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Adding, sharing, growing, caring_IIFIEC_09112012


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Keynote at 2nd International Forum of Cultural Infrastructures, Cidade de Cultura, Santiago de Compostela, November 9th 2012, #IIFIEC

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Adding, sharing, growing, caring_IIFIEC_09112012

  1. 1. Merete Sanderhoff @MSanderhoff adding, sharing, growing, caringhow do we care for cultural heritage today? 2. International Forum On Cultural Infrastructures Santiago de Compostela
  2. 2. ¡hola!
  3. 3. Agendaadding how can museums add value to the Internetsharing which resources are we sharinggrowing what are we doing to grow the sharing movementcaring how do we care for cultural heritage
  4. 4. from the Danishcultural sector!
  5. 5. Uffe Elbæk Minister of Culture The Danish government has secured 20 million DKK more to the cultural sector. The agreement maintains the free entrance to Statens Museum for Kunst.
  6. 6. ”…what does it mean that there aremillions of images on the web that weare not allowed to touch while at thesame time there are other millions ofimages that we can actually use?” Peter Leth, Creative Commons For All (in Danish only), 2011 @peterleth1
  7. 7. digital wantsto be shared
  8. 8. Why sharing is a GREAT ideaeconomic traditional image licensing is losing us moneyworkflow digital infrastructure makes life easiermission cultural heritage belongs to us all
  9. 9. use = value
  10. 10.
  11. 11. adding
  12. 12. Pioneers
  13. 13. “The preservation, transmission, andadvancement of knowledge in thedigital age are promoted by theunencumbered use and reuse ofdigitized content for research,teaching, learning, and creativeactivities.” Memo on open access to digital representations of works in the public domain from museum, library, and archive collections at Yale University May 2011
  14. 14. “Our understanding of research,education, artistic creativity, and theprogress of knowledge is built uponthe axiom that no idea stands alone,and that all innovation is built on theideas and innovation of others.” Smithsonian Web and New Media Strategy, Version 1.0, 7/30/2009
  15. 15. +20 million records
  16. 16. +20 million records
  17. 17. • The Public Domain must be preserved• A healthy Public Domain is essential to the social and economic wellbeing of society• Digitisation of Public Domain knowledge does not create new rights over it
  18. 18. …but can we afford it?
  19. 19. Simon TannerDigital Humanities Strategist @Simon Tanner
  20. 20. "Everyone interviewed wants torecoup costs but almost noneclaimed to actually achieve orexpected to achieve this… Eventhose services that claimed to recoupfull costs generally did not accountfully for salary costs or overheadexpenses."Reproduction charging models & rights policy for digital images inAmerican art museums, 2004
  21. 21. Jo Prosser Managing DirectorVictoria & Albert Enterprises
  22. 22. Jo Prosser Managing Director Victoria & Albert Enterprises"Since 2006 the commercial market for[images] has undergone a revolution,with consumers now expecting imagesfree of charge, free of usagerestrictions, and instantly available foruse…
  23. 23. Jo Prosser Managing Director Victoria & Albert Enterprises… In summary, more people want morecontent, from more complex sourcesand at more speed, but are lessprepared to pay for it and lesssympathetic to the real, non-digital,human resource required to deliver it."
  24. 24. “want more content”
  25. 25. “less prepared to pay for it”
  26. 26. can we afford not to?
  27. 27. what are we afraid of?
  28. 28. abuselosing money
  29. 29.,0
  30. 30. ”Our primary mission isto ”tell the truth.” Lizzy Jongma Data Manager Rijksmuseum @LizzyJongma
  31. 31. Pushing out poor copies
  32. 32. Enriching public knowledge
  33. 33. Inviting usage
  34. 34. Harry VerwayenBusiness Development Director Europeana @Hverwayen
  35. 35. Michael Edson Harry VerwayenDirector of Web and New Media Strategy Business Development Director Smithsonian Institution Europeana @mpedson @Hverwayen
  36. 36. sharing
  37. 37.
  38. 38. access is not = to sharing Michael Edson Director of Web and New Media Strategy Smithsonian Institution @mpedson
  39. 39.
  40. 40. you’re free toshareremixuse for all purposes (yes, also commercial ones)
  41. 41. why?
  42. 42. Karsten Ohrt Director SMK
  43. 43. "Like other museum institutionsSMK is used to being seen as agatekeeper of cultural heritage. Butour collections do not belong tous. They belong to the public…
  44. 44. …Our motivation for sharingdigitized images freely is to allowusers to contribute theirknowledge and co-create culture.In this way, SMK wishes to be acatalyst for the users creativity."
  45. 45. Andrea Mantegna (1430/31-1506), Christ as the Suffering Redeemer, 1495-1500, CC BY
  46. 46. some data
  47. 47. some dataApril 16 – September 13, 2012 the page about SMK’s free images have been viewed 12,269 times in comparison has had 261,323 visitors in total the Creative Commons Attribution page has been viewed 2,519 times in comparison the ordinary copyright page has been viewed 602 times
  48. 48. some datathe zip file in its entirety downloaded approx 320times in Aprilbandwidth shows that >2 TB were downloaded,that’s ~ 10.000 individual image downloads (averagesize 200 MB)since then, divided into three zip files (5 GB too big)which have been downloaded– Zip 1: 124 times– Zip 2: 50 times– Zip 3: 42 times
  49. 49. some datathe individual images have been viewed 2,966 times(May 7-Sept 13)averagely, users view 2,2 images and spend 5½minutes on the download pagesin total 6,521 pages have been viewed1,860 Danes have viewed the free images757 from other countries, mostly the US, Germany,and Russia
  50. 50. most downloaded #1Vilhelm Hammershøi, Interior in Strandgade, Sunlight on the Floor, 1901, CC BY
  51. 51. most downloaded #2 Peter Christian Skovgaard, A Beech Wood in May near Iselingen Manor, Zealand, 1857, CC BY
  52. 52. most downloaded #3 Lucas Cranach the Elder (c. 1472-1553), Melancholy, 1532, CC BY
  53. 53. Mai Misfeldtart critic at Danish national newspapereducator
  54. 54. this artwork has beenin the Public Domain for 389 years Lucas Cranach the Elder (c. 1472-1553), Melancholy, 1532, CC BY
  55. 55.
  56. 56. growing
  57. 57. common challenges?rapid technological changesilo culture – high maintenancecharging for digitized imagesrelevance to next generation users
  58. 58. common solutions?working together in networksusing existing platformsproviding free accesslistening to and engaging users
  59. 59.
  60. 60. 2009
  61. 61. 2011
  62. 62. 2012
  63. 63. 3 principles1. All Public Domain content is freelyshareable and reusable2. We use an existing platform insteadof custom-building a new one3. Target users take part in developingand creating the experience
  64. 64. Twitter offersartworks have individual #comments are <140call users are equal and have names and facesit is multilingualcomments lead to richer contentthe platform is dynamically updated and improved
  65. 65. How will it work?stand in front of an artwork in a museumpull out your smartphone or tabletscan a QR code or the artworkscroll through a stream of brief comments and questions, openlinks to related images, texts, videos etc. (anyone can do this)post a comment, question, add a link, photo, video etc. (youneed to be a Twitter user to do this)maybe you get a response – if you direct a question orcomment to a museum tweep, you certainly will!
  66. 66. Objective
  67. 67. Inspire users to look closerat the artworks Objective
  68. 68. testing the concept
  69. 69. paper prototyping
  70. 70. follow up survey
  71. 71. focus group discussion
  72. 72. content
  73. 73. format
  74. 74. situation
  75. 75.
  76. 76. start small ask the users adapt experimentseize the opportunity at hand!
  77. 77. ”The single greatestpredictor of how muchvalue we get out of ourcognitive surplus is howmuch we allow ourselvesto experiment, becausethe only group that cantry everything iseverybody.”
  78. 78. ”The opportunitybefore us (…) isenormous; what we dowith it will bedetermined largely byhow well we are ableto imagine and rewardpublic creativity,participation, andsharing.”
  79. 79. wanna join? @MSanderhoff
  80. 80. caring
  81. 81. adding value to the Internetsharing useful high res contentgrowing communities that share
  82. 82.
  83. 83. Jill Cousins, EuropeanaJasper VisserInspired by Coffee Shelley Bernstein, Brooklyn Museum
  84. 84. povertà vien dal timor! Oralto’s aria ”Chi dal cielo” Antonio Vivaldi, La fida Ninfa, 1731 (a work in the Public Domain)
  85. 85. Read moreAbout the shared mobile pilot project• Open GLAM• Swedish Exhibition Agency platform?language=en• MuseumNext 2012 SMK’s free charter collection• CC GLAM wiki,_The_National_ Gallery_of_DenmarkAbout Public Domain and open licensing• Public Domain and Image Sales References http://smithsonian-
  86. 86. welcome!
  87. 87. it’s free for all