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International womens day


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International womens day

  1. 1. March 8 International Women's Day
  2. 2. A Woman is in the center of Poetic Universalization
  3. 3. A Woman is in the center of Poetic Universalization, she has a name and also a nickname, she has duties and also rights, she cries and she laughs, she is mother, and often also father, and she is girl, and sister, and aunt, and grandmother...
  4. 4. Girls!... Young women!... Ladies! All women without distinction of color, belief or race.
  5. 5. Unmarried!... Concubines!... Married!.. Essentially liberated!
  6. 6. Woman teacher, Woman servant, Woman driver, Woman athlete, Woman entrepreneur, Woman president, Woman secretary... Woman professional and independent...
  7. 7. Woman full of Beauty, Elegance and Sensuality!
  8. 8. Woman that one elects, Woman elected, Woman author, Woman painter, Woman who sings and who enchants... Woman artist... Woman work of art!
  9. 9. Woman at house , in the street, at work... Woman essentially... Only woman!
  10. 10. Woman in love… Beloved... Impassioned...
  11. 11. Woman of the cities, woman of the fields... Woman singular, woman plural... Woman food, but also cannibal... Woman intrinsically manichean! Woman feminine, Woman feminist...
  12. 12. Woman in uniform skirt, dress, trousers, shorts, Tee-shirt, breeches and bra, bikinis... Woman in the skin... Woman in the heart...
  13. 13. Woman admirable in our eyes in all her forms... Slim... Big... Black... White... Small... Tall...
  14. 14. Woman essentially... Singularly woman! Poetically WOMAN!!!
  15. 15. “ A woman is animated of a special force, because she is strong, courageous and, with the years which pass, we can perceive how much, by discovering her path, this woman seeks mainly freedom to work, to realize, to conclude, to grow, and especially, the freedom to be she even. ” Vinna Mara
  16. 16. Creation & Pawning: Vinna Mara Magalhães Text: Manollo Ferreira English Adaptation: Franck Gordon Music: Woman – John Lennon Images: Personal archives Contact: [email_address] [email_address]