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NZ Compared to Japan


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Comparison of Japan and New Zealand created by a New Zealand student in my classroom.

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NZ Compared to Japan

  1. 1. Japan & NewZealand
  2. 2. The Japanese Crane.Red Crowned Cranes are the second rarest crane in theworld. They live in the snow and eat the fish they can find.Crane are mainly white and have bits of black on theirneck and wings, sometimes some red on their head if theyare red crowned cranes.
  3. 3. The New Zealand Kiwi.The Kiwi cannot fly, and livesin burrows on the ground.Itsdiet is mainlyworms, spiders, bugs, grubsand fruit.
  4. 4. The Japanese flag.The Japanese flag is very different to theNew Zealand flag. The red circle in themiddle represents the sun.
  5. 5. New Zealand flag.On the New Zealand flag there stars many peoplewonder what they represent. They represent thesouthern cross.
  6. 6. JapanThere are four main islands:Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu. There arealso nearly 4,000 smaller islands! Japans nearestmainland neighbours are the Siberian region ofRussia in the north and Korea and China south. Thecapital of Japan is Tokyo as most people know.
  7. 7. New ZealandNew Zealand has won the rugby world cuptwice, once in 1987 and then again in 2011. There arefour islands in New Zealand but we have two mainislands the north and south. The capital of NewZealand is Wellington.
  8. 8. Japanese. Sayonara- Good bye
  9. 9. English. Hello, How are you?