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Custom Kids Menus/Activity Sheets Samples


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Please view the PDF. It will show you some of our customers, along with samples of our Custom Kids Menus. JMS Menu Marketing is a Full Service Menu Marketing company that specializes in Custom Kids Menus and Activity sheets for more than a decade. We currently supply Carnival Cruise Lines, Atlantis Paradise Island, Flanagan Foodservice, Sysco Food Services, Performance Food Group, Pizza Hut, T.G.I. Friday’s, Eggspectation, Buffalo Wild Wings, Quarterdeck Neighborhood Grill, The Original Pancake House, Red Hot and Blue BBQ, Hurricane Grill and Wings, Johnny Garlic’s & Tex Wasabi’s(Guy Fieri’s Restaurants), The Hickory Tavern, Too Jay’s and hundreds of other resorts and restaurants across the U.S.

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Custom Kids Menus/Activity Sheets Samples

  1. 1. Kids MenuSamples
  2. 2. JMS Menu Marketing is a Full Service Menu Marketing company thatspecializes in Custom Kids Menus and Activity sheets for more than a decade. At JMS, we will fully customize your kids menus for you, with your logo,your address, phone #, your menu, coupons, games, names, facts etc... forFREE. There are no set up or design fees ever. Even better, EVERY time youre-order your kids menus, you will receive a NEW themed menu. Your kids willNEVER see the same games/themes twice. JMS is the ONLY company on the market that offers FREE QR-Codes ontheir Kids Menus. By having a QR-Code on the menu, the restaurant can nowgive their customers the ability to receive a coupon, watch a Youtube video,join them on Facebook, follow on twitter, show food ingredients and calories,etc… By using our menus, we will keep the kids busy until their meal comes tothe table. Now that the kids are having so much fun at your restaurant, momand dad can enjoy their meal and will probably order another appetizer, drinkor dessert because their kids are occupied and happy. (More money in yourpocket every time).
  3. 3. ® CLIENTS
  4. 4. Bel Air way 16A Bel Air South Park Bel Air, MD 21015 410-515-3222 Kids Menu Arundel Mills 7000 Arundel Mills Circl e OOD milk or chocolate milk . Suite R4 e of soft drink, iced tea, MD 21076 your youngster’s choic Hanover, All kids meals come with SEAF 2.99 410-799-1166 SANDWICH GRILLED CHEESE served with smiley fries or apple sauce. cheese sandwich Bowie A melty, gooey triple . .75) 4000 Town Center Blvd 3.79 (with cheese add KIDS BURGER served with smiley fries or apple sauce. Bowie, MD 20716 er Grilled Black Angus burg 301- 809-6943 3.99 PITA CHEESE PIZZAmozzarella and baked until gooey. EME e, homemade pizza sauc Pita bread topped with TTI 2.99 KIDS SPAGHE i with tomato sauce. TH spaghett A generous portion of GRILLED CHI CKEN 3.99 or applesauce. served with smiley fries Grilled chicken breast FISH FINGERS 6.9 9 e sauce. HOMEMADE BREADED en and served with smiley fries or appl ouse, fried until gold Cod fing ers hand breaded in-h ESE 3.99 HOMEMADE MAC & CHEmade in-house. cheese Creamy macaroni and DESSERTS 2.79 CUP O’ DIRT worms. O cookies, and gummy Chocolate Pudding, ORE BROWNIE SUNDAE ice cream, whipped cream and a cherry. lla or chocolate ed with a scoop of vani A warm brownie topp ICE CREAM chocolate ice cream. A scoop of vanilla or The s is th wordtail e fas swim mer test the of all fish. 1-877-KID-MENU eting © 2012 JMS Menu Mark For more information:1-877-KID-MENU (547-6368) ext 204 bruce@jmsmenumarketing
  5. 5. 2618 Weston Road Kids Menu Weston, FL 33331 954-217-1233 m/weston_new.html w RTS 12 and under $3.99 SPO KIDS DAY ges or applesauce. TUESDAY is e House , jello, mandarin oran Carolina Al ed with Ale House fries at ch Adult All kids meals are serv rchase of ea with the pu a child can Kraft Mac & Cheese Entre e of $8.99 ell ing Nathan’s Pint Sized Pup s EAT FREE EME dessert) sm (Not including est n a b o ? the ion eam Bobby Burgers pickles) mini cheseburgers with TH at’s osit ll t rd! (Just the right size! Two Live KidsWh p otba gua fo ight Chicken Tenders Entertainment Daily R tard) (served with honey mus from 6-9pm Pepperoni Pizza Penne Pasta basil) se Alfredo or Tomato (with choice of Ale Hou Ad d ou y r at! fa is h vo o th rit go t ’s lo o! e bas eball team elli ng W Why did the coach th h log sm ’s st he e go to the bank? m be on a a m: the ion am? To get his et te e fro at’s sit te ! quarter b qu ter back! Wh po tball guard rite mak you RTS foo ight Draw your favo can ords SPO R How many w LA YING VE P I LO Why can’t you play basketball in the jungle? Because there are cheetahs! 1-877-KID-MENU u Marketing Why Why was Cinderella © 2012 JMS Men kicked off the team? Because she ran away from O K L the ball. E S N E F E D E S N E F F O T S O P C B G N I N N U R K C I K K L A R S T E A L P A D S S A C E L B A N A N A K I C K O H T I F L A C S Q A C B K D G T N I I K S C T L Y L R L E W Q K E O E N S E N A T E E L F U F Z What’ Where do soccer C C L H I G I L L R A A L L R B E s betwe the differe players dance? en nce D A S S O U A C K R E T E A E baske a dog and At a soccer ball. tba a Z T B P P N A A Y C I E S R B One d ll player? O L F E I W R T C K E E F the o rools and ther d ribble N P L A H I D I I F R K s. H E Y A O C C S E B I E N H K I R V Wh baseb y did the For more information: F S V all pacifie player brin r to th ga Assist Center Field Pads Shinguards Becau e se he game?1-877-KID-MENU (547-6368) ext 204 Ball Ball Carrier Chip Shot Cleats Free Kick Goal Penalty Points Steal Zone to pla y wante d “The B like bruce@jmsmenumarketing Banana Kick Bicycle Kick Club Defense Halfback Kick Post Referee abe.” Breakaway Deflection Offense Running
  6. 6. ces in the grid and ough 9 to fill the spa Use the numbers 1 thr Each number is used once. ression. complete each numerical exp The averag The ice e + 6 + 7 21 Italian cons e um half a poun es IZZA concream + + d of alian + bread a dais an It n. y. o inventi P - 1 + 4 8 + - + + 10 EME - 45 Rd. · Tucson, AZ 857 20 1502 West St. Mary’s TH 16 5 520 -884-8780 FACEBOOK ANDROID IPHONE ! ings op p If you put three ducks in a du ucks ori te t U KNOW. YO carton, what do you get? y av A box of quacckers. quackers. yo u rf . . DID d Tomatoes were brought ad BLACKBERRY you to Europe from the to Hello everyone, after et and New World (Americas). have finished playing forg coloring on my activity Originally they thought Am load a er sheet, down they were poisonous! 100 icans e ’t Don a FREE APP But later they pizz acres o t on your smartphone and added them to pizza. aa f ! day pizza “LIKE US” eting ! © 2010 JMS Menu Mark on FACEBOOK fun. Each day, and continue having Make your own a’s Americans Americ za piz produce en ough favorite eroni! pizza to co is pepp mpletely topping pan they like cover four in Ja football But, pizza. n their fields! squid o mmy! Y u In 1905, the 1st U.S. Pizzeria opened in New York City at 53 1/2 Spring Street. use? Can you spell a pret nd your ho ty girl Can you fi with two letters? QT (cutey). For more information:1-877-KID-MENU (547-6368) ext 204 tains hear? bruce@jmsmenumarketing How do moun With mountai neers.
  7. 7. E. 645 Westmount Road Kitchener, N2E3S3 ) 519-579-MELS (6357 KIDS MEnu INER For kids 12 and under. All meals include pop, milk or juice and a scoo p of ice cream D EME Pancakes TH bacon, pancakes served with Homemade buttermilk ham or sausage 5.99 French Toast 5.99 n, ham or sausage 2 slices served with baco Egg Breakfast n, ham or sausage Scrambled egg with baco of toast 5.99 homefries and a slice Grilled Cheese 5.99 and served with fries Made with real cheddar Spaghetti 5.99 tomato basil sauce Served with butter or Fries Chicken Fingers and7.99 e Served with plum sauc Hamburger Served with fries 7.99 START Turkey Dinner 7.99 Can you sp served with fries and corn pretty gi ell a rl with two lett ers? QT (cutey ). 1-877-KID-MENU How many feet eting are in a yard? © 2012 JMS Menu Mark How many It depends on how sides does a many people are house have? standing in it! Two: inside and outside! F C R C H I C K E N E L I S E S H L K O Bacon R S G S R A O E A I Burger S E R S S L C T H N Cheese U T U E O A O T S O Chicken How much dirt is in O O R R H D L U V I Chocolate a hole 1 foot wide, Classic 1 foot long and 1 M M E A U C A C C F Fries foot deep? A A S L W B T E R E Lettuce None, there is no dirt in a hole! F T E L B B E I U B Onion R O E I E R E E U R Salad Shake E S H N T S A R H U Do you want to Soda N O C A B R G A R C Strawberry hear a construction Tomato joke? For more information: N S T G F N V I R R E F A N H I C S Y E Vanilla Sorry, I’m still working on it!1-877-KID-MENU (547-6368) ext 204 bruce@jmsmenumarketing
  8. 8. Kids Menu e with fries and a drink All kids meals com $7.00 Chicken Tenders Hot Dog igs o p of t d ore ed? Sa Av id Me ina 149 A enida M ssi rasota, FL 34242 BBQ EME Where do ha 941-346-0738 W ve m y ne s cows go on Mac-n-Cheese ha the Rib TH Friday night? an re To the Hamburger th Spa moovies! Cheeseburger Pasta and Butter wich Pulled Pork Sand ndwich What do Grilled Cheese Sa pigs write with? A pig pen Matt What do yo u call a pig with no legs C H I C K E N ? A groundho g! Ken BBQ W A O G X A E Aaron Beau Beans Briquets Br P A M E R I F E Chicken Ch D J L B R I Q U E T S F Cole Slaw A D O S U T L P N B G S Fire Grill E R J L A O O Hamburger Hamb L G Y P N D Hot Dog H O E O E T Pepper P Propane Pr T C R Y O F eting Ri Rib Eye © 2010 JMS Menu Mark O P B H E S Ribs M E B T M B Salt W did hy Smoke S A P Q O S W I N G S cros the pig Soda s the Z N T P K B A M N R It g road chic ave the ? Steak ken TBone T S X O E I J L L Q a rid e Tomato X M R T F 38 Wings 39 37 27 What do 36 26 40 35 pigs write 34 28 with? 47 25 A pig pen 48 33 1 46 29 24 1 41 30 2 23 32 31 3 45 42 44 43 22 4 20 21 5 9 10 19 8 6 7 11 18 17 12 16 For more information: 13 14 1 5 Can you find all 6 differences between the two cowboys?1-877-KID-MENU (547-6368) ext 204 bruce@jmsmenumarketing
  9. 9. ! Italy ugh thro The ice way you cream coneF ind is an Italian LIAN invention. ITA The averag Italian cons e um half a poun es Theater District 200 West 44th Stree t New York City, NY 1003 212-221-3800 6 Upper West Side 2450 Broadway New York City, NY 1002 212-362-2200 4 Atlantic City 2801 Pacific Ave. Atlantic City, NJ 0840 609-572-9300 1 Atlantis Resort & Casi Paradise Island Nassau, Bahamas 242-363-3000 no TH EME d of bread a da y. Hello Everyone, Please Scan Codey’s Tummy To ANDROID IPHONE “L IKE US” On Facebook!! : YOU KNOW... from make DID you ES The colo Rome’s RMIN rs of the s can Italian fl e is nicknam ity.” word T CA ag repr BLACKBERRY any three virt esent nal C m TA ues: “The Eter Next to Rome, How O EA Hello everyone, after Hope (g re rge ET Faith (whi en), I LOV you have finished Milan is the on has two la d Charity te), and playing and coloring Italy , Sicily an second-largest (red). my activity s sheet, downloa da island ia , as well city in Italy. Sardin umber of FREE APP as a n islands. The average on your smartphone er Italian consumes 25 1-877-KID-MENU and continue small © 2012 JMS Menu Mark eting kilograms of having fun. pasta a year. different types o the fp all as fi u T I L L I S U F yo Anelli Can I L L E C I M R E V Cannelloni I N O T A G I R A T L I Ditali I O S P A G H E T T I L Farfalle Fettuccine A R N I N O C A M U L L Fusilli V A G E M E L L I C I E Gemelli Learn to Speak Italian L C E N G A S A L C A N Lasagne Benvenuto Welcome Linguini Buon Giorno C A N N E L L O N I G A Lumaconi Good Day M E L I N G U I N I Macaroni Buona Sera Good Night Penne Formaggio Cheese y! F A R F A L L E Rigatoni Vino ur famil Wine of yo I L A T I D ure For more information: Spaghetti Vermicelli Cena Dinner Draw a pict Buono Good1-877-KID-MENU (547-6368) ext 204 bruce@jmsmenumarketing