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Zip Zag product


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Cobs and brush

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Zip Zag product

  1. 1. OUTCOME BASED, ACTION FOCUSSED BUSINESS & INDIVIDUAL MANAGEMENT DEVELOPMENT PROGRAME<br />BUSINESS & MANAGEMENT PLan<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />CONTENTS PAGE<br />NoTitlePage No.1SUMMARY AND BUSINESS INTRODUCTION2 PRODUCT/SERVICE 3 BUSINESS ANALYSIS4 MARKET Analysis5 MARKETING6 FINANCE7 MANAGEMENT PLAN<br /> <br />1. SUMMARY AND Product INTRODUCTION<br />  <br />1.1 Product Idea DescriptionTechnically my product is a comb and a brush, made into a hand held, automatic, light weight gadget with three designs of desired part shapes of combs and one brush bush inside it. The comb and brush pulls out of each side of the gadget when it’s needed, and pushed back in when the use of it is done until the next time of usage, (with the brush being on the right side, and the comb on the left side of the gadget).<br />1.2 Statement of Intended PurposeMy mission is to get perfection and velocity out of parting and brushing hair with.<br />1.3 Values PrepositionPeople should people buy my brand because I offer 3 choices of designer zig zags carefully crafted with the help of Conair, who is well-known for its long line of health and personal care items such as hair styling products, hair dryers, garment steamers, relaxation and massage products, bathroom vanity mirrors and foot baths. I recommend Conair with confidence.<br /> <br />1.4 Business StructureWill this be Sole trader/Partnership/Ltd Company? Seek legal advice if necessary.<br />1.5 Business LocationWhere will your business be run from – premises, home, etc.<br />1.11 Professional MembershipsWhat Professional memberships do you need?<br />2. PRODUCT/SERVICE<br /> <br />2.1 PRODUCTDescription of benefitspriceAutomatic 3 designed shaped combs and brush compact good. Other benefits will be the promise to deliver using this product that will part of all textures of hair. From the three different choices of designing combs, and a brush that both move at three levels of speed; low, medium, and high, hair done the consumers pacebeneficial Price of: $ 59.99, with a savings of Price: $99.99.  <br /> <br />2.5 Business Guarantees & warranties?Will you be providing any guarantees or warranties – state them here<br />5. MARKET Analysis<br /> <br />5.1 Customers.<br /> <br />Who are your Customers and what do they require from you?<br /> <br />CUSTOMERS/GROUPS Describe them in detail.CUSTOMERS/GROUPS REQUIREMENTS           <br />5.2 Customer care<br />6. MARKETING<br /> <br />6.1 Advertising & Promotion<br /> <br />TARGET CUSTOMER GROUP  PROMOTIONAL METHODSPECIFY WHICH MONTHS YOU WILL TARGET YOUR CUSTOMER GROUPS.                                <br />