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Open content from Danish museums 29012013


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Presentation at Open Data Workshop, Europeana and INA, Paris, January 29 2013

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Open content from Danish museums 29012013

  1. 1. Open Content from Danish Museums Merete Sanderhoff, Statens Museum for Kunst 29 January, 2012, Paris
  2. 2. BackgroundSMK in Google Art Project ~160 highlights ~100 videosCC-BYImage sharing betweenDanish art museums
  3. 3. Tiny experimental pilot project 300,000 DKK ~ 40,000 EUR
  4. 4.
  5. 5. start small ask the users adapt experimentseize the opportunity at hand
  6. 6. 3 dogmas All Public Domain content is freely shareable and reusable We use an existing platform instead of custom-building a new one Target users take part in developing and creating the experience
  7. 7. 2009
  8. 8. 2011
  9. 9. 2012
  10. 10. Value PropositionMuseums Need: Be mobile, expose collections Offer: A shared, sustainable mobilemuseum platformUsers Need: Keys to look at art Offer: Keys, relations, dialogue
  11. 11. IncentiveFacing common challenges with common solutions push Danish art museums to start using open licenses on collections connect collections and send users on to each other involve users in dialogue and encourage co-creation of content re-cycle existing online content build a sustainable platform using dynamically updated system
  12. 12. ChannelsSimple “shell”/image repository/archive:HintMe [beta]Twitter’s API
  13. 13. Simpleinterface
  14. 14. Simplebackend
  15. 15. It works like this v Stand in front of an artwork in a museum Pull out your smartphone or tablet Scan QR code or enter URL Scroll through a stream of brief comments, open links to related images, texts, videos etc. (anyone can do this) Post a comment, question, add a link, photo, video etc. (you need to be a Twitter user to do this) Maybe you get a response – if you direct a question or comment to a museum tweep, you certainly will
  16. 16. Why use Twitter? artworks identified via # manageable content production existing online content activated users are equal and identifiable multilingual dynamically updated and improved
  17. 17. Communication channels MuseumNext conference Open Knowledge Festival Swedish Exhibition Agency language=en OpenGLAM blog Musings blog Lots of tweets 
  18. 18. Stakeholders Users Educators Museums Agency of Culture Artists Open GLAM community Creative Commons Europeana
  19. 19. Open licensesCC-BY Artworks Statens Museum for Kunst 20 (160) Den Hirschsprungske Samling 18 Thorvaldsens Museum 20 Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek 10 J.F Willumsens Museum 10 Fyns Kunstmuseum 15 Vejle Kunstmuseum 7 (+ 5)CC-BY-NC Ribe Kunstmuseum 22 KØS – Museum for Art in Public Spaces (11)Awaiting decision Sorø Kunstmuseum (want CC-BY) 10 Faaborg Museum 20 168 (308)
  20. 20. BenefitsReal demand for open contentMuseums and artists are willingto open up content
  21. 21.
  22. 22. BenefitsPotential in mobile museumInterpretation/dialogue tool
  23. 23. Links torich mediacontent areappreciated
  24. 24. Risk oflookingdown,not up
  25. 25. Thepersonalcurator ispopular
  26. 26. Users do notnecessarilywant toparticipate
  27. 27. Users arehappy to beinvited intodialogue
  28. 28. Next stepsOpen licenses on modern andcontemporary artworksLaunch and report by April 2013How do we make this project scale?
  29. 29. Thank you @MSanderhoff