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Grey water treatment is removal of unwanted suspended material from the greywater collected and disinfecting the same to make it useful for toilet flushing or irrigation or discharging to sewer lines according to the local laws applicable.

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  1. 1. Greywater Recycling & Reuse PRESENTATION ON
  2. 2. What is Greywater?  Greywater or sullage is defined as wastewater generated from wash hand basins, showers and baths, (but not from a kitchen sink or toilet) which can be recycled on-site for uses such as Water Closet (WC) flushing, landscape irrigation and constructed wetlands. What is Blackwater? P.I.: For the process of simplification, ‘Greywater’ is abbreviated as ‘GW’ as needed  Greywater is distinguished from ‘Blackwater’ which is wastewater from WC flushing, kitchen sinks. Blackwater should not be reused in the home because of high risk of contamination by bacteria, viruses and pathogens.
  3. 3. What is GW treatment?  GW treatment is removal of unwanted suspended material from the greywater collected and disinfecting the same to make it useful for toilet flushing or irrigation or discharging to sewer lines according to the local laws applicable.
  4. 4. Why reuse GW?  GW Recycling can save upto 35-40% of water consumption within a residential building by reusing shower & basin water for the use of toilet flushing, irrigation, car washing, cleaning, etc.  Conventional plumbing systems dispose of greywater via septic tanks or sewers. The many drawbacks of this practice include overloading treatment systems, contaminating natural waters with poorly treated effluent and high ecological/economic cost  Instead, you can reuse this water. The most common reuse of greywater is for irrigation.  Even a greywater disposal system has less negative impact than septic/sewer disposal
  5. 5. 8 Advantages of GW Recycling & Reuse 1) Save water (30-35% reduction in consumption) and money 2) Reduce the demand on your reservoir/toilet distribution pumps 3) Increase the lifespan of your septic system 4) Less strain on public sewage treatment system 5) Reduction in energy use by the municipality 6) Increase points to reach LEED certification goals 7) Groundwater recharge 8) Reclamation of otherwise wasted nutrients
  6. 6. Reuse applications of treated GW  Watering Gardens  Fire hydrants  Field Irrigation  Toilet flushing  Cooling tower make-up
  7. 7. Case Study  REVOSIS GW System proposed for a building with an occupancy of 225 Apartments, to treat approximately 49,500 Gallons / day [180 m3/d] of greywater . REVOSIS GW System captures greywater discharged from the building’s showers, bathtubs, hand basins (All wastewater apart from toilet & kitchen). Assumptions (Average):  Residents per apartment: 3
  8. 8. Daily water usage
  9. 9. Water consumption chart
  10. 10. Feed Volume to GW system Parameters Value Unit Total volume of wastewater generated from 1 apartment 240 Gal / day Volume of Toilet Flushing 28 Gal / day Volume of Greywater (actuals) 240 – 28 = 212 Gal / day Volume of Greywater (rounded off) 220 Gal / day No. of apartments in the building 225 Nos. Total volume of Greywater for 1 building 220 x 225 = 49,500 Gal / day 49,500 x 30 = 1,485,000 Gal / month Total capacity of GW Recycling System = 49,500 Gal / day = 180 m3 / day
  11. 11. Process Flow Diagram
  12. 12. Greywater Analysis (Typical) Parameter Units Minimum Maximum Typical pH - 7.2 9 7.5 Alkalinity (as CaCO3) mg/l 75 200 100 Total Suspended Solids mg/l 20 45 30 Conductivity uS/cm 1,000 1,600 1300 TDS (measured) mg/l 500 1,000 800 BOD5 mg/l 20 45 30 COD mg/l 60 400 200 Oil & Grease mg/l 10 20 15 Calcium mg/l 50 80 65 Magnesium mg/l 10 35 20 Sodium mg/l 150 760 390 Chloride mg/l 200 1,050 520 Fluoride mg/l 0.8 5 2 Potassium mg/l 30 60 50 Sulfate mg/l 10 70 50 Silica mg/l 60 75 70 Total Silica mg/l 75 100 85 Temperature deg C 20 30 25 System recovery, process scheme & design may change as per the detailed and actual water analysis parameters from the site
  13. 13. Savings Projection Description Value Units Freshwater required for GW usage (before recycling) 1,485,000 Gal / month Cost of water* 77,125 AED / month Freshwater required for GW usage (after recycling) 965,340 Gal / month Cost of water* 50,095 AED / month Savings 27,030 AED / month 324,360 AED / year * Cost of water is based on the current water tariff by DEWA (
  14. 14. Payback period Description Values Units RO System XXXXXX AED Ancillaries (Tanks, Piping, Commissioning, Civil) XXXXXX AED Total Investment 496,800 AED Savings (from previous slide) 324,360 AED Payback period 1.5 Years
  15. 15. Case Study Report  REVOSIS GW System recycles and saves 17,325 Gallons of drinking water a day, over 6 million gallons per year  The recycled and treated water from the REVOSIS GW System is fed in to the main water supply line to the toilet flushing lines, to supplement the municipality feed line. Hence, reducing fresh water consumption considerably.  GW is recycled and treated to the highest recycled water standards approved by local Health authorities  Recycled water is distributed around the building for non-drinking purposes apart from toilet flushing. For eg, district cooling, irrigation, etc.  REVOSIS turn-key approach includes design, project management, installation, commissioning, operations & service contracts.
  16. 16. Our Technology  The core technology at REVOSIS is a compact Reverse Osmosis based Recycling Plant with specially coated Poly amide membranes which are low fouling. After effective pre-treatment by oil skimmers, sand filters and cartridge filters the influent is introduced to the heart of the system which are the RO membranes. The specialised RO membranes which are capable of handling high influent characteristics segregates the purified water from the concentrated reject. The purified effluent then passes through the Ultraviolet undergoing disinfection and Chlorine to achieve a chlorine residual. This multi-barrier treatment approach is what ensures the treatment plant to confidently handle variable wastewater qualities that are typical of decentralized greywater schemes.
  17. 17. REVOSIS GW Recycling System – Key Benefits  Fast and consistent reduction of suspended solids  Occupies less space  Viable warranty conditions  Low maintenance & simple operation  Low energy consumption  Minimal use of chemicals  Delivered as a skid mounted package plant  Systems can be increased in capacity (in future) as a duplex plant  Low cost compared to conventional grey water systems
  18. 18. Your Queries… Please feel free to contact us for any clarifications on the below contacts at all times. REVOSIS Water Technology Solutions LLC, P.O. Box 125082, Dubai, UAE. T: +971 4 2520 617 | F: +971 4 2576 833 | M: +971 55 2308 194 E: | W: Thank you!