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Project 40 Supportive Housing


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Project 40 Supportive Housing presentation by Stephanie Brennan, at the recent Permanent Supportive Housing Forum in Melbourne, Sept 2012.

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Project 40 Supportive Housing

  1. 1. Project 40 Supportive HousingACGA – CHP Permanent Supportive Housing Forum 5th Sept 2012
  2. 2. Acknowledgement of Country We’re meeting on Aboriginal land and we acknowledge the traditional owners of that land, the Kulin nation.We pay respects to all Elders, past and present, and to the Ancestors.We acknowledge the strength and resilience of our Aboriginal brothers and sisters and what they have taught and continue to teach us.
  3. 3. Project 40 & Wentworth targets most vulnerable• Project 40 provides supportive housing for most vulnerable chronically homeless• Data - rough sleepers & Aboriginal people most at risk of early death• Mainstream services largely inaccessible to both these marginalised groups
  4. 4. Australian Homelessness• 18% of total homeless population are rough sleepers• 20% are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander• 28% of all homeless children are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander despite the fact that they represent only 5% of all Australian children• 59% of people needing accommodation are turned away from homeless services SAAP National Data Collection annual report 2010-11
  5. 5. Project 40 – Supportive HousingTenancies - as at August 2012 tenancies Adults Children Aboriginal 15 17 29 Other 26 51 60 TOTAL 41 68 89
  6. 6. Allocation according to vulnerabilitynot advocacy• Coordination Groups comprising 20-25 mainstream and specialist agencies allocate SH packages in each of the 4 LGA’s• At beginning (2010) CG’s allocated according to advocacy• In 2011 implemented Vulnerability Index ranking based on Dr Jim O’Connell’s research so allocated according to vulnerability
  7. 7. Vulnerability Factors of Project 40 Number Adults % Tenants (as at August 2012) (out of 45total)Drug & Alcohol abuse 26 58%Mental Health issues (diagnosis of schizophrenia 37 82%spectrum, bipolar, depressive etc)Dual Diagnosis 22 49%Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander 16 36%Violence 39 86%Trauma 37 84%Chronic medical 5 14%Chronic homelessness 43 97%Institutions (prison or out of home care) 20 45%Disability 4 11%
  8. 8. Chronic HomelessnessDown and Out in Western Sydney 1Greater Western Sydney•Population of 1.9 millionNepean-Blacktown region (outer Western Sydney)•Population of 521,000•Covers 4,679 square kilometres•World Heritage National Park•Comparison to inner city Sydney which has population of 177,000 & covers 26 square kilometres•Highest concentration of urban Aborigines in Australia
  9. 9. Down and Out in Western Sydney 2Chronic homelessness•Rough sleepers – rivers, caves, National Park, bush, cars, trains•Women – cars and exploitative situations•Families – cars & tents•Young people – squats & couch-surfing•Aboriginal people – overcrowding & living in the bushNo funded services for rough sleepers•No hostels, shelters, outreach or supportVulnerability Index Survey•Of the 14 people ranked as most at risk of dying on the street, 10 wereAboriginal
  10. 10. Project 40 – Supportive HousingIssues for rough sleeping people & families• Invisible to society and services• History of trauma• Violent attacks on a regular basis• Chronic medical conditions• Addiction issues• Mental health issues • untreated and undiagnosed
  11. 11. Project 40 – Supportive HousingIssues for Aboriginal people• Impact of Stolen Generations • parenting and family functioning• Grief and Loss• Overcrowding• Over-represented in prison populations • men and women • post-release issues• Loss of children into care• Barriers to mainstream services • inflexible and culturally insensitive• Racism experienced on a daily basis
  12. 12. Uncle Dallas’ StoryI was homeless…sleeping in the National Park…Some kids that knew I was sleeping there burnt myshack – it was all totally burnt. I thought I was lookingat the end of my life.There was a time when life was good. I had a job anda home… I couldn’t afford the mortgage so the bankforeclosed.Being a religious and spiritual person, Project 40answered my prayers… Before this I couldn’t seemuch point in living.
  13. 13. Cultural Safety
  14. 14. Smoking Ceremony & Uncle Wes Marnes
  15. 15. Edna’s StoryHaving our own place has been good for me and thechildren. They are happy and they like their school inRiverstone.Before we got this house we didn’t have a home. Wewere staying with my niece, the six of us sleeping inone room.I was stressed but now I feel a big relief. I am closerto family and we are healthier.
  16. 16. Project 40 – Supportive Housing