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PLEA . God's Holy Word - True Father Sun Myung Moon


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Holy Scripture of Cheon IL Guk.
Book 9 - Section 5 "Witnessing and Pastoral Care"

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PLEA . God's Holy Word - True Father Sun Myung Moon

  1. 1. “God’s Holy Word through True Father Sun Myung Moon” Holy Scripture of Cheon IL Guk. Book 9 - “Home Church and Heavenly Tribal Messiah” Section 5 – “Witnessing and Pastoral Care”.
  2. 2. “The True Parents of Mankind – Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han”
  3. 3. ► Section 5. Witnessing and Pastoral Care • …Unless we come up with • - new attitude of faith, • - a new attitude in life and • - new activities, • it will be difficult to bring new development. ♣ The standard of heart come first ▪ … Before we pursue growth, more important is cultivating a pure heart. Therefore we need to take time - to pray and offer devotion. - What is pure goodness? Goodness is serving and attending God, as the owner of goodness. God is the owner, not fallen people.
  4. 4. • Some church leaders believe and demand others serve, attend and honor them. This is very wrong. • The position of a parent is to serve others rather than to be served; to live for the sake of others rather than to have others live for them. • From the viewpoint of brothers and sisters, a church leader is in the position of Abel. • From the viewpoint of a parent, the church leader is in a parent- child relationship with members. • That is why it is very wrong for a leader to think that Cain should serve him o her in the position of Abel. • For what does Abel exist? • Abel exists to restore the position of a parent.
  5. 5. • Therefore you cannot become Abel without first having the heart of a parent. That is the principle. • … Then why are we unable to grow? • It is because we are not adding anything to the people of this age or to the environment they are living in. • We are not benefiting them in any way. • If we can make people feel deeply that they can benefit from us spiritually or mentally, then they are bound to come to church even of told not to come. • Why is our church not growing? • It is because the church fails to take care of new members to the end. Instead of showing greater interest in them as time passes, the church pays attention to them only when they are being witnessed to.
  6. 6. • Once they join the church, they are neglected. • The church needs to pay attention to new members for at least 3 years, no matter what. People’s spirituality develpos gradually. • Their state when they first listened to the Priciple is different from their state one year later. • After a year they are able to understand the multidimensional content of the Principle both internally and externally. • The more deeply they understand its content, the thirstier they become. They want to learm more about it. They need a teacher for them to understand things better. • Therefore the church needs to invest more time in such people. • It needs to make a detailed plan for them.
  7. 7. • Why can’t the church grow? • It is because its leaders do not live for the sake of others. • Therefore the spirit world does not cooperate with them. • The church cannot grow because the leaders are not willing to live 95% of their lives for others. • Witnessing is → • The activity of leading people to leave Satan’s world behind and follow the path to Heaven with a smile. • It is an activity to guide them to the heavenly kingdom. • People are spiritual beings. • Try to love a person more than his or her parents do. • Try praying for that person shedding tears with an anguished heart to bring that person before the Will.
  8. 8. • Abel is in the plus position whereas • Cain is in the minus position. • In relation to Satan’s world, you are in the position of plus, or Abel. • Witnessing is to bring the plus of Satan’s world to obey so that it can become the minus of Heaven’s world. • Thus, witnessing is the act of creation. • That is, it is to re-create that person so that he or she unites with you. Therefore, you should be glad to witness to him or her. • You should do it joyfully. • When God created heaven and earth. He did it out of joy. • Likewise, you should invest amazing love for that person rather than thinking about the difficulties and hardships of witnessing. You can re-create others by investing yourself.
  9. 9. ♣ Our attitude to witnessing → ▪ How should your witness to people? ▪ Visit 100 homes and choose 10 of them, and out of these 10 choose 1 person. ▪ Then concentrate on conveying the WORD to that one person. ▪ I tell you, focus on the goal of witnessing to one person a month. To attain this, you must offer devotion and work hard during that month. ▪ After witnessing to that one person, you should tell him or her, “Just as I have done for you, you shoul witness to your relatives with devotion.” ▪ If you establish such a tradition and guide others to do the same, you will certainly do well.
  10. 10. • By following this uniform method of witnessing to one person per month, a HORIZONTAL EXPANSION of witnessing will unfold from one person to another, and membership will markedly increase. • WHAT IS WITNESSING ? → It is showing the way. YOU are showing the way for the world to return to GOD. • How WONDERFUL this work is. • If you ask a person’s original mind, “Where are you going?” • It would reply, “Oh! After passing throuhg this world, I shall return to the heavenly kingdom.” You are pioneering the way for people to do just that; how marvelous this task is! • You go out to witness not only to save Cain but to save yourselves.
  11. 11. • In other words, witnessing is the path of taking action to receive certificates from God and Satan. • … the greatest enemy in not Satan, but yourself. • You stand in the position of the enemy; therefore the enemy Satan chases you. • … the enemy manifests through your own body. • …because we are connected to Satan through our bloodline, our bodies stand in this position of the enemy. • If by offering your life you can overcome evil, God’s love will come to you and you will recover your life. • This is the FORMULA.
  12. 12. • It is like placing weights on a scale: • If one side goes down, the other side goes up. • If you eliminate much evil, good will go up; • If evil increases, good will go down. • You will receive love to the same extent as the evil you eliminate. • That is also why God told you to love Him more than anyone else. • When you are witnessing, you ought to devote yourself and pray, clinging to God and shedding tears, • “Please guide me so that I may not fail You in connecting with this person whom You have prepared for me today. Please allow me to become a person whom everyone here can welcome and who can motivate each of them.” • Try going out witnessing with such a heart.
  13. 13. • … You need to relize on your own through experimentation, • “Ah, God is with me in this situation, but He is not with me in that situation.” • Once goodness is sown, it will always be reaped. • When you go out witnessing in a certain place, the ancestors who have good connections there will try to gather their descendants and guide them to meet you. • … Be crazy about loving people. • … When you pray for someone out of interest, that person is bound to take an interest in you. • All people, regardless of who they are, need to walk the path of restoration centered on the WORD.
  14. 14. • We do not witness with weapos; rather, we witness with love. • Our victory is based on saving Cain through the love of Abel. • Jesus, even on the way t his death, until the final moment of his life, established the way of love. • …We witness to save the nation and the world.
  15. 15. “Let’s do witnessing together with God’s Love and Truth”