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12 Ways to Instantly Increase Player Sign-Ups


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How sports coaches can increase camp, clinic and tournament registrations.

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12 Ways to Instantly Increase Player Sign-Ups

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  2. 2. Streamline Your Sign-Up Process by Going Online. Consumers are accustomed to searching for products online and making purchases online. Your camps, clinics and tournaments shouldn’t be treated any differently. Allow players to register and pay in one transaction online at their convenience. Powered by
  3. 3. Communicate the Benefits in Your Event Description. Remember everyone’s favorite radio station – WIIFM – What’s In It For Me. Don’t just say “Sign up for Our Sports Camp”. Why should someone sign up? Will they make new friends? Develop new skills? Let them know what’s in it for them. Powered by
  4. 4. Share Pictures and Videos. Show people the value instead of just telling them about it. Tell a story through pictures and video of past sports events that show players having fun. Powered by
  5. 5. Setting a savings incentive tied to an expiration date is a great way to generate early sign-ups. Set an Early-Bird Price with a Cut-Off Date. Powered by
  6. 6. Post About Your Sports Events Everywhere Repeatedly. Don’t just post about your camp, clinic or tournament once on Facebook. Post about it at least once a week on Facebook leading up to the event. And don’t limit your posts and marketing to one channel only. Post on all social networks, in online directories, on your website, in emails. Event success depends largely on repeat impressions. Get the word out everywhere possible. Promote across all channels repeatedly. Powered by
  7. 7. Send emails to Past Players. Your past players are likely to attend other camps, clinics and tournaments you hold. It’s a smart practice to let your past players know about your new upcoming events – and sending them an email is the most direct way to communicate. Tools like Event Manager store your past attendee data and enable you to select on past attendees and send emails directly through the software. Powered by
  8. 8. Set a Seating Capacity. Scarcity increases demand and compels people to take action now rather than waiting. Put a limit on the number of spots available at your sports event and communicate the limited availability. Powered by
  9. 9. Add an Event Listing to Your Website. Including your camps, clinics and tournaments on your website is a great way to show everyone what’s going on. Through tools like Member Solutions’ online event registration software, Event Manager, you can add a registration home page – or event listing page – to your website to showcase all your active and available events. Powered by
  10. 10. Set Up Promo Codes. Setting up promotional savings codes and sending them to a select group of prospective players promotes exclusivity and will ultimately increase event sign-ups. In tools like Event Manager, you can even set up activation and expiration dates for promo codes and set capacities to promo codes to further drive demand. Powered by
  11. 11. Offer a 2-for-1 Special. Adding a 2-for-1 promotion or a “Buy one, get the second 50% off” adds value and encourages multiple sign-ups. Consider a sibling and/or friend promotion. Chances are prospective players know a person or two who would be interested in the camp. Powered by
  12. 12. Offer a FREE Gift. Take a look at your inventory and see what you have that you could give away. Adding a free gift to the first x number of sign-ups sweetens the deal and will help drive early registrations. Powered by
  13. 13. Promote Your Camp Offline. It’s easy to loose sight of offline techniques in today’s largely digital world. Don’t forget to create flyers about your camps, clinics and tournaments. Partner with local businesses that will inform their customers about your event. Mention the event to everyone you come in contact with. Powered by
  14. 14. FillYour Sports Events Fast with: Event Manager online event registration software enables you to take your entire sign-up process online instantly. There’s no software to download. No merchant account needed. Use it for camps, clinics and tournaments … the possibilities are endless. Book a FREE Demo Today! Visit, Call 888.277.4409, or Email Real Solutions … Real Results … Powered by
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