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A crystal ball would be the one of the best tools for an FM’er. How great would it be to know what is going to happen in your buildings and work environment and be able to plan accordingly? Crystal balls unfortunately do not exist, but there are genuine ways to ‘see’ and plan for the future. There are concepts that are currently being discussed in various industries that will have a big impact on the future of our workplaces – and therefore FM’ers.

This presentation dives into the emerging global trends and technologies that will be impacting us by 2020... With today’s changes and uncertainties, we interpret and dissect futurist predictions and the impact on the work, worker and workplace of 2020. Why plan so far out? This presentation will tell you why.

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  1. 1. "Change is the law of life and those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future " future. —John F. Kennedy
  2. 2. www.future.2020 Work, Worker, Workplace of the Future – Are You Ready? Meredith Thatcher, CFM, IFMA Fellow, LEED® AP Thatcher Workplace Consulting Ottawa, ON, Canada
  3. 3. Where were we 10 years ago? n Y2K is a non-event n Bush vs. Gore – US Supreme Court determines who will be President n The first resident crew enters the International Space Station n Children who were born will be entering the work force in 2020 www.future.2020 © Thatcher Workplace Consulting 3
  4. 4. Worker
  5. 5. Profile... Profile n Fewer workers n mostly Gen X and Millennials n entry of ‘i’ Generation (iPhone, iPod) n largest percentage ever of workers 55 and older in the workplace n Workers will be more demanding n Work/life/education balance will be a given n Blending of home and office n Focus on skills in maths, sciences and technology n More machines – robotics
  6. 6. Canada 2020 China 2020 United States 2020 India 2020
  7. 7. Multi- Multi-worker n Multi-cultural, multi-linguistic, multi-skilled, multi-faith , n recognition of international certifications and education n Europe s Europe’s mobile workforce crosses borders much more easily than in North America – this has to b thi h t be resolved l d n organizations have better means to find the perfect employee, no matter where they are in the world n the continued emergence of www.future.2020 China and India 7 © Thatcher Workplace Consulting
  8. 8. Fluid workforce n Higher worker turnover n Options for alternate employment n Choice of location - clean, safe and g green (NY Times article, Sept. 6, 2007)) ( p n Brain drain vs. brain exchange n Portfolio workers, teleworkers, constant communication n Workers will have created own individual brand – social networking blogs etc networking, blogs, etc. www.future.2020 © Thatcher Workplace Consulting 8
  9. 9. Worker skills required n Flexibility and adaptability to change - summarize and analyze information, withstand stress, accept criticism, work as part of a team, work in a multicultural t ki lti lt l environment n Independence - learning, problem solving, solving decision making taking making, calculated risks n Communications - orally, in writing, independently, as part of a g y team n Thinking – critical, creative, connecting www.future.2020 © Thatcher Workplace Consulting 9
  10. 10. Work
  11. 11. Design Economy g n You will need to think like a designer n Decisions will be based on emotion n Rapid prototyping will be the norm www.future.2020 © Thatcher Workplace Consulting 11 Source: Front collective, Sweden
  12. 12. Technology n Social technologies n Nanotechnology n Desktop web n New materials applications n Automated processes n Virtual and interactive n Beyond the CPU
  13. 13. Knowledge is Shared n Expanded capacity f E d d it for cooperation n Cooperative strategies for p g solving dilemmas n Sharing, appropriating innovation and results of research n Across boundaries n Open source production O d ti models n Peer to peer web-based www.future.2020 © Thatcher Workplace Consulting 13
  14. 14. Workplace
  15. 15. Workplace n Supported in distributed environments n Movement out of urban centres n Work from anywhere n New energy types and new sources for existing types www.future.2020 © Thatcher Workplace Consulting 15
  16. 16. Invisible Computing n Nanotechnology n self config ring sensor net orks self-configuring networks n mesh networks n motes n ad-hoc infrastructure ad hoc n RFID – everything will be tagged! www.future.2020 © Thatcher Workplace Consulting 16
  17. 17. Futurists Pick Top Tech Trends n Simplicity n Mobile socialization n R.I.P. R I P combustion engine? n Going green n IT revolution l ti n in 2020, "our electronics will be 10,000 times as capable as they are today" source:http://www.wired.com www.future.2020 © Thatcher Workplace Consulting 17
  18. 18. Green Principles n They will be commonplace n ‘Carbon neutral’ won’t be good enough n Corporations may be expected to give back to the grid n Dismantling, disposing and repurposing
  19. 19. Projected energy consumption n In last 15 years energy years, consumption worldwide was up 1.5% per year n Forecasts for the next 20 years suggest energy consumption will grow by 2% per year: current consumption doubles in 36 years n Fossil fuels are finite = end of cheap and eas oil easy www.future.2020 © Thatcher Workplace Consulting 19
  20. 20. Utilities n Independence from the grid and autonomy I d d f th id d t n Electricity n incandescent–fluorescent–compact fluorescent–LED–OLED fluorescent LED OLED n Water n potable water 100% in and out now n future – closed loop, at source f t l dl t treatment n HVAC – supplementing building with natural solutions n IT will be the 4th utility
  21. 21. So how does all this l t t th thi relate to the Nine Facility Management Competencies? C t i ?
  22. 22. Leadership and Management n Partnerships with other organizations f skilled personnel i ti for kill d l n Smaller, more efficient FM teams n Establish mentoring opportunities now n Standards and processes will be critical – won’t have time to won t recreate the wheel n Have the guts and authority to implement change – and do it faster! n You will need to be more open to suggestion www.future.2020 © Thatcher Workplace Consulting 22
  23. 23. Planning and Project Management n Project teams will be comprised of transitory members n Tools will be different n access to resources n technologies of cooperation n Project timelines will continue to shorten n Space will need to be more flexible and adaptable – l d t bl less ddemolition and liti d reconstruction n Fewer trades available www.future.2020 © Thatcher Workplace Consulting 23
  24. 24. Human and Environmental Factors n Workers will have much broader experience of how others are managing th i th i their environments n Increasing regulations re: healthy buildings n Push for ‘carbon neutral’ buildings n Must understand the on-going changing use of and g g integration with the work environment n Be prepared for increasing number of ‘mega-events’
  25. 25. Finance n Cost cutting will still be expected n Attracting and retaining people with g financial skills will be of high importance to executive g management n Show how FM contributes to revenue generation www.future.2020 © Thatcher Workplace Consulting 25
  26. 26. Operations & Maintenance n Training on new building systems and new g g y types of sensors n Lifecycle of new equipment will be less known n Will require more storage space n recycling assets, waste n Water will be mix of potable and g y including p gray, g looping back n HVAC – natural venting, more filtering and treating of indoor and outside air n Water will be treated differently www.future.2020 © Thatcher Workplace Consulting 26
  27. 27. Real Estate n Decentralization of urban centres n Consider longer and more flexible leases n Boundaries of tenant spaces may be less defined n More efficient buildings ( g (rentable to usable) ) will be required – more space for occupants n Criteria for evaluating buildings will include social conscience elements n Sq.ft. per person will likely continue to reduce, though will stabilize www.future.2020 © Thatcher Workplace Consulting 27
  28. 28. Quality Assessment and Innovation n Regular occupant evaluations will be necessary n Delivery of quality environments will b necessary t attract and ill be to tt t d retain n Large leaps in innovation will enable better service delivery n Intellectual property rights will need to be negotiated n ‘points’ for contributing to wikis, podcasts p www.future.2020 © Thatcher Workplace Consulting 28
  29. 29. Communication n Just do it! n Communicate your organization’s culture n Take advantage of social networking to establish your brand www.future.2020 © Thatcher Workplace Consulting 29
  30. 30. Technology n Panoramic desktop – information in context n Conductive polymers: the new silicon? n Aggressive disruption n Location aware networks n unhealthy zones n Nanotechnology n Leap frogging n Security www.future.2020 © Thatcher Workplace Consulting 30
  31. 31. Group discussion Question: What do you think the three most likely future happenings will be? www.future.2020 © Thatcher Workplace Consulting 31
  32. 32. Convergence “Progress is the ability to choose be ee change and ad o between c a ge a d tradition” David Zach www.future.2020 © Thatcher Workplace Consulting 32
  33. 33. Nanoscale Sensors n Increase occupant comfort in buildings n Reduce machine downtime in factories n Allow companies to monitor and control processes and p systems for increased efficiency and enhanced profitability n Sense levels of pollutants in the environment (i.e. quality of drinking water) n Detect structural damage in buildings and vehicles n Reduce energy consumption gy p n Combat cancer www.future.2020 © Thatcher Workplace Consulting 33
  34. 34. Globalization Definition: Name for the process of increasing the connectivity and i i th ti it d interdependence of the world's markets and businesses Resources and competition will come from areas never considered before
  35. 35. World Economic Forum 60 Emerging Markets 50 Inequality How will you be ready? H ill b d ? 40 Private Capital ge Percentag Resource Suppliers 30 Non-state Actors P 20 Collective Intelligence Demographics 10 Climate Change 0 Most Impact on World Global Community in Coming Years Least Ready For
  36. 36. Plan for ‘mega-events’ ‘mega- n Autonomy will be essential n Expect increased quantity and severity of natural disasters n Back-ups! n Be able to disconnect from interconnectedness n Plan partnering www.future.2020 © Thatcher Workplace Consulting 36
  37. 37. How to Be Your Own Futurist n Be a better listener n Occasionally, read trade magazines y g from different industries n Children can teach you too! n Volunteer n Read th l R d the classicsi source: http://www.fastcompany.com/magazine/06/futurist.html
  38. 38. Evaluating information n Information type – convincing data shows cause and effect action n Relevance of the data – sufficient methodological ffi i t th d l i l rigor and validity n Source of the data – people believe people – ‘hierarchy of belief’ n Alignment with attitudes and values – may reject if it doesn’t match personal values l www.future.2020 Source: The NEXT Sustainability Wave © Thatcher Workplace Consulting 38
  39. 39. Remember… n Work - innovation economy y n Worker - multi-worker, work/life/education balance n Workplace – IT revolution, distributed, green n IFMA 9 competencies – are you ready? n Pay attention to: convergence, nanotechnology, globalization www.future.2020 © Thatcher Workplace Consulting 39
  40. 40. Questions? Observations?
  41. 41. If you’d like more information, or have y , questions, I can be contacted at …. (613) 595-0439 thatcherworkplaceconsulting@live.ca p g@ You can also find me on as well as a copy of this presentation www.future.2020 © Thatcher Workplace Consulting 41
  42. 42. 2020 Trivia n February 20, 2020 at Time: 20:20:20, the date will read: n 02-20-2020 20:20:20 n Last nuclear power plant in Germany to be shut down n March — Yahoo! Inc.'s 25th birthday; opening of the Yahoo! Time Capsule www.future.2020 © Thatcher Workplace Consulting 42