SpotGenie Brochure: A Revolution in HD Ad Distribution


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SpotGenie has created distribution and tracking technology so advanced, that distributing an High Definition (HD) TV ad is as simple and costs about as much as distributing a Standard Definition (SD) TV ad. SpotGenie delivers radio, SD and HD TV ads to any station across the U.S. at a fraction of the cost.

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SpotGenie Brochure: A Revolution in HD Ad Distribution

  1. 1. A RevolutionIn HD Ad DistributionAdvertisers across the U.S. can finally distribute High-Definition TV ads for aboutthe same cost as Standard Definition. SpotGenie distributes nationwide and hasrevolutionized the digital distribution of high-quality HD TV ads. Our technology hasstreamlined TV ad distribution, lowering costs while improving quality.
  2. 2. EVERYTHING YOU NEED IS ONLY A CLICK AWAYBecause we have in-house software developers, our system is robust and includes tools thatare available online for our customers: • Online Ordering: User-friendly order management that requires little training.Orders can also be auto-created from your in-house documents such as MicrosoftExcel and XML files. • Online Traffic: Customers can create or import traffic instructions which canbe automatically distributed and tracked via email, web posting and fax to allbroadcast outlets. • Online Management: Customers know the exact time and date a broadcast outlethas downloaded a spot and even when it is transferred to the broadcast outlet’s playserver. • Online Preview: Customers can view a lo-res playback of any spot as a final checkto make sure the correct spot has been sent. Customers can also easily swap spots. • Online Search Capabilities: Our search feature instantly looks through all order datafields, such as station, ISCI (AD-ID), estimate, PO number, etc. Providing searchesby various criteria makes it easier to find any information customers need quickly. • Online DAM: SpotGenie offers an easy-to-use Digital Asset Management tool thatallows our customers to search and easily find any spot in the system by spotname, ISCI code or date it ran. Our customers can view lo-res previews online, andspots are safely stored for 2 years. • Online Invoices: Our customers can choose to have invoices exported electronically.Our on-staff development team will work to integrate the invoicing into youraccounting system.
  3. 3. THE SPOTGENIE DIFFERENCEThe Way Your Brand was meant to be seen. HD costs no more to produce than SD, yetthe cost of distribution is so high, many advertisers have to send SD ads to HD stations.The result is a spot that looks cut off and is lower quality. Your brand deserves to beshowcased, not diminished.Maximize your media dollars: Sometimes advertisers take money out of their media buyto pay for HD ad distribution. This reduces reach and frequency. SpotGenie clients do notneed to make that sacrifice, so their message is out there more often, and seen by morepeople.HD is for Every Day: Many advertisers air HD ads only on rare occasions —a holiday sale,grand opening or new product launch. SpotGenie allows advertisers to run HD all thetime. With SpotGenie’s proprietary technology, you can distribute your HD ads for almostthe cost of SD.An SD ad to an HD station looks cut off. An HD Ad on an HD station showcases your brand.Some use HD only for special occasions The rest of the year it’s SD
  4. 4. THE KEY IS BETTER TECHNOLOGYSpotGenie uses proprietary technology that not only offers nationwide HD distribution ata fraction of the cost of other spot delivery companies, but also improves the quality ofthe video and virtually eliminates the chance of human error. Here are two examples: FASTcoder for better quality With SpotGenie’s revolutionary technology, FASTcoder, your HD ad will bedelivered broadcast-ready in the filetype required by each station. Other HD addelivery networks send your spot out in one format — mpeg-2. If a station uses adifferent format, they must first convert your spot before compressing it — that’slike making a copy of a copy. With FASTcoder, each spot is converted directly fromthe master. That means your spot isn’t downgraded before it airs, so it alwayslooks great. SpotCheck Reduces errors Only SpotGenie offers SpotCheck, a 24-point quality control protocol that checksfiles for any errors or inconsistencies and checks the audio and the video for anyglitches. Your ad is run through a careful and long list of tests to ensure it is sentexactly the way you intended.75%400%75% of all local TV ads are in HD. HD can cost 400% more than SD to distribute. With SpotGenie it costs about the same.$$
  5. 5. GET YOUR MONEY’S WORTHWhen you send an SD spot to an HD station, your spot looks lower quality than thespots in HD. It also looks shrunken down and cut off. Worst of all, you’re not gettingwhat you pay for because you are only using a fraction of the total screen. You deserveyour money’s worth. With SpotGenie, you can afford to run your ad in full HD withoutblowing your budget.We’re Easy to Work WithOur SpotGenie team of experts provide 24/7 support. Our system enables us to pullup any project, client and history instantly to address any problem. Our technologyalso streamlines broadcast outlet support. By supporting the stations as well as ourcustomers, we make sure spots are delivered with minimum effort and stress forour customers.ReliabilitySpotGenie customers enjoy a 99.9999% uptime. Every aspect of our network is built onredundancy to ensure this. Our cloud-based system ensures that should there be anyproblem with a server, new servers can be put online instantly. Reliability issues havenever caused us to miss a single delivery.You pay for 100% of the screen, but you may only be getting two-thirds of it.99.9999% UPTIME
  6. 6. SpotGenie Headquarters345 Peachtree Hills Ave, Suite 400Atlanta, GA 30305www.SeeSpotGenie.comFor more information or to schedule an in-person or virtual demo, please or call 888.202.1631.