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Building an Active Pipeline


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Is your pipeline made up of hot air and stalled deals? We cover how to build an active pipeline based on sales process, progress and other tactical tips & tricks

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Building an Active Pipeline

  1. 1. Building an Active Pipeline
  2. 2. Different styles and schools of thought BAD Selling
  3. 3. 50% Guess: How much of your current pipeline is hot air?
  4. 4. Pilots Involve the sales people Point to increased effectiveness Check- points Sales process statistics 75% of new sales processes are not implemented by the sales team*
  5. 5. Making the sales process work in the field Joint visits Sales leaders driving change Spread good news External help to track progress
  6. 6. What does it mean? A sales process used in the field increases closing rates by up to 48% A thorough qualification process increases your average deal size by 40%
  7. 7. Example: a “regular” sales process Based on sales person’s agenda Few customer contacts Lots of quotes – few won deals Few booked meetings
  8. 8. Best practice sales process Based on customer buying process Multiple customer contacts Focus on the right opportunities Structured process (get more done in shorter time)
  9. 9. Preparing Before you build a house, you need a foundation Before selecting the foundation, you need a blueprint!
  10. 10. Why prepare? Consider the following Have a call script available before each sales call Effort Result Prepare for a meeting by learning about a customer’s industry challenges Enter a negotiation with a clear minimum outcome You are clear and to the point, while sending a message You are considered a trusted advisor, not just another sales person You’ll leave the negotiation satisfied
  11. 11. Right Focus “If your ladder is not leaning against the right wall, every step you take gets you to the wrong place faster” - Stephen R. Covey
  12. 12. Activity A Phone Call A Meeting A delivered quote Progress Right type of call with the right person, which leads to a clear next step! A cancelled meeting that would have been pointless, giving us time to focus on what will bring us forward in the process Conscious choice in our sales process, leading us to the end goal vs
  13. 13. = Why do deals stall? The next step for the customer is not aligned with the seller’s next step No clear next step No clear sales process in place
  14. 14. Why do closing dates keep moving forward? = Often lacking the tools meant to help sales people in their daily lives (and complacent sales people) The sales person are alleviated from responsibility as long as the deal ”looks good” The sales person is not in sync with the customer about if and when the project is set to close Many opportunities in the pipeline are not supposed to be there
  15. 15. Sales Process - Preparation Next meeting – Book on the spot Gain commitment from the customer Significantly reduce the sales cycle
  16. 16. • Up to 50% of your current pipeline is hot air! • Separate activities from progress to build a pipeline based in reality! • The main reason for stalled opportunities is a lack of qualification at the beginning of the sales process • Closing dates keep moving forward in time because we do not control the process • Provide your sales people with the support and tools that allow them to better evaluate their opportunities In conclusion
  17. 17. Connect! Oliver Lopez Structsales Twitter: @oliverlopez Henrik Öquist Membrain Twitter: @henrikoquist