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Success stories slideshare


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Examples of mentoring programs developed and/or delivered by Mentoring Works.

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Success stories slideshare

  1. 1. Mentoring Success Stories Ann Rolfe
  2. 2. Hi, I’m Ann Rolfe of Mentoring Works. I have a background in adult learning and career counselling. For the last 20 years I’ve specialised in mentoring programs in construction, energy, communications, education, health, law and government. In 2011 my contribution was recognised with the Learnex Asia-Pacific Platinum Award for Best Mentor/Coaching Training. Here are some other mentoring success stories.
  3. 3. Mentoring in career and leadership for young professionals Over 10 years, this program in a NSW Government Agency, assisted close to a thousand young professionals progress their career and helped mentors develop leadership and team skills. In 2003, Mentoring Works consulted to produce the original design of the mentoring training for graduates and mentors. Each year, Mentoring Works delivered the training and provided participant materials. The training was redeveloped twice to the client’s specifications to reflect changing organisational needs.
  4. 4. Photo: Dean Marzollo, Image Ink Studio Training mentors and mentors is vital to success
  5. 5. Equity and leadership for Aboriginal professionals In 2006, Mentoring Works helped develop mentoring that targeted Aboriginal staff aspiring to occupy management positions, by facilitating a strategy planning workshop. The pilot program was run in 2007-2008 followed by a second program in 2010-2011. It included a two-day workshop for Mentors and mentorees, a mid-point review and skills development session, and a final review and celebration.
  6. 6. This program won the LearnX Asia Pacific Platinum Award for Best Coaching/Mentor Training Program in 2011. Mentoring Works provided all the mentoring training sessions, participant materials, Mentoring Tips, consulting and advice.
  7. 7. Retention and Development of apprentices When an energy company began recruiting apprentices, trainees and graduates for the first time in more than a decade, it realised that the new young employees and the older ones working with them would need support and guidance in facilitating workplace learning, safety and ongoing development. Mentoring Works delivered mentoring training and provided participant materials 2007-2011
  8. 8. e-Mentoring Women Ninety women in government agencies across NSW, participated in the Women’s e-Mentoring program in 2009. The program was designed to cater to women in regional and remote areas and some pairs never met face-to-face. All had the opportunity to network on a password protected website (Mentoring Portal). They completed self-paced learning online and participated in teleseminars, received emailed tips, a manual and a program of activities. Mentoring Works delivered these aspects of the program and evaluated the results.
  9. 9. As a result of the successful eMentoring program that linked women across a vast geographic area, Mentoring Works now offers a similar platform to support mentoring programs anywhere in the world, with: ! 24/7 access to a resource centre with video tutorials and guides A private online community where participants can connect and network A forum to ask questions and get answers Emailed Mentoring Tips A mentoring blog Personal guidance and follow-up
  10. 10. Business Profitability In 2006, Mentoring Works facilitated all aspects of a program for Central Coast Business Women. Providing mentor training, setting up group mentoring, sourcing guest speakers, sponsors and organising and leading a final celebratory event.
  11. 11. Safer Workplaces Run since 2009, this program matches WHS specialists in large organisations with people in smaller businesses. It has improved health and safety and injury management in over 300 workplaces. In 2010 - 2011, Mentoring Works provided an introductory session to mentors, support them by phone and online, hosted a networking website, conducted telephone interviews to review progress and facilitated a midpoint and final review.
  12. 12. Without on-the-job mentoring and coaching only 20% of training is applied
  13. 13. Operational Consistency Research shows that without on the job coaching or mentoring only about 20% of training is applied. A 300% difference can be achieved with coaching and mentoring. In 2011, Mentoring Works produced a blueprint for developing workplace training for mentors, designed the training and delivered train-the-trainer sessions so that a large and sustainable strategy could be implemented and maintained within a national organisation.
  14. 14. Equality and Leadership for women at university Mentoring relationships have a lot to offer in terms of personal and professional development for mentors as well as people who are mentored. Those that have a framework for the mentoring process and strategies for facilitating a mentoring conversation are more likely to be effective and enjoy their role. A university that has offered mentoring as part of leadership development and equity initiatives for ten years, chose Mentoring Works to provide workshops for mentors in two separate programs in 2011 and our online tutorials remain a feature of the program.
  15. 15. Head teachers, new teachers of adults and highly experienced school teachers in a number of institutes, participated in Mentoring Works workshops throughout 2007-2011. The highly interactive workshop provided a model for mentoring conversations, an experience of mentoring and insight and motivation to mentor. The workshop was described by more than one participant as “life-changing”. Teacher Education
  16. 16. Talent acquisition Retention of key staff Equity and diversity Leadership development Succession planning Employee engagement Developing people’s potential Increasing return on investment in training Building the leadership pipeline Career development Making internal mobility easy I can help you develop and deliver mentoring that will improve:
  17. 17. What ! you want from ! mentoring Contact me to talk about