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MemCom 2015 award winners


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Learn more about the MemCom 2015 award winners, as well as those commended and highly commended - congratulations to all.

Published in: Marketing
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MemCom 2015 award winners

  1. 1. Welcome to the 10th anniversary awards Awards host – Duncan Grant Guest speakers Anne Godfrey, Chief Executive ,CIM Dr Sean Tompkins, Chief Executive, RICS Headline sponsors #memcom2015
  2. 2. Louis Armstrong Award Outstanding leadership of a UK professional body Sponsored by Donate to: The Brain Tumour Charity
  3. 3. Headline Conference and Awards Sponsors Other Sponsors and Exhibitors Knowledge Insights
  4. 4. • Caroline Robertson - Membership Director, Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing • Matt McDermott - Sales and Marketing Director, Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors • Elaine Crehan - Chief Operating Officer Member Services, Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners • Simon Bull - Head of Membership & Marketing, EIC (Energy Industries Council) • Jon Kudlick - Director of Membership, Marketing & Communications, Society of Biology • Viki Bell - Head of Marketing (MPD), Institution of Engineering and Technology • Sue Kettle - Director of Membership and Support Services, Chartered Institute of Credit Management • Kerry Holmes - Head of Content, Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators • Nigel Moore, Director, Marketing, Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists • Cristian Holmes - Director of Marketing, Communications & Membership, British Association for Counselling and Therapy • Richard Hearn - Head of Member and Customer Development, CIPD • Mary-Lou Nash - Director, MLN & Associates • Abby Wright-Parkes - Director, Optimist Consulting • Emma Thompson - Associate Director, Ashridge Communications • Ian Phillips - Director, Ashridge Communications • Vicky Burman – Freelance editor and communications consultant • Andy Wilkinson - Creative Director, Satellite Creative • Amy Hannington – Editor, Total Professions Judges
  5. 5. Marketing / communications - print - Sponsored by CGL 1. Marketing Collateral – Leaflets, Brochures 2. Magazine - Professional Association or Royal College 3. Magazine – Charity 4. Magazine – Sport and Recreation Marketing / communications – digital /online Sponsored by Satellite Creative 5. Main Membership Website 6. Microsite 7. Digital/on-line magazine 8. Best use of Social Media 9. Newsletter 10. Best and most informative infographic Membership / stakeholder engagement Sponsored by Ashridge Communications 11. Stakeholder Engagement Campaign 12. Brand development 13. Most Innovative use of data 14. Member recruitment campaign 15. Member Engagement – based on new member engagement model Product / service development 16. New product development – member benefit Sponsored by Xexec 17. New product development – learning resource Sponsored by PebblePad 18. International Development 19. Membership Marketing and Engagement Team of the Year Sponsored by Sterling 20. Marketing Grand Prix – overall professional membership marketing award 2015
  6. 6. The Winners
  7. 7. Marketing / communications - print sponsored by Marketing Collateral – Leaflets, Brochures • One Highly Commended • Winner
  8. 8. Highly Commended Recruitment & Employment Confederation REC Impact Report REC identified that the traditional Annual Report structure lacked interest and important information could be lost. By the use of 'infographic' style delivery, key messages were more engaging and accessible. The Report design followed clear brand guidelines and demonstrated the synergy with the on- line brand identity and social media channels. They were also able to show how they had increased their reach and engagement with their members.
  9. 9. Zoological Society of London ZSL Guides Entered by Think Winner Marketing Collateral – Leaflets, Brochures Think demonstrated a very good understanding of ZSL's product and how it is viewed in two very different environments, and understood the customer journey around each zoo. The guides would have enhanced a customer’s experience on their day out and no doubt been kept as a reminder and a very readable resource afterwards. Information was also provided on the quantitative value of the guides - through increased sales - and qualitative evidence through stakeholder feedback.
  10. 10. Marketing / communications - print Magazine - Professional Association or Royal College • Two Highly Commended • Winner
  11. 11. Highly Commended The Society of Biology – The Biologist Entered by Think The Biologist a very attractive magazine and makes good use of white space and imagery. The content is a diverse combination of news snippets and solid knowledge pieces, which would appeal to all members from students to seasoned practitioners.
  12. 12. Highly Commended Recruitment & Employment Confederation Recruiter A clearly designed magazine with a mixture of news, analysis and member case studies. Includes useful reference pieces on industry topics including statistics. Member appeal was evidenced with statistics from the July 2014 readership survey.
  13. 13. Chartered Management Institute - Professional Manager Entered by Think Winner An easy read with a good balance of informative news, topical knowledge items and in depth articles. Well-presented combining colourful imagery and illustrations to keep the content interesting. A good reference guide for members, clearly the content is embraced by members given 70% tackled a management issue differently after reading the magazine. From Autumn 2014 issue to Winter 2015 there has been a shift to incorporate analytical statistics in a very clear, easy to understand format for all levels of management.
  14. 14. Marketing / communications - print Magazine – Charity • Outright Winner
  15. 15. Winner Zoological Society of London Wild About Entered by Think The team set out their objectives and strategy very clearly in terms of widening target readership, messaging, engagement, thought leadership and calls to action. The pitch and tone succeed in appealing to both families and career conservationists. The broadening of the scope to worldwide conservation enriches the content and reinforces the role of ZSL as experts and guardians of wildlife. The call to action goes beyond fundraising to real engagement with the cause. The format is cohesive and easy to navigate. Magazine – Charity
  16. 16. Marketing / communications - print Magazine – Sport and Recreation • One Highly Commended • Winner
  17. 17. Highly Commended British Parachute Association Skydive Entered by Archant Dialogue
  18. 18. Royal Photographic Society The Journal Entered by Think Winner The Journal represents all that is good in a member magazine. From a clear editorial policy to, as you would expect, stunning images, Journal takes the reader on a journey through photography which is easy to follow but hard to put down. Its re-design has enjoyed measurable success, lifting the reader experience from one that was satisfactory to one that was excellent, as reported by subscribers. And an advertising value increase of 162% doesn’t lie.
  19. 19. Marketing / communications – digital /online communications Sponsored by Main Membership Website • Outright Winner
  20. 20. The Royal Society of Medicine Winner The RSM had some very clear objectives for their new website, with a clear link to the strategy of the business. One of their challenges, and one faced by many membership organisations, was how to make their vast amount of online resources more accessible to their members. This is one of their successes, as the new navigation is well thought- out and the ease of use allows visitors to get to what they are looking for within a minimal number of clicks. The use of images and colour brings life to the site without being overwhelming. They have delivered a first class site with strong stats showing the positive impact on their business.
  21. 21. Marketing / communications – digital /online communications Microsite • Outright Winner
  22. 22. Royal Society of Chemistry Winner The strategy and build of the Future of Chemistry microsite was clearly focused on its key stakeholders. Demonstrably different from the main site; it offers the target audience a visually engaging, responsive and mobile friendly experience. The design reflects the needs of the various audiences both in the UK and worldwide, and encourages them to navigate with ease around the rich mix of career and study options, job profiles of diverse roles and their impact on the real world. The results reinforce that RSC has created an inspirational and motivating site that really does demonstrate that “not all chemists wear white coats”.
  23. 23. Marketing / communications – digital /online communications Digital/on-line magazine • One Highly Commended • Winner
  24. 24. Highly Commended Royal Town Planning Institute The Planner Entered by Redactive We liked their use of research and the fact they have achieved their objective of producing a news driven site. The reach of three times the membership is impressive.
  25. 25. Friends of the Earth Digital Earthed Winner We really liked the look of this magazine but we chose them for their clear strategy, research and planning. They researched their competitors and markets to produce an attractive, interactive publication with in-house resources and a limited budget. We were particularly impressed by the high level of reader interaction, with over a third of readers reported as taking some sort of action. We also like the fact they included a reader survey in the first issue.
  26. 26. Marketing / communications – digital /online communications Best use of Social Media • One Highly Commended • Winner
  27. 27. Highly Commended Toybox #mynameisMaria was an integrated social media campaign with real impact including a total reach across Twitter and Facebook of over 40million. Ultimately helping children off the streets in Latin America.
  28. 28. Royal Pharmaceutical Society Winner The RPS provided clear objectives for their Facebook initiative, which described quantifiable targets for improvements to engagement. All of these targets were met and far exceeded, this was explained clearly with good use of graphs to represent positive trends in engagement with social media users. The use of images, infographics and targeted posts focused on specific campaigns were clearly successful, with the organisation making good efforts to adapt messages to appeal to their audience. As well as impressive increases in reach and ‘likes’ on Facebook as planned, RPS has seen an increase in site traffic, engagement with their other social media channels, and even in membership applications made via Facebook.
  29. 29. Marketing / communications – digital /online communications Newsletter • One Highly Commended • Winner
  30. 30. Highly Commended Chartered Management Institute CMI Insights Entered by Think We were impressed by the news-content approach adopted for Insights, which was designed to drive traffic to the related part of the CMI website. The look and feel of the e-news is simple yet engaging. It is a noteworthy that 35% of the web traffic to the Insights section of the website is driven by the Insights e- newsletter.
  31. 31. The Royal Society of Medicine Members’ Monthly e-newsletter Winner We felt that the RSM took a strategic approach to the development of their e-newsletter from using intelligence from their current e-news to inform development through to launching it alongside their refreshed brand and new website. The new e-newsletter is clean in appearance, offers personalised content for members and is responsive across all devices. The RSM saw an impressive 28% increase in click-through-rates compared to the year before.
  32. 32. Marketing / communications – digital /online communications Best and most informative infographic • Outright Winner
  33. 33. British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy Winner Of the entries, BACP gave the best description of what their infographic had achieved, with an impressive reach to two key national newspapers and other publications, alongside other positive feedback from those within the sector. The infographic itself is clear and comprehensive, with well defined and headed sections. In general statistics have been well chosen for impact. Overall it’s fantastic!
  34. 34. Membership / stakeholder engagement Sponsored by Stakeholder Engagement Campaign • One Highly Commended • Winner
  35. 35. Highly Commended Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors Home Survey Campaign A very good stakeholder engagement campaign focusing on the needs of the members’ client base. A very well thought through campaign with clear objectives and very good results. The use of all communication channels on a tight budget to promote the campaign was very evident and member feedback showed appreciation for the efforts. The campaign will now be expanded from its original format to become a key element of their annual strategy going forward.
  36. 36. Credit Services Association Preventing potentially damaging European Commission legislation Winner Overall this campaign provided for an excellent example of how to run a stakeholder engagement campaign. The purpose of the campaign was to prevent specific government proposals becoming law. It was a true multi-channel campaign involving lobbying, marketing, public relations, digital channels, presentation to MPs and strong media engagement with national press. Using a case study approach, the campaign results clearly showed the campaign had a profound effect on what the final regulation will look like; the regulation will now be far less a threat than it would have been if it had gone ahead as originally planned. In summary a campaign which made a profound difference to the general public.
  37. 37. Membership / stakeholder engagement Brand development • One Highly Commended • Winner
  38. 38. Highly Commended Certsure NICEIC & ELECSA Live South Entered by Redactive Redactive Media Group’s objective for delivery of Certsure’s 2014 conference was to unite the two previously competing bodies: NICEIC and ELECSA. The ‘experiential’ approach they employed to demonstrate customer care was both innovative and novel to the sector, including a mix of pre-filmed footage and live presentations, personalised welcome packs, bespoke animations and interactive voting. The judges felt the success achieved by the event would have significant positive impact on the development of the brand.
  39. 39. Toybox ‘Changing the world for street children’ Winner Toybox wants to see a world with no street children. In 2013 the charity recognised that their brand and materials were out of sync with their ambition and, to increase recognition and engagement with funders and other stakeholders, it was time for a change of direction. The judges felt that Toybox had made a significant step in developing the brand to help refocus the charity’s strategy. The new brand clearly communicates the charity’s more focused and ambitious activities, and is well executed in the strapline - “Changing the world for street children” - as part of the overall new, fresh identity. Toybox reported that institutional giving has increased by 100% in the first year.
  40. 40. Membership / stakeholder engagement Most Innovative use of data • One Highly Commended • Winner
  41. 41. Highly Commended The Recruitment & Employment Confederation Current Value + Potential Value = Cost of Service REC applied this formula to create 4 groups to successfully improve targeting and increase renewals.
  42. 42. The Royal Society of Medicine - Overseas Fellows recruitment Winner With a central objective of increasing the number of overseas Fellows the RSM developed a methodical approach to analysing and researching data across 37 countries and 53 medical categories. Recruitment emails then used dynamic content based on this data analyses. ROI was impressive based on applications from 10 different countries across 23 medical specialities.
  43. 43. Membership / stakeholder engagement Member recruitment campaign • One Highly Commended • Winner
  44. 44. Highly Commended Institute of Biomedical Science The judges were impressed by the highly targeted cost effective approach which saw the IBMS exceed its target in several areas with the overall target exceeded by 120%
  45. 45. Royal Pharmaceutical Society Pre-registration trainees Winner The objective of improving recruitment of pre- registration trainees exceeded target by 6% and was up 12% on 2013. The planning process with research leading to improved benefits and communication impressed the judges. The materials produced, use of advocates and social media all led to a successful outcome
  46. 46. Membership / stakeholder engagement Member Engagement based on the Ashridge Communications member engagement model • One Commended • One Highly Commended • Winner
  47. 47. Commended The Royal Pharmaceutical Society were commended for the depth and variety of responses provided in the survey that demonstrated a breadth of member engagement strategies and plans.
  48. 48. Highly Commended The British Veterinary Association were highly commended for provision of 27 of the 28 measures used in the scoring model, and achievement of a good Member Engagement Score.
  49. 49. Winner The British Dietetic Association were able to provide 26 of the 28 measures in the Member Engagement scoring model, demonstrating a commitment to measuring and monitoring the results of their member engagement activities The BDA also described a range of activities for improving member engagement - for all members and targeted to specific member types - with clear objectives.
  50. 50. Product / service development New product development – member benefit • One Highly Commended • Winner Sponsored by
  51. 51. Highly Commended The Royal Society of Medicine online hotel booking system The judges felt this was a well presented entry with easy to understand objectives The site is clean and professional and as you would expect from a professional hotel service (the core objective) Strong stats on improvement were provided highlighting improved occupancy levels. Overall a good entry – a good service and looks like a very well-liked and needed and smooth member benefit
  52. 52. Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors RICS Small Business Hub Winner The entry gives VERY clear objectives and shows the research RICS went through at the start and again after UAT (User acceptance testing) and the resulting actions. We were particularly impressed that the team removed some new content post UAT so were not afraid to take the difficult decisions. The site is very clean, easy to navigate and the stats are amazing in terms of downloads, views and clicks – overall I would call this a hugely successful campaign, a TRUE new product development delivering straight to their membership and recognising the micro- business which is so often hard to service.
  53. 53. Product / service development New product development – learning resource • One Highly Commended • Winner Sponsored by
  54. 54. Highly Commended Royal Society of Chemistry Chemists of the future The judges wanted to commend the work of the Royal Society of Chemistry in the further development of an existing learning resource. They identified the challenge to improve access to their ChemNet network and online community by developing a dedicated website. The judges felt that it was a great learning resource for 14-18 year olds with an interest in Chemistry, it was inclusive, live, dynamic and engaging
  55. 55. Recruitment & Employment Confederation REC Apprenticeships Winner This development was driven by a shortage of candidates coming into the recruitment sector. REC clearly articulated how they identified a gap in the professional development of people working in recruitment, the career path and the skills and ability required. As a result they took a pragmatic approach to developing a pathway into the profession that would plug this gap. They clearly demonstrated the need, the approach and the desired outcome and the associated risks. The judges were impressed with the approach taken and the honesty in recognising the challenge of credibility in their sector.
  56. 56. International Development • Outright Winner
  57. 57. Royal Society of Chemistry Winner The RSC success in taking degree accreditation worldwide impressed the judges. Since 2010 they have accredited 16 degree programmes and supported this with ChemCareers where students can attend an event which amongst other things helps enhance their employability. Good supporting evidence of the value of these initiatives was also provided.
  58. 58. Membership Marketing and Engagement Team of the Year sponsored by • One Highly Commended • Winner
  59. 59. Highly Commended Team members Some here today- Ken Savage-Brookes Andrew Horsfall Rachel Taylor Phillip Casson Hannah Bland David Itzcovitz Enrico Buratto David Grant The Royal Society of Medicine showed strong team resilience by overcoming challenges to deliver their excellent results
  60. 60. Winner Many team members Some here today- Yasser Hussain Gemma Knights Verity Brown Juliet Adkins Asha Isram The Royal College of Nursing showed great results but also explained how they had achieved that through excellent team work with a central theme of listening and empowering staff to get consensus and then engaging a wider stakeholder network to deliver the results
  61. 61. Marketing Grand Prix - overall professional membership marketing award 2015 • Outright Winner
  62. 62. Winner Winners this year of 3 awards, highly commended on 2 and runner up in the team award the selection of the RSM as the Grand Prix Winners was an easy task for the judges!
  63. 63. Your views – complete the exit survey Looking forward to 2016 for this awards presentation and for photographs on our Facebook page #memcom2015