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7.12.11 CHSOCM Tweetchat Transcript


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Transcript for Inaugural Tweetchat for #chsocm (Church Social Media) held on 7/12/11.

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7.12.11 CHSOCM Tweetchat Transcript

  1. 1. Inaugural Tweetchat #chsocm Tuesday, July 12, 2011Note Data and transcript from #CHSOCM Report465 tweets generated 578,407 impressions, reaching an audience of 52,795 followerswithin the past 24 hours. Calculated from up to about 1000 tweets | Generated Wed Jul 132011 105916 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)Top 10 by number of impressions Top 10 by number of tweets 1. drothamel 140,616 1. chsocm 68 2. iamepiscopalian 139,779 2. penelopepiscopl 44 3. meredithgould 129,888 3. meredithgould 36 4. eccsonline 19,980 4. rev_david 32 5. denise205 19,386 5. eccsonline 30 6. rev_david 17,600 6. iamepiscopalian 27 7. penelopepiscopl 15,488 7. frdavidken 26 8. mwecker 14,201 8. christinaauch 19 9. westr 10,690 9. drothamel 18 10. expatminister 10,235 10. denise205 18 1
  2. 2. Transcript Transcript has been edited by chat moderator, Meredith Gould (@meredithgould).chsocm Welcome, everyone to church and social media (#chsocm ). We’ll begin our very first chat with very brief prayer! Almighty & everlasting God, we give thanks for this time together as people of faith... faith committed to using social media wisely & well to serve church.ECCSonline Checking in for inaugural #chsocm chat. Goosebumps!chsocm May your Holy Spirit guide our conversation tonight & as we move forward. Amen!iamepiscopalian Amen.frdavidken Amen!frdavidken David Kendrick, Rector of Christ Church, Albertville, Alabamachsocm Moderating this chat @ meredithgould. Sociologist, author, keen on using social media to build faith and community.iamepiscopalian Good evening everyone! The Episcopal Church here. Well you know what I mean.ECCSonline Grantmaker ($750K p/yr) to ministry partners. We offer capacity building, too, including communications.adambowersmedia Adam Bowers, seminary grad, blogger about social media and the church, Atlanta, GA. Hi everyone!azbishop Kirk Smith, bishop of ArizonaDenise205 Im @Denise205, work in Catholic publishing with web content, from Chicago arealebowskigrande <-- #episcopal, #socialjustice and anti- #deathpenalty advocate based in #LosAngeles, trying to use social media for community orgcephasmedia Hello! Laura Toepfer, Dir. of Marketing and SM for Cephas Media. Also Episcopal priest.westr Bob West from Syracuse, NY, good friend of @ meredithgould, maybe odd man out in this community, mostly follow #healthcare Lurking.. 2
  3. 3. chsocm We will assume all tweets during the following hour are yours & do not represent your church/org unless specifically stated.ECCSonline @azbishop Greetings Bishop Smith! So encouraging to see your participation. Nice!Denise205 Greetings fellow tweeters interested in social media and church and where they intersect!rev_david David Hansen, Lutheran Pastor, Texas. In & out this evening, juggling a 4yochsocm Groovy start! Folks who are "lurking," feel free to jump in at any time. All are welcome. This is an ecumenical group chat.specialneedsmin Shannon Dingle, Access Ministry coordinator at a Baptist church & special needs ministry blogger (http// Tip: Be sure to follow #chsocm participants. Add them to a list. We call ours CHSOCM. Clever, huh?lisagualtieri Go @ meredithgould! MT @chsocm Moderating chat @ meredithgould. Sociologist, author, using #socialmedia to build faith and communitypenelopepiscopl Yall also ought to know that @MeredithGould is the abbess of The Virtual Abbey.chsocm T1 Which social media tools are you currently using at your church or organization? Successfully or unsuccessfully!ECCSonline T1 Twitter = VERY successful. Facebook = not very successful.frdavidken I use facebook alot. My own page for prayer thoughts, group page with an ad to promote, and another more for parishionersiamepiscopalian T1 In order of successful Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and QR marketing codes.Rev_david T1 Is there a distinction b/t what we use for personal growth/collegiality, & what we use directly for cong ministryRevWeb work facebook acct gets shared a lot.Denise205 T1 Facebook and Twitter...and blogs, if were counting that hereECCSonline T1 For us, Twitter happens in real time. Facebook acts more like a bulletin board.azbishop blogs, facebooks, and twitter, lots of repetitionECCSonline @Denise205 Oh, yes...blogs. We love blogs and use Twitter, Facebook to 3
  4. 4. drive people there. Thanks @Denise205iamepiscopalian T1 I only with that Twitter were more conversational for us. All the heavy yapping happens over on FB for us.frdavidken @rev_david 1st got on fb 2 keep up with sem class. Actually had to open more limited fb for stuff I didnt want parishioners 2 seechsocm Yes, blogs would be included as social media!cephasmedia T1 Im surprised no one has mentioned LinkedIn.penelopepiscopl T1 blog, FB, Twitter, Google+. Lots of overlap but all play a role and reinforce one another. Each also may have a specialization.lebowskigrande T1 twitter, facebook, and just starting with google+. only facebook is very successful for usiamepiscopalian T1 @cephasmedia We maintain a LinkedIn profile, but...ECCSonline We started getting FB complaints. "Too busy!", people said. Hmm...drothamel T1 Currently our church is only using Facebook. Im working on making our website more social, and well probably add twitter.lebowskigrande T1 also blogs - try to get blogs posted to variety of outletsDenise205 @penelopepiscopl Youre already set up with Google+ for your group? Impressive, fast work!meredithgould @rev_david I, too, prefer an integrated identity approach, which is why church folks see #hcsm contentdrothamel Our Pastor, @SandiBPlasters does a great job with her blog.rev_david A little bit. Its all for ministry. But some is directly cong related, some is more of the cont ed / colleagiality variety @chsocmrev_david No, good idea. // @cephasmedia T1 Has anyone checked to see if their church is reviewed on Yelp?922 iamepiscopalian T1 We see TONS of Foursquare check-ins at Episcopal Churches every day.cephasmedia T1 What Ive seen re FB v. Twitter FB for insiders to group; Twitter reaches out beyond boundaries.frdavidken U know the joke that fb is the party the parents crashed? I suspect thats why fb works better for most of us than Twitterpenelopepiscopl RT @iamepiscopalian T1 We see TONS of Foursquare check-ins at Episcopal Churches everyday.<---Very COOL! 4
  5. 5. christinaauch I am late to chat but Middler (halfway) MDiv @Lutherseminary (Lutheran/ELCA); f/t student, parent and nonprofit comms personiamepiscopalian .@ meredithgould Well, the parishes arent like a chain-store situation so its hard to award badges for check-ins.cephasmedia T1 Twitter also a great way to listen. May not have parishioners on Twitter, but lots of people with stuff to say.specialneedsmin @lebowskigrande T1 Blogs 4 us have been the best 4 outreach &/or networking w/ other churches; the others better 4 existing memberspenelopepiscopl T1 Twitter gives me lots of links and ideas to re-distribute via FB or blog.frdavidken Ive just started running an ad to promote the parish FB group page. 2nd group used for parishionersDenise205 .@penelopepiscopl Yes! I personally jumped into Twitter originally for the link-sharing.rev_david T1 ELCA pastors have a great closed group going on fb. close to 3k clergy talking ministry every daychristinaauch T1 home congregation has web w/sermon audio archive & FB for youth but min. activity, no Twitter, blogs, etc.chsocm T2 What seem to be most significant barriers to social media adoption?expatminister Lurking tonight Rev Josh Hale, #UMC pastor in Texas, interested in local, regional, & denominational use of 2.0 & relational tech.azbishop T2 inertialebowskigrande T2 (coming from advocacy org, not church, but...) getting buy-in from executive staff that its worth time/investmentpenelopepiscopl T2 ignorance about SM as ministry tool; fear of broadcasting inappropriately; thinking it will take too much time; who will monitor?rev_david T2 Rural area. Internet connections really just arrived in my community in the last couple years. Many are just not onlineiamepiscopalian @craftychicky Thats awesome! Its a great way to promote and build social faithiness.iamepiscopalian T2 For me/us its deciding who to follow on Twitter. Yeah, there it is.chsocm T2.a Do the barriers differs at the local church v. diocesan v. national church levels? 5
  6. 6. Denise205 T2 Theres also the issue of finding how to connect with the intended audience.lebowskigrande @penelopepiscopal monitoring/oversight = huge concernRevWeb T2 Lots object to reading about what ppl eat or wear. Dismiss SM as fad. I tell them Ive heard confession on FB.drothamel @rev_david We have a similar issue here. One thing to remember is that many people have internet access at work.ECCSonline T2a Orgs/Dioceses may have more financial & human resources to dedicate to sm. We feel for cash-strapped congregations.rev_david Me too // RT @RevWeb T2 Dismiss SM as fad. I tell them Ive heard confession on FB.frdavidken Distinguishing bw use of socm for evangelism and for parish communicationiamepiscopalian T2 We listen WAY more than comment. There always has to be a careful edge to making statements or seeming to favor things.rev_david @drothamel Some of mine do, but many dont. Factory work or farming.Mwecker @revweb how do you hear confession over FB? via chat?Denise205 Well, on Twitter have to be alert for keywords, because not everyone has a faith affiliation in bio, even if interested in message.iamepiscopalian But, Im representing a National Church, so opinions are at a premium.penelopepiscopl Yes! Connect w/mission & ministry. How about pastoral ministry?!?cephasmedia T2 Another barrier "One more thing." Peoples schedules are full; how do we incorporate SM?frdavidken Pastoral ministry. Its become a way for me to keep in touch with those with health issuesdrothamel .@lebowskigrande if there is worry about folks will broadcast online, you should worry more about what they do at home.RevWeb @mwecker Confessions mostly on messages w/parishioners who find more freedom not being face to face.adambowersmedia T2 Many churches want to get their websites in shape before taking on social media. Its important but so is soc media. 6
  7. 7. @cephasmedia Ive always thought ? of how 2 find time 4 SM= like asking how we have time 2 talk 2 friends. if we want, we make time!frdavidken @penelopepiscopl @cephasmedia One guy who lost his stepson thanked me for my fb posts the week they buried himdrothamel @RevWeb that is very interesting, but it makes sense.frdavidken It was easier for me to use SM than to update the website!mwecker @revweb how interesting! do u think it loses s/t on FB (i.e. would u encourage in-person as s/t 2 strive 4? or any platform works?)rev_david t2 Interesting the colleagues (young & old) wont use SM. As an early adopter have to remember that for many this is still "new"cephasmedia @mwecker @cephasmedia I think the issue is if were asking clergy/staff/volunteers to include SM in their job description.fsantoni @rev_david Great point! We are NOT our "customers"mwecker @adambowersmedia good point, but in my experience (as outsider), church websites = WAY better developed than, say, synagogue peersECCSonline Frequent tweets give your church/org a voice. Twitter allows us to advocate on key social issues.adambowersmedia @mwecker why do you think that is? Interesting.mwecker @cephasmedia Id say if they r willing, the more the merrier, no?frdavidken @penelopepiscopl It can work the other way. A few of my posts have come back to bite meiamepiscopalian Wow, lost 3 follows during the chat.fsantoni @ meredithgould I would start with a "content" marketing plan that can be managed by the diocese but distributed via parish sitescephasmedia T2b Heard from parishioner whose rector mad at her for not joining FB. I thought that rector missed the point!meredithgould @fsantoni Oh, me too...super agree but find resistance at the diocesan level to planning.rev_david @ECCSonline Yes! #1 feedback from members Having you on fb keeps the church & faith in front of me during the weekcephasmedia T2b Use SM because people are there & we can minister there!frdavidken T2 Also have to be careful that those not on internet arent totally left out 7
  8. 8. fsantoni @meredithgould good content is a great way to leverage the folks "in the pews" to reach those who are not...yet (now or ever)penelopepiscopl @frdavidken Right, but there are always different ways to reach. Its both/and not either/or.christinaauch @iamepiscopalian who to follow start w/diocese, people in chats like this, other ministry partners & see who follows them alsofsantoni @azbishop True, but how many "relationships" can any one pastoral minister, bishop or otherwise, honestly handle?drothamel @fsantoni @ meredithgould churches need to think about how to make their content sharable/shareworthy.mwecker @revweb that seems like a very good perspective. do you reach them on other platforms too, besides FB?meredithgould I view #chsocm as a ministry!fsantoni @drothamel Agree...I dont think content is the problem for most churches, distribution is! They have content but its locked down.frdavidken SM is pastoral care, education, prayer, and evangelistic (that is, communication of good news)iamepiscopalian Pastoral, yes! When New Zealand Earthquake happened we were on with our tweeps half a world away.azbishop @fsantoni Probably more pastoral relationship than we are doing now! Some folks have thousands of follower on FB!RevWeb @mwecker Email just because more have it than SM. Some still use the phone. Speaking of which this is like the old party line calls.fsantoni @azbishop I sympathize with a bishop-friend who confided in me that he has "all the relationships he can handle" & I believe him!mwecker @frdavidken good point! what diff world it is (w all our SM platforms) vis. bible times, when prophets needed just voice, sackclothiamepiscopalian @christinaauch Yeah, its a matter of volume unfortunately. The TL gets all globbed up with non-church chatter. #SoundsBaddrothamel @fsantoni bingo. Or, if it isnt locked down, it often isnt easily sharable.fsantoni @drothamel every bulletin item, pastors sermon, event pics is a decent source of local "content"@chsocm T3 Is social media being viewed as a tool for ministry or "just" church 8
  9. 9. communications?iamepiscopalian T3 Is social media being viewed as a tool for ministry or "just" church communications? // Both!cephasmedia T3 Depends on who you ask. Depends on what Im doing.frdavidken T3 Both Communication of Good News is really what Evangelism meansDenise205 T3 Both, when done rightpenelopepiscopl T3 I view as both but sometimes have to convince others that it is. Old model of "marketing" as one-way communi tends to prevail...penelopepiscopl T3 I think theres a paradigm shift thats not necessarily being grasped.Denise205 T3 but the communications platform might be what brings more into trying soc media. Then once there, ministry can develop.chsocm @penelopepiscopl What tactics do you use to convince others?frdavidken @penelopepiscopl Good point. Evangelism these days cant be one-wayrev_david t3 I think many lay ppl and those who dont use it see it as "just church comm" / anyone engaging SM knows bettermeredithgould Isnt ministry communication and vice versa?prkanderson @penelopepiscopl Right, when we use "church communications" I think we assume it is one way.penelopepiscopl Tactics Show and tell. Go sit with someone and show them how I use it. Talk about ministry and pastoral care.christinaauch @chsocm T#3, Id argue its neither tool (functional) nor comms (mktg) but new space for new convo...think capital additiondrothamel It has potential to be both. Just as a hammer can be used to drive a nail or pull one out. Social media is a tool.penelopepiscopl T3 Fun is not to be undervalued! Shared experience including fun like weve done tonight w/our personal comments.adambowersmedia @cephasmedia I agree, people use it because they like it!prkanderson @ meredithgould Shane Hipps calls Xtianity essentially a communication event in Flickering Pixelsiamepiscopalian @christinaauch Well, all the peeps we follow on twitter would be the TL in question. 9
  10. 10. penelopepiscopl T3 Re tool Maybe we should ditch that word. SM is more a way of life and a way of making and deepening relationship.rev_david Xn faith & ministry is always about the Word. God is communication, & what we do must be too.cephasmedia T3 For me, SM is the "open the door and see all the people" part of the song- only the ppl are outside the church.meredithgould @prkanderson Its also my virtual water cooler.RevWeb In the beginning was the Word. So what about that dont we get?rev_david And my pub. // RT @prkanderson Social media is my coffee shopchsocm Great chat! Time to close with some final words from folks.drothamel .@rev_david which reminds me-- Id love to connect with the any of the #chsocm folks on G+ or elsewhere. Find me http// Note God & technology willing, a transcript will be available soon after tonights chat. Will post link.fsantoni Our chief focus as self-appointed/annointed(?) animators/agitators is to leverage existing relationships via SM to make new oneschsocm Were at the (speedy!) hour. Thanks to all! Feel free to continue chatting. #PBWYprkanderson Sorry to come late but I enjoyed all the tweets. Would love to keep this going. Find me here http//pastorkeithanderson.netdrothamel Thanks to @ meredithgould for setting up. Im looking forward to future chats, whenever they might be scheduled. -)prkanderson RT @Denise205 This has been great. Thanks @ meredithgould for setting up @chsocm and leading us tonight. // Yes - Thanks!!!drothamel @prkanderson Ive been reading your stuff for a few months now. Keep up the good work.rev_david Thanks all, and blessings on your ministrieschsocm Totally blessed to participate in this great example of how church is not just a building! 10