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MentLife overview, where we are in March 2014


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Brief summery of MentLife, our achievements and future plans.

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MentLife overview, where we are in March 2014

  1. 1. An Interface between Life Science Industry and Academia February 19, 2014
  2. 2. What Is MentLife? • A not-for-profit organization mentoring PhD students, with particular emphasis on personal development and on facilitating interactions between students and Life-Science Companies • Comprises – Senior scientists with a PhD degree and extensive post doctoral R&D experience working in industry and/or academia plus international experience in facilitating industrial – academic collaborations – PhD students in Life Sciences drawn from the science, medical and engineering faculties of Lund University • Designed to complement the existing mentoring and career programs within Lund University by drawing on the unique knowledge and expertise of the mentors
  3. 3. Faculty of Medicine Faculty of Sciences Faculty of Engineering LTH Mentoring Seminar programs Networking-Academy Industry BIOTECH PHARMA MEDTECH
  4. 4. MentLife - Mentors
  5. 5. Mentors 2013/2014 György Marko-Varga Professor and Head of Div. Clinical Protein Science & Imaging, BMC, LU Rickard Öste Professor in Food Chemistry, Lund University, CEO, CRO & Owner Aventure AB, Oateley Lars Erik Edholm Founder of MentLife Thomas Edward Fehniger Director,Center of Excellence in Biological and Medical Mass Spectrometry, LU Anders Nilsson Senior Scientific Adviser Ferring Pharmaceuticals Bo Servenius Senior Scientist Agneta Walhagen Executive Director, Pharmaceutical Technologies LEO Pharma Lena Gustavsson Head of Section Drug – Drug Interactions at H.Lundbeck A/S Richard Cook Angus Consulting Manager and Research in the UK, USA and Sweden Tanja Jensen Assistant Editor& Product Manager Elevate Scientific Göran Eriksson Consultant at Gerik Medical Consulting AB, Affiliated to Dep. of Respiratory Medicine and Allergology at LU Michael Wilstermann R&D Laboratory Manager at Mölnlycke Health Care
  6. 6. Networking Industry Academia Medicon Village MVA MaxLab IV ESS Swedish Pharmaceutical Society Medicinska Malmö Mentor4Research PLUME MedStar Career programmes Mentoring Seminars Network
  7. 7. Seminars at Medicon Village 2013/2014 • May 27, 2013. Introduction to Life Science • Nov 6, 2013. Drug Discovery, Development and Trends - moderators: Linnéa Taylor, Lund University; AnnSofie Andersson, Project Manager MVA – R&D in the Pharmaceutical Industry (Richard Cook) – Alligator Biosciences AB (Christina Furebring, Research Director) • May, 2014 Big Pharma. Academic collaboration. Postdoc programmes.
  8. 8. Proposed Seminar, May 2014 Industrial –Academic collaborations & industry-sponsored post-doctoral programs Overview of the company Research and Development areas Career paths for PhD s Post doctoral programmes. National/internat. Recruitment policy and contacts Expertise needed Nature of Academic collaborations Adjunct Researchers
  9. 9. MentLife: Benefits to Mentees • Provides opportunity for personal development and early career guidance, including opportunities outside Academia • Understanding of Research and Development as it exists in Big Pharma, Biotech and Med Tech companies • Facilitates Knowledge-transfer and sharing • Provides access to national and international R&D networks • A joint mentor/mentee program and series of seminars tailored to the needs of the students • Complements the existing career guidance provided by the university
  10. 10. MentLife: Benefits to Industry • Facilitates early identification and recruitment of talented scientists – • • • • MentLife is uniquely positioned to act as an interface between high-quality Life-Science graduates/post graduates from Academia and companies looking to recruit Easier acccess to competences and research activities relevant to company interests Supports creativity at both ends by enabling joint industry/university collaborations Access to academic networks Joint seminars and establishment of long-term links between Industry and Academia
  11. 11. What Has MentLife Achieved? • • • • • • • • Set up a Steering committee drawn equally from mentors and representatives from medical, science and engineering faculties within LU Established a mentoring program comprising 12 mentors and 12 PhD students representing all three faculties Joint meeting held at Pufendorf Institute (Sept 25, 2013) with next meeting planned Feb 12 Initiated a seminar program open to all Life-Science students and post-docs (May 27, Nov 6 2013); next seminar to include representatives from major Pharmaceutical companies scheduled for May Has provided an in-depth understanding of R&D as it currently exists within Big Pharma and Biotech companies Access to national and international R&D networks Established contacts and received endorsement from among others,The Swedish Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Mentor4Research Limited financial support and access to facilities to enable the MentLife program
  12. 12. Support for MentLife • Medicon Village (facilities) • The Pufendorf Institute, Lund University (facilities) • The Swedish Academy for Pharmaceutical Sciences (financial -seminars) • Medicinska Malmö (collaboration) • Mentor4 Research (IVA) – IVA funding is conditional on pursuing formal affiliation with Lund University