Punto 15 sena 2


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Punto 15 sena 2

  1. 1. Punto 15 sena 2 Kaspersky Lab is a company specializing in computer security, providing firewall, anti- spam and antivirus particular. It produces a wide range of software products for data security and provides solutions to protect computers and networks against all types of malicious program. Kaspersky Lab provides users with product updates, databases, antivirus and antispam. You may also download for free any number of tools for virus removal and trial versions for 30 days of its products. Nero Burning ROM is a popular program to produce CD and DVD, which runs on Microsoft Windows and Linux. The company is responsible for developing Nero AG Since version 6, is accompanied by many other sub-applications such as Nero Wave Editor (for editing audio files), Nero ImageDrive (for mounting virtual CDs), Nero
  2. 2. BackItUp (for backup of system files or disks integers) and Nero Recode (for backup of unencrypted DVDs and convert MPEG-4). Since version 7, Nero Vision is included in the premium package. Is a version of Microsoft Windows line of operating systems developed by Microsoft. Released on October 25, 2001, is currently the x86 operating system used on the planet Graphical environment Sequences faster boot and hibernation. Operating system's ability to disconnect an external device, install new applications and drivers without rebooting. A new more user-friendly interface, including tools for the development of themes. Using multiple accounts, which allows a user to save the current state and open applications on your desktop and allow another user to open a session without losing that information. ClearType is designed to improve readability of text on liquid crystal displays (LCD) monitors and the like. Remote Desktop, which allows users to log on to a computer running Windows XP over a network or Internet, accessing your applications, files, printers, and devices; Support for most DSL modems and wireless connections, as well as FireWire networking.
  3. 3. Microsoft Office is an office suite that covers and interrelated desktop applications, servers and services for Microsoft operating systems Windows and Mac OS X. Microsoft Office was released by Microsoft in 1989 for Apple Macintosh. The game comes with Word Mobile, Excel Mobile, PowerPoint Mobile, OneNote Mobile and Outlook Mobile. It aims to be compatible with desktop versions. Is a program for creating 3D graphics and animation developed by Autodesk. 3ds Max is one of the 3D animation software used. Has a sound editing capabilities, a ubiquitous plugin architecture and a long tradition in Microsoft Windows platforms. 3ds Max is used more by game developers, but also in developing animation projects like movies or TV commercials, special effects and architecture.
  4. 4. Is software for word processing. It was created by Microsoft, and currently is built into the Microsoft Office office suite. At its inception, MS Word took over 5 years to achieve success in a market that was commonly used MS-DOS, and when other programs such as Corel WordPerfect, were much more used and popular.