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IHRSA Protects your Health Club Business


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IHRSA Advocacy is needed to protect health club operations from harmful legislation, contract restrictions and short-sighted sales taxes.

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IHRSA Protects your Health Club Business

  1. 1. How IHRSA Advocacy Protects Your Business and Bottom Line
  2. 2. Lawmakers often propose laws that increase barriers to exercise, and are extremely dangerous to club operations.
  3. 3. What would happen to your club… If a tax was imposed on your club’s dues? If you had no personal trainers? If you couldn’t automatically renew memberships? If you could no longer collect dues via EFT? If neither you nor your staff nor your business were protected from poorly written legislation?
  4. 4. Lawmakers often propose bills that would require your trainers to be licensed, imposing expensive requirements that would limit the pool of available personal trainers, and would lead to a major loss of club revenue. A sales tax raises costs for your members and prospects, and creates a major barrier to exercise. Contract legislation proposals would restrict automatic renewals; cap the amount and/or the length of a contract; and prohibit the use of electronic fund transfers (EFTs).
  5. 5. As the sole organization advocating for the health club industry, IHRSA has been extremely effective in lobbying for the protection of club operations, with a near flawless record of defeating harmful legislation and short-sighted tax proposals.
  6. 6. • 2009: 22 wins, 0 losses • 2010: 31 wins, 0 losses • 2011: 19 - 2 (NV, CT locker room privacy) • 2012: 13 – 0 • 2013: 7 – 0 • 2014: 13 -1 (DC Sales Tax; repeal efforts underway ) • 2015: So far, so good… 105 – 3 If even one of those proposals had gone into effect, health clubs would be operating in a very different climate today. IHRSA Versus Hazardous Legislation:
  7. 7. IHRSA CANNOT FIGHT THIS LEGISLATION ALONE! • Tracking and stopping legislation in all 50 states is expensive. • Educating lawmakers requires passionate club operators in each state. It’s your turn to help support IHRSA’s efforts to keep the industry safe.
  8. 8. • Join IHRSA at, or • Pledge your support at, or • Download a pledge form at, or • Contact Meredith Poppler, or 800.228.4772, ext. 129. To support IHRSA’s efforts to protect the industry and your business:
  9. 9. IHRSA’s recent record stopping hazardous legislation: • 105 wins, 3 losses. • If even one of those proposals to tax membership, regulate personal trainers or prohibit automatic renewals had gone into effect, health clubs would be operating in a very different climate today. Thank you! Together We’re Stronger! With your help, we will keep our industry safe from harmful legislation, increase physical activity participation, and help health clubs across the country thrive.