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Families Together - Evaluation yr 1


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Many children living with a family member other than their birth parent are there because of drug and alcohol misuse by the parents.

The Families Together project aims to develop interventions that build resilience in families and thus improve the protective factors in the lives of vulnerable young people.

More details on the project here:

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Families Together - Evaluation yr 1

  1. 1. Preventing HarmProviding OpportunitiesPromoting Health and WellbeingTwitter #ftkinship
  2. 2. 17%44%39%Status of referralsLookedafterS.11InformalReferrals87%7%3% 3%Type of CarerGrandparentaunt/unclesiblingother
  3. 3. Baseline Survey87% happy in their role as kinship carer79% of carers had felt unsupported and unappreciated76% had financial concerns69% stated that kinship care had impacted on their sociallives78% of carers stated that they had no knowledge of otherservices or had access to appropriate information.91% of carers stressed that they were concerned about thechildren in their care
  4. 4. Baseline Survey ctdIn caring for the children62% felt confident to parent51% worried about dealing with challenging behaviourCarers felt that the main areas of concern for theirchildren where:•School•Parental contact•Friendship /socialising
  5. 5. Support Groups“ I never knew that something like this existedand that there were so many people in asimilar position as me. What a great bunch ofpeople, I have made some really good friendshere and realise there is light at the end of thetunnel!”
  6. 6. Training“This has been really interesting and helpfuland made me think about how I can supportLisa* I am also starting to feel moreconfident in understanding why she may actlike she does and how I can respond to thisappropriately. Before I would have just lostmy temper and sent her to her room. I’ve gota long way to go but I am feeling good aboutit.”
  7. 7. Community Services“ I have really appreciated the help I havereceived, and I am glad that I have had someonewith me when I have had to attend the numerousschool meetings which have always been reallyscary. My relationship with the teacher isimproving and it looks like we are making realprogress in getting support that’s needed.”
  8. 8. Working with children“I get to have some time to myself and he gets to goout and make friends with other young boys, I love tosee him come home full of beans, big smiles and justlooking a very happy and content little boy.”“He just seems like a different boy, he has now takenup football training and is loving it, something that healways wanted to do but didn’t seem to have theconfidence to go for it. The change in him is fantastic.”“
  9. 9. Progression94% of carers that we have worked with are happy andconfident in their kinship care role86% feel that they are more informed and understand theprocess they go through74% of carers feel that they have an increased peer network63% of carers are now more aware and have used local services69% of carers stated that they are still concerned about thechildren in their care79% felt that the children in their care had grown in confidenceand had a positive future ahead
  10. 10. Taking things forward1) Kinship care needs to be something that everyone is aware of andunderstands2) Kinship carers need to have more information and be guided through theprocess of being a kinship carer and understand the difficulties they may face3) We need specific training for kinship carers that can support them in theirrole and prepare them in supporting the children in their care4) We need to ensure that support groups are available and that these supportgroups empower the carers to support each other5) We need local support services to be kinship care friendly, and to be trainedto have a better awareness of kinship care6) We need schools and health services to have a better understanding ofkinship care and awareness of the how this can impact on a young person orfamily.7) We need to ensure that activities are provided for children in kinshiparrangements
  11. 11. Thank you &Thank you BigLottery FundAny further information on our Corstorphine RoadEdinburghEH12 7AR0131 334 8512