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система управления конфигурацией в Drupal 8. анализ результатов изменений.


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система управления конфигурацией в Drupal 8. анализ результатов изменений.

  1. 1. Viktor Likin @vlikinFeature module replacement in Drupal 8Configuration deployment process
  2. 2. Agenda● Change site settings on the from site.● Move settings to the to site staging directory.● Import site settings from the staging to active directory● Check results.
  3. 3. Visual agenda
  4. 4. Terminology● From - a site from, a live site.● To - a site to, a development site.● Environment, site - synonymous sometimes.● Active directory – Current site setting paces in the file system.● Staging directory – Data is stored there before importing.● File storage – Current site settings located in the file system.● Active storage - “Data base” storage, data that is used.
  5. 5. Find site information settings
  6. 6. What we have on the from site
  7. 7. Update configuration on the from environment
  8. 8. Find the configuration file in the file storage
  9. 9. Moving ways● SCP● GIT, SVN, ...● FTP, SFTP● RSYNC● DRUSH RSYNC
  10. 10. Move configuration● Move confiuration from the from enviroment to the to enviroment.drush rsync -d @sm.local:%conf_active
  11. 11. Find synchronize panel
  12. 12. Check changed setting groups
  13. 13. Check group setting changes
  14. 14. Config drush commands
  15. 15. Update configurationAdmin paneldrush @sm.local config-importdrush @sm.local cc all
  16. 16. Check configuration update process.
  17. 17. Look results
  18. 18. Resources●●●●