7.19.11 CHSOCM Tweetchat Transcript


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Transcript for #CHSOCM (Church Social Media) Tweetchat held on 7/19/11.

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7.19.11 CHSOCM Tweetchat Transcript

  1. 1. Tweetchat #chsocm Tuesday, July 19, 2011Note Data and transcript from HashTracking.com. #CHSOCM HashTracking.com Report498 tweets generated 772,811 impressions, reaching an audience of 48,164 followerswithin the past 24 hours Calculated from up to about 1000 tweets | Generated Tue Jul 192011 22:11:20 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)Top 10 by number of impressions Top 10 by number of tweets 1. drothamel: 314,360 1. chsocm: 44 2. iamepiscopalian: 152,859 2. rev_david: 41 3. meredithgould: 113,026 3. drothamel: 40 4. denise205: 32,940 4. penelopepiscopl: 37 5. raimalarter: 23,640 5. meredithgould: 31 6. rev_david: 23,534 6. denise205: 30 7. revrevwine: 18,561 7. iamepiscopalian: 29 8. penelopepiscopl: 13,949 8. christinaauch: 23 9. rampracer: 8,580 9. revrevwine: 23 10. prkanderson: 6,315 10. raimalarter: 20 1
  2. 2. Transcript Transcript has been edited by chat moderator, Meredith Gould (@meredithgould).chsocm Welcome, everyone to CHSOCM (church & social media). We will, of course, begin with prayer. Let us pray: Almighty & everlasting God, we give thanks for this time together as people of faith... committed to using social media wisely & well to serve church. May your Holy Spirit guide our conversation tonight & as we move forward. Amen!Denise205: @chsocm Amen.penelopepiscopl: Amen!frdavidken: Amenchsocm: Next up: brief self-introductions. If you want to include yr denomination, that would be cool. Yr moderator *is* a sociologist!rev_david: David. Pastor in Brenham, TX. Lutheran.chsocm: <-- @meredithgould moderating this chat. Sociologist, author, keen on using social media to build faith & community.jereasons: John Reasons - United Methodist pastor in Dickinson, TX.cephasmedia: Laura Toepfer, director of Marketing and Social Media for @cephasmedia. Also Episcopal priest.iamepiscopalian: Barry Merer as @iamepiscopalian, there Im revealed.RevWeb: Dan Webster, canon for evangelism and ministry development, Episcopal Diocese of Maryland.chsocm: We will assume tweets during the following hr are yours & do not represent your church or organization unless specifically stated.christinaauch: @LutherSeminary MDiv/seminarian w/tentmaking gig in nonprofit comms & fundraisingrevrevwine: Christopher Harris, vintner theologian, develop websites, candidate for ordination ELCA 2
  3. 3. chsocm: T1 What do you think should be the end goal of using social media for church & faith?THErevdak: Revdak is Baptist theologian and web tweakerfrdavidken: T1 Communicating Good News (in Greek euangelion)RevWeb: T1. Spread the gospel. Create community. Build trust.drothamel: T1: depends on how SM is being used. There cant be one end goal for everyone. Goal must match with the user.chsocm: @cephasmedia Would you list some of the uses you view as primary?rev_david: T1 SM allows us to reach new people in new ways, building relationships & community.chsocm: RT @Denise205: T1: Relationships. Whether that means building new ones with strangers or building up already established ones.drothamel: @RevWeb those seem more like missions than goals; even though all of them are worthwhile and should be done.revrevwine: T1: social media takes geography out of the equation... allows for community development across traditional contextscephasmedia: T1: The first question is, "What do we want our churches to do?" Then, "How can we use social media to do that?"frdavidken: RT @christinaauch: T1 Define church as relationships b/w Gods people, not bldgs and institutionsrev_david: @iamepiscopalian Yes. Transparency & authenticity are big advantages of SM - the church doors are opened in new ways.cephasmedia: T1: So all of the things being suggested make a great deal of sense in the context of what we want our churches to do.frdavidken: @drothamel Perhaps "goal" is the wrong word. What about "mission" of SMRevWeb: T1. Maybe purpose is better Q. SM is the ligaments of the muscles of the Body of Christ.chsocm: T1(a) How do the goals change when articulated by clergy or laity or marcomm pros?iamepiscopalian: @rev_david It speaks to the kind of life we live as humans and discourse we want to encourage. Transparent and authentic.penelopepiscopl:T1: put our voice out there in the "public square." Join the conversations. 3
  4. 4. drothamel: @RevWeb Oooh, I like that analogy.drothamel: @Denise205 oh, measurable goals are fine, and can certainly work with SM. They must be part of a large mission, though.Denise205: @chsocm They may sound different, but may not really be so.Denise205: RT @iamepiscopalian: It speaks to the kind of life we live as humans and discourse we want to encourage. Transparent and authentic.frdavidken: SM may actually bring alive the Body of Christ as transcending buildings and institutionsdrothamel: @frdavidken either is fine, but I think they are different. Goals are part of the mission.klamach: T1 see @CSLewisDaily and @JamesMartinSJ for examples of what I mentionedpenelopepiscopl: RT @rev_david: SM gives me - as a Xn & as a rep of the church - an unbelievable opportunity to be a public face for our faith. Yes!drothamel: @rev_david ahhh yes, the double-edged sword of SM. You wield it well, btw. ;-)frdavidken: @drothamel So what might be a goal of SM as part of the mission of SM? Or is SM just a goal as part of mission?raimalarter: Hey, all. Managed to stumble onto Twitter just as you were starting the tweet chat. My first time participating!penelopepiscopl: I see SM as a tool for mission.drothamel: @frdavidken a little of both. For example: Mission: Evangelism Goal: Increase our FB page "likes" among non-members by %.Denise205: @frdavidken Which is what weve been supposed to have been doing all along, even before soc media.MeredithGould: RT @mnplatypus: @chsocm T1 goal for me is to help people connect between Sundaysrev_david: @mnplatypus Yes. #1 comment from members: Pastor on SM helps to keep my faith in front of me all week long.pelavarre: RT @christinaauch: RT @revrevwine: social is less intimidating way to share faith... no door knocking required :-)chsocm: T2: Who in a church or faith organization should be on SM? 4
  5. 5. mnplatypus: @chsocm oops joined the party late. I am Angela, office support for comm & mship at Zion Lutheran, ELCA, in Buffalo MnRevWeb: Door knocking? SM gets past locked doors...and locked hearts.revrevwine: t2: everyone, IMHOdrothamel: T2: "Everyone" is an unreasonable answer, but I offer it nonetheless. ;-)raimalarter: I personally have no vested interest in whether church as an institution survives. My motives are unrelated to that.THErevdak: T2 is not only unreasonable, it sounds a bit coerciveDenise205: T2: someone who has practiced with the tools themselves and will do the follow up and "gets it"frdavidken: T2 Do you mean as official reps of the church?THErevdak: Should those who dont do SM be left out of the conversation?chsocm: T2: e.g.: pastor, lay ministers, volunteers...representing the churchdrothamel: @Denise205 the "getting it" part is important. Luckily, it can be taught and learned.drothamel: @THErevdak Never. They might, at times, be difficult to include, however.jereasons: RT @cephasmedia: T2: Hope you all saw the great guidelines from the ELCA on SM and Cong. Speaks to this issue. http://t.co/cK2bxcQpenelopepiscopl: @THErevdak No, there are multiple channels for convos. No one way is favored over others. People can still get newsletters, calls.pinkpaddler: T2 Our pastor still views it as inauthentic. But we do Facebook and YouTube anyway.drothamel: @THErevdak The challenge for communication becomes, how to reach everyone. Of course, that challenge has always existed.MeredithGould: @pinkpaddler What does he/she mean by "inauthentic"?frdavidken: @pinkpaddler "Inauthentic?" Are you acting as representatives of the church on FB and Youtube?rev_david: @pinkpaddler I hate to hear that. I have had some of the most personal, authentic convos on SM with members and non-menbersiamepiscopalian: @Denise205 Hobbyists might not strike the right messaging or priority of the vestry, Rector, etc. 5
  6. 6. TimWyatt: I think that we as a church should focus on being able to serve and inspire rather than point finger of blame, shame, or condemning.penelopepiscopl: @iamepiscopalian @Denise205 Thats why you have more than one admin on each account.cephasmedia: @revrevwine Still good guidelines though!iamepiscopalian: @drothamel Yeah, true. The Church leadership should set the tone however.christinaauch: RT @penelopepiscopl: T2: whoever it is, in organization, needs to coordinate w/communications people.Denise205: @iamepiscopalian True. Hopefully it is set up with at least some permission/consultation. But wouldnt rule out good hobbyists.drothamel: @revrevwine I think all the mainline denominations could be placed in that boat.klamach: RT @iamepiscopalian: @drothamel Yeah, true. The Church leadership should set the tone however.iamepiscopalian: @penelopepiscopl @Denise205 Communicator committee is really important for messaging internal and external.revrevwine: @prkanderson so true... SM needs to be brought in houseRevWeb: T2. Use of SM should be checked against vision/mission stmnt of parish/organization. Is it consistent?iamepiscopalian: Mail less, tweet more.drothamel: @rev_david @prkanderson This will require a lot of training/teaching. Hey, I know someone who might be available for that! ;-)raimalarter: @iamepiscopalian Yes, but is that a bad thing? This is how the @Virtual_Abbey got its start (we were called @theurbanabbey then.)MeredithGould: As a p/t pastoral assoc for communications, I was stuck in a Bermuda Triangle w/the parish secy, priest & moi.drothamel: @iamepiscopalian people often overlook that mailing less can also be viewed as good stewardship of resources.prkanderson: T2. Did someone already say bishops and core staff? Its a must - so much opportunity to tell others storiesrev_david: In many ways, those "up the ladder" really set the tone. Pastor for the parish, bishop for the synod, etc 6
  7. 7. ecwiscott: RT @revrevwine: social is less intimidating way to share faith... no door knocking required :-)pinkpaddler: @iamepiscopalian I havent figured out the most effective use of Twitter. We dont have a lot of Twitter users in our smaller town.rev_david: @prkanderson Ha! Great minds ... Bp Rinehart in Gulf Coast does a good job (@breadtweet), esp through fb.prkanderson: We need our people sharing our content and helping to create it.penelopepiscopl: I get it about "setting tone" but this sounds rather institutional! How about complementary voices? Does your church have one voice?iamepiscopalian: @pinkpaddler One size never fits all. You must to what makes sense for your situation.raimalarter: I think SM works best person-to-person, and when organizations (companies, churches, whatever) try to participate, its sorta lame.rev_david: @penelopepiscopl Not in terms of voice, but in terms of usage. Our bishop uses SM - so more leaders in the synod do ...drothamel: @prkanderson churches need to start thinking about the sharability of their content.revrevwine: @pinkpaddler @iamepiscopalian I find twitter to be where most of my colleagues are... FB is where most of folks I minister to areiamepiscopalian: @pinkpaddler @drothamel Twitter for TEC is nothing compared to Facebook. I just like Twitter better.prkanderson: @raimalarter I agree. The personal connection is way more effectiveraimalarter: @penelopepiscopl Exactly! The only reason we have a @Virtual_Abbey is b/c we were operating outside boundaries of the church.penelopepiscopl: RT @carinr: Im 1 of those lone parishioners tweeting for my parish, but not as a hobby. Call it a ministry! YES!!christinaauch: moving beyond institutions, must remember socm isnt broadcasting (1 to many); its many to many so we hear a variety of voicescarinr: Tiny, underresourced parish asked for volunteers to do FB, Tw; I volunteered. Its a way I feel comfortable evangelizing.raimalarter: @prkanderson Yep. Thats why they call it SOCIAL media! I mean, who wants to be "friends" with GE or Exxon or even a large church?@drothamel @prkanderson--->> your video bible studies of the texts are a good example... basically sharing part of sermon prep 7
  8. 8. penelopepiscopl: SM is about conversation, not broadcasting content.carinr: Admittedly, Im limited b/c Im not in a position to speak FOR the parish; I just try to get word out abt whats on, who we are.MeredithGould: @penelopepiscopl Or spammingchsocm: T3 Practical question w/conceptual implications: 1 account or 2 on social media platforms? Why/why not?penelopepiscopl: @chsocm Do you mean 1 acct for institution and one for person? Clarify?Denise205: And thats a way to get started @carinr. Have to work within means.revrevwine: @rev_david @revrevwine @prkanderson good to know I do not follow on FBdrothamel: @penelopepiscopl the key is to prepared to engage in the conversation that the broadcast starts. That is where the breakdown is.iamepiscopalian: @penelopepiscopl Like one for the Parish and one for the Rector?frdavidken: On FB I have original public acct, more personal acct. FB open group and FB group closed to membersRevWeb: T3 Accts for various ministry groups; youth group, s-s, sunday school, etc., to build community.rev_david: T3 As in, a FB acct for David Hansen (personal) and a fb acct for Pastor David (professional) or just 1 acctraimalarter: @drothamel Of course, but organizations join SM for very different reasons than individuals do. They are usually selling something.iamepiscopalian: Sigh, we have probably accounts. Too many really. Mission offices all want them.chsocm: @rev_david And how do you decide which content/convo goes with which account?rev_david: Or, to put another way, on SM do you separate your personal identity from your professional identitydrothamel: @raimalarter ahhh, sometimes. But that doesnt have to be the case. Especially with a church.MeredithGould: @iamepiscopalian Yipes! How do you manage to unify message with that...situation? 8
  9. 9. Denise205: T3 hard to get to the meat of that in 140, but depends. One message at core, but sometimes hard to mix audiences messages.rev_david: @jereasons No. I have 1 - but this seems to be an ongoing debate among those in ministryMeredithGould: RT @JoshGriffin: T3 I only have 1 on each platform. There isnt separation from personal/professional, nor do I think there should.christinaauch: @chsocm T3 wrestle here - one acct in each is easier for followers & orgs can allow multiple users to post but mktg says segmentcarinr: @jereasons At the mo, I essentially post/tweet the svc sched + announcements from bulletin, + RT entities w/whom we have a relshipiamepiscopalian: @MeredithGould Different tools for different reasons. I hear voices sometimes.msherrard: Hey #chsocm folks, have you ever met a newcomer who came because they saw a Tweet or Facebook post? If not, then dont call it evangelizing.penelopepiscopl: @iamepiscopalian LOL! I hear voices too!Carolina_USMLE: @raimalarter Its great what youre doing. I wish my church had a twitter account. You have your tweetestrycarinr: @jereasons e.g. I follow and RT the foundation that cares for the trees in our churchyard, which also cultivates nhood awareness.penelopepiscopl: @msherrard Yes. I have.frdavidken: @penelopepiscopl @iamepiscopalian Hope the voices arent telling you to burn things ;-)penelopepiscopl: @frdavidken @iamepiscopalian besides incense?rev_david: We have a FB "page" for the church. It is mostly newsletter type stuff.klamach: A good read http://t.co/OSGzundchsocm: @carinr Theres no "barging in" at this chat. ALL are always welcome!raimalarter: @carinr @jereasons To me, that is a lot like being a greeter, but with a longer reach. Great way for individual members to use SM.prkanderson: @msherrard Evangelism and SM are more than just getting people in the door. Its sharing good news, grace. 9
  10. 10. christinaauch: RT @rev_david: deeply committed to idea that I am who I am; authenticity. If I dont want parish to hear it, why am I saying it.jereasons: @rev_david I would think that would be the challenge of 2 - actual separationiamepiscopalian: @frdavidken Ha! The only thing burning is the candle at both ends.prkanderson: Like mission trips RT @rev_david: Also: It will come out. What is posted on personal profiles or protected accts is easily shared.revrevwine: @msherrard not individual tweets etc, but through relationships formed on Social, yesdrothamel: @rev_david My advice is, "dont do/say anything you wouldnt want the entire world to know about for the rest of eternity."drewezanki: RT @rev_david: Or, to put another way, on SM do you separate your personal identity from your professional identityRevWeb: @rev_david @jereasons Actually find 2 fb accts freeing. Separate audiences. But do sometimes share same to both.prkanderson: Im a huge believer in 1 account per person.nickoicool: RT @iamepiscopalian: T2: All too often its some parishioner with a hobby. "Ooh, look I set up a Facebook page for the church"chsocm: As we come up on the hour, heres a fun question: Does the + mean Google+ is a priest or a bishop?carinr: Yes! Also, great ministry for shy people :-) RT @raimalarter: To me, that is a lot like being a greeter, but with a longer reach.raimalarter: @penelopepiscopl Aha...that explains my problem. I often slink into a corner at a party and talk to one person all night. LOLmnplatypus: @RevWeb @rev_david @jereasons 2 accounts COULD be targeting rather than censoring :)penelopepiscopl: @raimalarter Oh, introvert! The transcript will help.Theologybird: #chsocm I too am a 1 account per person sort, b/c of integrity issues and my laziness. I wonder how this debate breaks down generationallykmays: @prkanderson I agree re: 1 account.chsocm: @Denise205 It means "plus" but honestly, every time I see it, I get a jolt. Think I should genuflect or something.rev_david: RT @ianrichetti: .@rev_david all this time, I thought it was "Google Templar" 10
  11. 11. frdavidken: Bishop Google I saydrothamel: @chsocm on that note, if anyone here is on G+, hit me up! http://drothamel.comprkanderson The pope I’d say.smith_shs: Hi from New Zealand (Just trying to get in on the conversation)bmerer: @raimalarter Hey, I do this all the time, and I still cant keep up entirely.penelopepiscopl: @smith_shs Hi! Welcome!drewezanki: @ianrichetti: @rev_david If its Google Templar, what are they protecting???Denise205: @smith_shs Welcome! Were almost wrapped up, but you can catch a transcript later. Or talk through the week at #chsocmjereasons: @rev_david HA! I have multiple circles but dont post anything yet - or check it very often either.smith_shs: Wow everyone is so welcoming. Thanks. I will pop on for the next conversation. Blessings!prkanderson: @chsocm Great to see so many people in the conversation. A community feel. Im 500 miles from home but can still be connected. Cool.kmays: @rev_david I usually post everything to all circles as well unless its circle- relevant, i.e., running posts go to running circle.rev_david: Heard a couple of important themes tonight ....bethalewis: Like most of you in this conversation, I blend professional & personal with one account on Twitter, FB, Linked In & Google+RevWeb: #PBWY. Fastest hour on twitter. Great stuff. Tnx to all.rev_david: SM is not about a church, a ministry, or a pastor - but about building community and sharing the gospel - in short, kingdom buildingraimalarter: @chsocm Thanks for hosting!! and #PBWY all....rev_david: Good night! and thanks once again to our host @MeredithGouldiamepiscopalian: Thanks again to @MeredithGould aka @chsocm for hosting tonight! Awesome!penelopepiscopl: Peace out, all! Thanks moderator @MeredithGould! 11