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Learning ladders


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Slide Deck by Ann Rolfe, Mentoring Works If you lead learning provide learning ladders. Learning ladders take us from where we are to where we want to be, they provide the steps to mastery. Learning ladders provide Something to reach for, something to hang on to, something to step up to and something for support.

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Learning ladders

  1. 1. Learning Ladders Ann Rolfe, Mentoring Works cc: rayboB -
  2. 2. From an early age, we love to climbcc: jcgoforth -
  3. 3. We love playgrounds that allow us to learn and strengthen skills cc: Gemma Grace -
  4. 4. Our desire for mastery continues in adulthoodcc: tj.blackwell -
  5. 5. in fact mastery is one of our strongest intrinsic drives, we are drawn to interests, called by innate talents and potential that ignite a desire to learn. cc: m01229 -
  6. 6. Learning ladders take us from where we are to where we want to be cc: Smabs Sputzer -
  7. 7. Learning ladders provide steps to masterycc: cjosof -
  8. 8. They provide something to reach for, something to hang on to, something to step up to and something for supportcc: Sam Beebe, Ecotrust -
  9. 9. The first rung of a learning ladder is having something to reach for - a reason, a need to move or growcc: Joaquin Villaverde Photography -
  10. 10. People do not reach out without motivation or inspiration. cc: tj.blackwell -
  11. 11. Motivation is an external drive to action, to move away from pain or strive for reward cc: mikecogh -
  12. 12. Inspiration touches the soul, connects with the heart and mind, influences at the core of one’s being. cc: mollystevens -
  13. 13. It may come with an “ah ha” of sudden insight, or slower dawning self-knowledge from within that sets us on a Mike Miley -
  14. 14. Climbing is a risk. It means change, moving from the known into the unknown. cc: Elsie esq. -
  15. 15. This triggers some level of uncertainty – a healthy and positive anticipation, a reasonable expectation of success; or anxiety, unhelpful doubts, fears, memories or imaginings of AK Rockefeller -
  16. 16. so the second rung of a learning ladder is something to hang on to cc: Atlantic Cadets Atlantique -
  17. 17. Security in the form of a solid framework, building on what is already known, recognised, garryknight -
  18. 18. This makes it safer to reach across the gap from the known to the unknown. cc: jeffsmallwood -
  19. 19. The third rung of the learning ladder is something to step up to. An aspiration, something new, attractive, better than the present state of being cc: Shiau Kai -
  20. 20. A belief that there is a real opportunity to progress and obtain a higher station. cc: David_Reverchon -
  21. 21. Knowledge that it is possible, role models or examples that show how similar others have achieved desired victoria alden -
  22. 22. Confidence that goals are brtsergio -
  23. 23. The fourth rung of the learning ladder is some- thing for supportcc: Sjoerd Lammers street photography -
  24. 24. Resources and a program to keep development on track over time cc: Rubin Starset -
  25. 25. Feedback that provides positive reinforcement of progress, as well as constructive redirection when neededcc: spencer77 -
  26. 26. Most of all, support is provided from other people. A team behind you, a cohort of peers alongside youcc: bibendum84 -
  27. 27. leaders, champions, mentors and coaches on your klbeasley -
  28. 28. If you lead learning put ladders in place cc: mikefats -
  29. 29. More at www.mentoring-works.comcc: jacampos -