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Michael Ellner - Mentor in Hypnosis


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Mentor Michael Ellner is one of more than 30 Mentors that you can find on
He really is today's dean of pain management with hypnosis!

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Michael Ellner - Mentor in Hypnosis

  2. 2. Mentors in Hypnosis brings together the best hypnotists in the world! Through these interviews the Mentors share with you their knowledge, wisdom and experience. Together they bring you Centuries of hypnosis. In this Interview we learn from Mentor Michael Ellner.
  3. 3. “ Peo ple Who FeelBetter – Heal Better!” Mentor Michael Ellner has always been passionately involved in helping others. He started his career in his late 20’s and for the past 35 years has helped clients create change in an innovative and efficient way. Mentor Michael Ellner is the President of one of the world’s largest not-for-profit Alternative Health Information Networks (HEAL - Health Education AIDS Liaison-NYC). I am delighted to be part of the Mentors in Hypnosis project and I appreciate the opportunity to introduce you to my associates and my approach to change work. Michael Ellner Quantum Focusing, Mindful Hypnosis and HOPE Coaching are brand names for our utilization of creative trances. Creative trances can be applied with and without conventional inductions. It is designed to tap into a “client’s” physical (somatic), mental (cognitive) and spiritual (relational) fields with the belief that a mind-body-spirit approach to change work is the most effective way to help people reach and maintain their goals. We do not diagnose, analyze or fix our clients. My interview will give you an idea of how this approach to change work evolved and introduce you to my opinions and beliefs about hypnotically assisting clients. Briefly practitioners of creative change work function as coaches rather than therapists. Their goal is to teach people how to construct and utilize creative resource states and focus their attention in ways that promote health, healing and well being.
  4. 4. If you are reading this you are invited to visit: Here you will find our free introductory self-care program for helping people with IBS. About Michael Ellner: I believe the honors that I have received during the last 26 years will give you a quick snap-shot of my standing in the hypnosis/NLP communities: HONORS: Lifetime Achievement Award – Int’l Association of Counselors and Therapists – 2014 Charles  Tebbett’s Award – National Guild of Hypnotists – 2009 Diplomat – International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association – 2006 Induction into the Order of the Braid Council – National Guild of Hypnotists – 2006 Pen and Quill Award – International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association – 2004 Award for Excellence in Counseling – International Federation of Hypnosis 2003 Fellow – International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association – 2002 Cover & Interview- THE JOURNAL OF HYPNOTISM – Vol. 16, No. 1 – March 2001 Humanities Award – INFAITH – 2001 Pebble In The Pond – (Humanities Award) – International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association, 2000 Author of the Year- Hypnodyne Foundation – 2000 Educator of the Year – National Federation of NLP 1997 Hypnosis Educator of the Year – National Guild of Hypnotists – 1995
  5. 5. Hypnosis Humanities Award – National Guild of Hypnotists – 1994 Mind-Body-Spirit Award – Int’l Association of Counselors and Therapists – 1991 Founder’s Award – International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association – 1990 Hypnosis Humanities Award – National Guild of Hypnotists – 1989 Michael Ellner’s name comes up every so often when people are asked about who is their mentor! He is truly one of the most influential mentors in hypnosis.
  6. 6. Eugen Popa: First things first, how, when and why did you start doing hypnosis? Michael Ellner: You know, when I was growing up, we didn’t have lots of entertainment, we were put on our own and we had to entertain ourselves, and the big thing was magic. And I had a group of friends and they were all aspiring magicians, and I was also, and I didn’t have finger dexterity, so my friends were doing all these cards tricks, and my cards were on the floor, my friends were doing all this coin tricks, and my coin didn’t move, and a friend’s father gave me a beat up book on the stage hypnosis and, bless him, he said: “Michael, you’d be good at this”. And it was close enough to magic for me to be excited about it, and I was good at it, so when I was 12-13, I already had a small stage act, and I wasn’t you know, on Broadway, I was entertaining family, and friends, and it allowed me to participate with my fellows, who were magicians, who were developing magic acts, and then you get a little bit older, you discover rock’n’roll, and sex and all those things and I didn’t think too much about it, I could do it, but I wasn’t doing it anymore.
  7. 7. So, much later on in life, I was at a party, and the friend who was hosting the party had a huge loft in NY City, so there was a disco on one side and on the other side of the loft it was very quiet, you could have a conversation. And I saw her in the loft and she looked very unhappy, she seemed to be crying. And I sat down next to her and I said: “What’s up? What’s going on?” and she said: ‘Oh, Michael, I have a very severe arthritic pain, and it sucked the joy out of my life and I’m even thinking about suicide.” And I heard myself say to my amazement: “You know, I used to know hypnosis, maybe I could help you.” And we did some hypnosis, and it did help her. And at that point, she became a major influence in my life, she kept leaving me messages, I was working on Wall Street at the time and she was saying: “Michael Ellner, you could have meaning and purpose in your life, you could help people, so many people are in pain, you really should be doing this, what the heck are you doing on Wall Street?” And for a period of time, I thought she was crazy and I didn’t take her seriously. And then, she send me a brochure for a training that was happening in New Jersey, and the trainer was retiring, so this was the last training she was offering, and ... I believe it was six day training, as I remember. Anyway, on it, was a little sticky note that said: “Michael Ellner, if you want this training, I’m happy to pay for it”. Well, that moved me, something inside said that maybe this is the right direction. I took the training, and I’ve never looked back. And I think that it was like destiny in a way.
  8. 8. Eugen Popa: So would you say that this would be one of the qualities a hypnotist should have? To have game, as you call it? Michael Ellner: Yes, I think that basic quality is to like people. To be interested in people, to care about what they have to say, so you are a good listener. And a sense of humor. I begAn my practice in the early 80s and AIDS exploded in NY City. And I kept hearing on TV and on the radio, and reading “Oh, it’s fatal, oh, it’s fatal!” and I didn’t believe it. Something inside of me didn’t think that an infectious disease was always fatal, it’s seemed counter intuitive. so I went to different AIDS organizations and tried to volunteer. And everybody was running away from these people, they were very welcoming to anyone who volunteered (...) I was seeing things in a humorous way. I take a light hearted approach just naturally to very serious things, and this people thrived on humor. That humor was a very important thing and another thing was, I had a sense that hope was very important, this community was feeling hopeless and helpless, and I wanted to challenge that, I felt that if you had a little bit of help, you’d have a better chance at surviving, at helping. And this was in addition to my private practice, this was as a volunteer.
  9. 9. Eugen Popa: What is the most amazing result you had in a hypnosis session? Michael Ellner: You know, the one that had moved me the most was when I met an incredible human being, at the worst time in his life. He was an Emmy Award winning actor, who developed ALS, and when I met him, he went from being a world class performer, fencer, horseback rider, dancer, singer, swordsman, all of these things that he could no longer do. And when I met him, he wanted to be what he was, and he came to me with that hope, and I was very clear that that was unrealistic, possible maybe, but I wouldn’t want to make that the focus of my attention, so I told him: “You know, what I am really good at, is to helping you to be the best you can be right now. And if that’s what motivates you, if that’s what you want help with, I’m your man. But I really don’t have too much to offer about becoming the person you were. “
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