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LinkedIn: Top 5 Tips


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5 tips from Meltwater Group on how to build a strong LinkedIn profile for job search and networking.

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LinkedIn: Top 5 Tips

  1. 1. LinkedIn:Top 5 TipsNovember 2011
  2. 2. 5 Reason to Join LinkedIn • Before we start with our 5 tips for making your LinkedIn profile the best it can be, Meltwater wanted to remind you the top 5 reasons to get an account with LinkedIn in the first place: 1. Reconnect with old coworkers 2. Introductions to new contacts 3. Recruiters can find you, possible new opportunity 4. Strengthening professional relationships 5. Network, network, network1
  3. 3. Headline • Do write a descriptive, professional headline. • Do be descriptive with your job role, include title and company, but don’t make those the only things. • Do make sure to focus on what you can bring to the table. While a college degree is often necessary for certain jobs, it is not a skill or a defining characteristic that will put you ahead of the competition.2
  4. 4. Photo • Do make sure you have a photo. • It’s a rookie mistake on the professional social-networking site, but it’s one you absolutely should not make. Why? • It allows recruiters to put a name to a face. • Friends, coworkers and others with whom you network to confirm your identity. • Do use a professional (or at least a professional-looking) photo. • Use a headshot of you and only you.3
  5. 5. URL • Make it a vanity URL with your name or whatever you commonly identify as on the Internet (for example, your Twitter handle). • You may just want to go by first name/last name, or perhaps include an initial if yours is a common name. • Or, if you’re Pete Cashmore, just go by your famous tech blog.4
  6. 6. SEO• Search-Engine Optimization: • First, write a spell- checked, copy edited, cohesive and professional summary. • Then, go back and make sure you’ve included frequently-searched keywords, that way there’s no trouble finding you.5
  7. 7. Update • Make sure you frequent your LinkedIn! • Update your title and headline when necessary. • Link a Twitter account (only if appropriate). • Complete your profile (upload a resume, ask for a recommendation) • Add sharpened skills and connect with coworkers, old and new. • See who has been looking at your profile. You never know when a recruiter might be looking to get in touch!6
  8. 8. Helpful Links • LinkedIn • New User Start-Guide • VIDEO: What’s LinkedIn • Meltwater Group’s LinkedIn Page7