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MemSQL - The Real-time Analytics Platform


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MemSQL is the leader in real-time Big Data analytics, empowering organizations to make data­driven decisions, better engage customers, and gain a competitive advantage. The in-memory distributed database at the heart of MemSQL’s real-time analytics platform is proven in production environments across hundreds of nodes in the most high-velocity Big Data environments in the world.

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MemSQL - The Real-time Analytics Platform

  1. 1. MemSQLThe Real-Time Analytics Platform
  2. 2. Customer VignetteHUNDREDS OF MACHINES70 BILLION RECORDS1 MILLION INSERTS/SECZynga is analyzing billions of rows in seconds and making real-timedecisions based on user behavior while offering more personalized in-gamepurchases or other recommendations.
  3. 3. The Real-Time Analytics PlatformMemSQL is the distributed in-memorydatabase that provides real-time analytics onBig Data, empowering organizations to:• Make data-driven decisions.• Better engage customers.• Discover competitive advantages.Highlights:• Consumption of millions of events/second.• Concurrent OLAP and OLTP queries usingSQL interface.• Sub-millisecond response times onterabyte-scale workloads.
  4. 4. Who Benefits?BusinessIntelligenceData Scientist &AnalystsInformationTechnologyCloudOperator
  5. 5. Bringing Real-Time to Demanding IndustriesFinance• Real-time trend analysis• Fraud detection• Risk management• Network securityGovernment• Real-time Big Data analysis• Pattern analysisMobile• Operational analyticsand real-time processing• Match makingAdvertising• Real-time attribution• Real-time bidding
  6. 6. MemSQL Distributed ArchitectureAggregator AggregatorLeaf Node Leaf Node Leaf Node Leaf NodeShared-nothing architecture | Distributed query optimizer | Highly available, fault tolerant | Commodity hardware… N… N
  7. 7. Why is MemSQL So Fast?Optimized massively parallelizedexecution engine to leverage allresources.Squeeze each CPU cycle usingSQL-to-machine code conversionfor efficient execution.Auto-parameterization keeps compilation to a minimum.
  8. 8. Super Charge Your ApplicationLock-free data structures to ensure high throughput, and highlyconcurrent workloads. MVCC & lock-free indexes to ensure writesnever block reads.Three types of redundancy: acrossnodes, on physical disk, and across datacenters. ACID compliant.Capable of simultaneouslyhandling OLTP and OLAPworkloads.ANSI-SQL interface that’s familiarto users.
  9. 9. Multi-Site Capabilities• Across the campus or the globe.• Full replication capabilities: synchronous and asynchronous.• Highly available through leaf node replication as with local distributed.Aggregator AggregatorLeaf Node Leaf Node Leaf Node Leaf NodeAggregator AggregatorLeaf Node Leaf Node Leaf Node Leaf NodeAggregator AggregatorLeaf Node Leaf Node Leaf Node Leaf NodeSite B(Read Only)Site C(Read Only)Primary Site……
  10. 10. Simplicity at Scale
  11. 11. THANK YOU