Why Social Media Matters - HiMSS Case Study


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How does a Health Care Industry Association leverage social media? See how the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society has approached social media--and what results they are seeing from their efforts.

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  • One of Auto Trader’s top priorities is to put the customer at the heart of everything we do therefore see it as strategically vital that we grow and nurture our Social Media following: Auto Trader’s Objectives: - Establish an engaged community of motorists - responsive to our direct marketing efforts and who we can survey for brand insights and product development (57% of FB fans are monthly active users) - strengthen ‘ownership phase’ of our brand offering – maintain consideration and stay ‘top of mind’ between buy and sell points - Increase brand affinity and create advocates – leverage the power of social proof in recommendations of our services (Social Network Traffic is the most convertible source of traffic for POLA which drove 47% conversion vs typical conversion rate around 42%)) - Support wider CRM strategy – another channel to contact us to resolve and report issues. - Draw in, own and diffuse crisis issues – owned channels eventually become a beacon for any crisis comms issues where we can try to steer perception, conversation, and action in our favour. Until then monitor wider web for discussion, report back and respond as appropriate - Drive valuable actions on site - boost unique users and visits – driving real traffic and even sales to our site (Golden Keys: Generated 30k in sales (core and ancillary products) 1.5 million searches & 500,000 classified ad views – even without a campaign SM drove 230k referrals in Feb from FB and TWT only 3k from page)
  • Why Social Media Matters - HiMSS Case Study

    1. 1. Why Social Media Matters …from a Client Perspective Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society Jason Arican Managing Director Social Media World Meltwater Buzz, Client Relations Forum November 1, 2011 @MeltwaterBuzz /MeltwaterBuzz0 buzz.meltwater.com mbuzz@meltwater.com
    2. 2. @himss • Not-for-profit org committed to improving healthcare through IT and management solutions • 38,000 members including doctors, nurses, and hospital executives • Promotes discussion of key issues through research, events, and content expertise @MeltwaterBuzz /MeltwaterBuzz1 buzz.meltwater.com mbuzz@meltwater.com
    3. 3. Three Platform Approach HIMSS is mainly active on three platforms, each with a distinct purpose… not unlike how we use them as individuals @MeltwaterBuzz /MeltwaterBuzz2 buzz.meltwater.com mbuzz@meltwater.com
    4. 4. Social Media Objectives Play a support function to organizational objectives: Encourage progressive and open dialogue Position HIMSS as a thought leader Promote and support events @MeltwaterBuzz /MeltwaterBuzz3 buzz.meltwater.com mbuzz@meltwater.com
    5. 5. Encouraging Discussion • Targeting of key influencers • Discovery through keyword/hashtag searches • Defining an influencer as someone heavily engaged in discussion • Sharing content developed internally • Sharing content found through external sources @MeltwaterBuzz /MeltwaterBuzz4 buzz.meltwater.com mbuzz@meltwater.com
    6. 6. Positioning HIMSS as a Thought Leader • Tracking healthcare-related keywords • Joining conversations where appropriate • …more on this later @MeltwaterBuzz /MeltwaterBuzz5 buzz.meltwater.com mbuzz@meltwater.com
    7. 7. Event Promotion and Support Facilitating Spreading conversation the word on event topics Answering questions on logistics, issues A combination of marketing and customer service @MeltwaterBuzz /MeltwaterBuzz6 buzz.meltwater.com mbuzz@meltwater.com
    8. 8. Goals and Reporting While some metrics are being tracked, HiMSS is still developing their core KPIs We’re working to help HiMSS formalize their strategy @MeltwaterBuzz /MeltwaterBuzz7 buzz.meltwater.com mbuzz@meltwater.com
    9. 9. Next Step- Empowerment “We want to engage HIMSS content experts in the social media strategy next, as we are the experts in effective use of social media...” @MeltwaterBuzz /MeltwaterBuzz8 buzz.meltwater.com mbuzz@meltwater.com
    10. 10. Empowerment 1. Guidelines and best practices 2. Training on tracking and Experts engagement tools 3. Reporting protocols Members SM Team Execs PR and Comms @MeltwaterBuzz /MeltwaterBuzz9 buzz.meltwater.com mbuzz@meltwater.com
    11. 11. In Summary… • Your social media objectives are not too different from your business objectives • Genuine, honest engagement > promotion • With the proper rollout, SM can be most effectively utilized across the organization @MeltwaterBuzz /MeltwaterBuzz10 buzz.meltwater.com mbuzz@meltwater.com