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ADEPIS - VSA and legal highs - Solve-It


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Jolene Watson is Project Coordinator at Solve-It. This presentation for the ADEPIS seminar on NPS - held on Monday 19th May - is intended to introduce information about Volatile Substance Abuse (VSA), NPS and preventative education in primary and secondary schools;

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ADEPIS - VSA and legal highs - Solve-It

  1. 1. ‘VSA and Legal Highs’ Enabling Informed Choices
  2. 2. What is a legal high? Prevention through Education
  3. 3. Informed choices Prevention through Education
  4. 4. Challenges Prevention through Education  Terminology  Legal  Availability  Cheap  Lack of research & awareness
  5. 5. Preventative Education
  6. 6. Prevention through Education “I learnt about VSA , I learnt about how to look after my body” Year 6 pupil “It will help me make decisions” Year 6 pupil “That I now know that if friends ask me to do something I know not to do, I can say no” Year 6 pupil “I liked the way we could discuss amongst ourselves” Year 6 pupil “Very good, responsibly delivered. Factual resources, very effective, Hopes and dreams was a lovely touch and important to focus children on why to make the right choices” Year 6 teacher
  7. 7. Prevention through Education “The children’s presentation was very informative and creative, it’s great to see this agency making kids aware of what goes on in their community” Year 6 Parent “Although a difficult discussion around these things its good for the children to be aware” Year 6 Parent “Very well done to the year 6 pupils on their performance. They all did very well on getting the points and information across” Year 6 Parent
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