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  1. 1. Creating content for global brand communications JAMES BOWSKILL, A.C.O. INC. 海外から見た日本企業の 間違いあるある とブランドを伝えるコンテンツづくり © A.C.O. Inc. 2017年12月20日(水)開催セミナー 海外企業や国内大手企業の成功事例に学ぶグローバルサイト戦略のポイント ~グローバルSEOとコンテンツづくりの視点から~
  2. 2. Japanese people usually ask me 2 questions
  3. 3. How tall 200 190 180 are you?
  4. 4. Why Japan? did you
 come to
  5. 5. Because it's Different
  6. 6. Potential value Potential problems
  7. 7. Nice to meet you. 2001 2003
  8. 8. Mr Suzuki Mr Smith ✔ ... Brand awareness
 High in Japan, low overseas
  9. 9. Mr Suzuki
  10. 10. Mr Smith
  11. 11. Communication starts in search
  12. 12. Case Study Recruit Holdings
  13. 13. Mr Suzuki thinks: さすがリクルート! Mr Smith thinks: Recruit does everything?!
 RI·KU·NA·BI...?? SHU·SHO·KU...???? 2013
  14. 14. How to explain a complex company like Recruit
 to new users? Communication challenge
  15. 15. 2013 Renewal Concept Meet Recruit
  16. 16. Series of ’Covers’
  17. 17. Very short contents
 (less than 100 words)
  18. 18. Quick understanding by small steps ナルホド!
  19. 19. Patchwork
  20. 20. • Break down complex topics into small steps
 — easier to understand • Use as communication test — lower risk than long, rich contents • Good cost balance • Fast rhythm good for team motivation Patchwork Communication
  21. 21. Editorial Process 1. Set categories (Creative, Culture, Global, Tech) 2. Check existing content (e.g. Japanese website and internal magazines) 3. Plot existing content to categories 4. Adjust for global audience 5. Identify gaps 6. Discuss potential new content with client
  22. 22. Fast cycle for
 continuous improvement Cycle Publish CreateAnalyse Plan
  23. 23. Case Study AGC
  24. 24. Communication challenges • Change from product-out
 to benefit-out communication • Balance CC & MC messages
 CC = Corporate Communications
 MC = Marketing Communications
  25. 25. • Introduce all users to company (CC) and products (MC) in an engaging, low-tech way • Focus on benefits to people and society • CTA to external niche content
 (i.e. work as a "hub") AGC Hub
 owned media
  26. 26. •’Society‘ theme contents •1600 words (4000 Ja. char.) •Photoshoot in Germany •English interview (in Tokyo) •4 months (planning → publish)
  27. 27. Personal Society Solution Empathise with Franz’s personal mission to solve food problem Problem for everyone (CC) AGC’s solution provides value to everyone (MC)
  28. 28. CTA Links to product website
 (MC contents)
  29. 29. Lots of content in Japanese microsite
  30. 30. Can we re-edit this product-out content for AGC Hub?
  31. 31. •Product-out
 (CC for wide target) •Links to niche product page
 (MC) •Low cost rewrite •Fast turnaround Before After (400 words)
  32. 32. Japan-focus content Global content It’s okay to use Japan-focus content.
 Mix with global content for balance.
  33. 33. Point • Balance light and heavy contents
 — each type has merits • Re-write existing content
 — it’s cost-effective and fast! • Change approach from product-out to benefit-out to increase content value • OK to mix Japanese and global content
  34. 34. Case Study Sunstar
  35. 35. • Global website partner since 2013 • Global site supports corporate branding and the need to increase global sales Global website
  36. 36. • Needed new content to target the professional market • Create a more R&D-focussed brand image for all users Communication challenges
  37. 37. • Series of kaihatsu stories tied to sales strategy (i.e. push timely products and technologies) • Simple communication for both pro and non-pro users • CTA to marketing websites and scientific research papers R&D Stories
  38. 38. • Start by editing marketing materials • Add interviews with engineers
 (sometimes global via Skype, sometimes in Japan) • Photoshoots at research lab
 (sometimes hands-on in Japan, sometimes remotely) • Create illustrations to explain technical details • 3–4 months per story • Big difference between original material and final article Process
  39. 39. One story covers needs for both professionals and
 non-professionals Professional Average user R&D Story ✔ (R&D branding)(R&D capability)
  40. 40. • All stories translated to English, Chinese, Spanish and Japanese • Translation cost much lower than creation cost Content localised to increase ROI En Es Cn Ja
  41. 41. Point • Careful planning can cover multiple needs • High quality content requires investment • Localisation allows greater ROI • Plan your content with a global mind!
 Japan-only is mottainai!!
  42. 42. Change domestic mind with global website
  43. 43. English or 
 Japanese? QUIZ Many global websites use Japan-only words
  44. 44. SNS TVCM IR Which of these words are Japan-only?
  45. 45. SNS SNS is only used in Japan. Use ‘Social Media‘ instead.
  46. 46. TVCM TVCM is only used in Japan. Use ‘TV Ad‘ instead.
  47. 47. IR IR is used by specialists, but most users
 expect ‘Investors’ or ‘Investor Relations’
  48. 48. Write from a global viewpoint not a Japanese viewpoint
  49. 49. Domestic & Overseas Different for each global user 青森県 Aomori prefecture in northern Japan ↓ e.g. 1 e.g. 2
  50. 50. Native speakers 100%0% Non-native speakersNo English Communicating with a global audience Perfect
 understanding No
 understanding Some
 understanding Good
 understanding Target audience
  51. 51. NativeNon-Native I understand It feels natural Non-native level × Native quality
  52. 52. • Be careful of Japanese words you think are English — they might not be! • Write from a global viewpoint • Write content so both native, and non-native users can read it comfortably • Native-check your content
 (If that’s not possible, use a service like to catch mistakes) Point
  53. 53. Increasing
 Content Value
  54. 54. Related Content Social Media Product page
 Marketing website
 Corp. Comms.
 etc... Standard goals for content Increase PV Get new visitors Contents 1 2 3 Related links Shares
 & Likes
  55. 55. P&G Everyday
  56. 56. Offline couponE-Commerce Ratings, review, likes For printing
  57. 57. My savings Potential savings My coupon basket Get email to remind
 about printout
 (Become registered user, also get marketing emails)
  58. 58. Content Coupons Register Mail Marketing Online
 Shopping Offline
 Shopping Print Related products Product promotions Contentpromotions Want useful
 reminder BUY Get reminder, Print
  59. 59. True Stories Blog
  60. 60. Connects to service CTA pushes customer to start their own “passion project”
  61. 61. Health & 
 Wellness Blog
  62. 62. Donation CTA CTA asks user to consider donating for flu vaccines
  63. 63. Funding target reached ✔ Platform sponsored by J&J Caring Crowd crowd funding platform
  64. 64. Contents
 Engagement Simple Contents
 Ecommerce + Coupons Contents
 Crowdfunding platform P&G J&J
  65. 65. Contents &
 Risk Management
  66. 66. Global website is front line for risk management
  67. 67. JPMorgan’s top page is full of positive keywords •Small business •Progress •Neighborhood •Communities •Giving •Help •Aid •Family •Volunteering •Mentor •Nonprofits •Schools
  68. 68. Stories based on local activities in US & UK cities
  69. 69. Global brands need
 local viewpoints Point
  70. 70. 2. Data 3. Staff 1. Story
  71. 71. Tweet Now: What makes Chicago? #WhatMakesChicago
  72. 72. Why hashtag?
 Brands need other people
 to talk positively about them #WhatMakesChicago
  73. 73. Where do you show your brand’s social activities? In the CSR corner?
  74. 74. Site structure and contents communicate your values. What’s most important to you? Point
  75. 75. Case Study Recruit Holdings Ver. 2
  76. 76. Recruit Holdings 2013 – Mid 2017 Meet Recruit
 Owned media to communicate culture, mission and value Orthodox menu
  77. 77. Meet
 Rich, engaging
 Human perspective Everything
 Corporate Which is the ‘real’ Recruit?
  78. 78. Who we are What we do CEO Message
 ... Creating
 Value Services Business Segments Group Companies Sustainability Creating Value Human rights
 ... We redesigned the structure
  79. 79. Who we are What we do Sustainability Consistent brand communication
  80. 80. Value to
 SocietyESG lens Brand
  81. 81. Brand ナルホド! ESG lens Value to Society
  82. 82. Thank you.
  83. 83. ACOジャーナル Read more online 2017年12月20日(水)開催セミナー 海外企業や国内大手企業の成功事例に学ぶグローバルサイト戦略のポイント ~グローバルSEOとコンテンツづくりの視点から~