. Creative Development• Development questions• Media architecture• Unified storyworld• Scripting• Game mechanics• Releasing schedule• Participation pyramid
  42. 42. Development Questions• What are you creating? ‣ core concept / theme / premise ‣ ideal way to communicate ‣ look & feel ‣ target audience ‣ motivation and rewards
  43. 43. Scripting• Different story forms• Unified by theme/character/context...storyworld• Connected using hooks• Designed from page 1 ofthe screenplay to functionas a fully integratedtransmedia experience
  44. 44. Creative Development Alternate Story Paths
  45. 45. Creative Development Releasing schedule
  46. 46. Evangelists EngagedCasual Business Development Participation pyramid
  47. 47. Geolocational Social Connections Awareness IncentivesCelebrity Access Social Status Red Herrings Solve a Mystery Rewards Win a prize Leader boards Business Development Game Mechanics
  48. 48. television games film telephoneweb merchandise ARGs social media live events mobile apps Media Architecture / Business Development Distribution Channels
  49. 49. Japan USA AustraliaSouth Africa Canada China United Kingdom India Business development New business paradigms
  50. 50. Back to the Start The Core Concept
  51. 51. Identifying +Implementing Your CoreConceptSeminarAnita OndineToronto, CanadaJanuary 19, 2012
  52. 52. Agenda• What is the Core Concept?• Identifying the Core Concept• Developing from the CoreConcept
  53. 53. What is the CoreConcept?• The Core Concept• The Operative Idea• The Jewel
  54. 54. Development Questions• What are you creating? ‣ core concept / theme / premise ‣ ideal way to communicate ‣ look & feel ‣ target audience ‣ motivation and rewards
  55. 55. television games film telephoneweb merchandise ARGs social media live events mobile apps The Core Concept What does it look like?
  56. 56. Developing the Core Concept Content Onion
  57. 57. Developing the Core Concept Focus & Framing
  58. 58. Developing the Core Concept Information
  59. 59. Developing the Core Concept Narrative Parameters
  60. 60. Developing the Core Concept Development Process
  61. 61. Thank you &stay in touchTwitter: anitaondineFacebook: Anita OndineLinkedin: Anita Ondine SmithE: