Social traffic cluster bomb


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Social traffic cluster bomb

  1. 1. The Social Media Clusterbomb By John Breese Page 1
  2. 2. Sites you’ll need for your Social Media wheel:Facebook.comCraigslist.orgYoutube.comTwitter.comWordPress.comReddit.comwww.fiverr.comI will create 20 quality Facebook pagesI will create 60 reddit accountsI will vote on 25 reddit Page 2
  3. 3. What’s great about sites like Fiverr is that now hired help is finally accessible for almost allincomes – in other words, you couldn’t ask for a better time to be an entrepreneur.But to get started on this traffic funnel, you don’t need to go to Fiverr just yet. It’ll be a wisemove to start hiring people down the line to expand the funnel you’re about to learn to set up, butuntil the time you invest in setting this up starts to give back financially, you can always reservea pocket of time each to fire out word of your existence.Everyone has a very different way of managing their social media marketing campaigns but justas you don’t direct PPC traffic directly to a sales page anymore and hope for the sale, you shouldinstead be concentrating on building a stream that you direct your prospects through.What you’re doing here is setting up traffic conductors and instead of always trying to sendvisitors directly to your website, there are better ways to go about things.This information might appear somewhat jumbled at first, because there’s a series of levers andpulleys to put into place, but trust me, you will start putting this action into motion very quicklyand then, over time, as your cash flow improves, you can outsource most of it.So let’s get Page 3
  4. 4. Step One – Finding The HeatGive me media would be nothing without news or random content. Everyone wantsto be ahead of the crowd and is competing to grab hold of their ticket to scoring the most point insocial media circles.So we have to use the tools we have at our disposal to saddle on onto the hottest news or contentthat’s trending right now.First stop Twitter:Twitter, as I’m sure I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know, moves at the speed oflight. The trending topics should be considered springboards more than anything else and youshouldn’t go betting the farm on the topics.Don’t forget that as much as 60% or more of the traffic that is making a topic go trendy areTweeters who are perpetuating a trend only to get more Page 4
  5. 5. Second Stop: details in the picture are admittedly tiny here, but you can get a closer look in the videocomponent.When you go to Google News, you have to click on Top Stories. Once you’re there, the name ofthe game if to find topics as close in relevance to the trending topics as possible and use them toyour advantage. The second rule is to find news items that are as fresh as Page 5
  6. 6. Next step is to visit YoutubeThe goal here is to try and find the most relevant content that was posted earliest.In this case you have a great example in the first find, which went up in nine minutes.Now you have two things to do.The first is to copy the embed code of this video and post it to your blog.The second is to get your own web cam ready and create your own reaction video to whateveryou pointed to in Reddit.Don’t forget that titles in Youtube count for a lot in terms of SEO so be sure research the topsearch terms in your niche.For example, if you posted a video featuring coverage of celebrity infidelity, title your video “Is she cheating – what you can learn from Brad and Angelina Affair”As you can see, this title is keyword rich, but reader-friendly (it doesn’t read like marketingschlock) and has a very good chance of rising on all fronts.Next step is tags. You need to fill up the tags section with every possible relevant keyword Page 6
  7. 7. Step Four: Blog UpNow you are not going to be sending people to your own site – that method just no longer works.Don’t you miss the early 2000’s? This is the part where you set up fake blogs. Your aim is to setup “blogs” with generic themes, meaning that whatever you set up appears multi-subject. (we’llcome to the reason for that later.)News and general interest blogs are still in vogue and if you can’t afford to buy standalonedomains for these sites, you can get away with hosted domains (ex:, butI’ll tell you right now that you will get less effect from this exercise than if you get even theabsolute cheapest domains (.info or .org).Now after you choose to set up either a standalone or hosted blog, you want to go to EzineArticles and add three or four articles to your fake blog just to add a bit of weight to it – make itlook like it’s active.In the actual post you’re writing to promote the link you’re going for, You want to enter textsomething along the lines of:“Props go out to my boy, Obi Shwong Nairobi for posting this on the CSD Facebook page.Looks like things could be definitely get more charitable with Chucky Sheen. Stop hatin’ onthe poor man – he still has more going on for himself than the mass majority of haters outthere.”As you can see Obi Shwong Nairobi and CSD Facebook are hyperlinked. This fake blog link isyour first step in the linking cycle, this small intro paragraph gives you the chance to legitimatelylink to both your main website and your Facebook Page 7
  8. 8. BUT BEFORE YOU HIT SAVE...YOU HAVE TWO BIG MOVES TO MAKE...FacebookAlright, so now you have two great link channels set up, and now you have to drive to trafficback to one of your sources. The beauty of Facebook is that you have multiple options.A Promise Is A PromiseDon’t forget that in your blog posts, you mentioned that you got the videos from (for example) ablogger’s Facebook page. So therefore you need to come up with some fulfillment. What youcan do is add links to the commentary videos you were told to create in the Youtube section onthis Facebook page.Should look like this:So far, the score is this: You’ve selected a soon-to-be popular video, used it on a proxy blog onwhich you’ve included a link to your main site and your Facebook page. In turn, you’ve postedlinks to your Youtube videos, which contain links to your post on Reddit which closes the loop. Facebook serves another purpose...Now that you’ve brought them to your Facebook page, this is where you need to be sure to havetwo things: links to your main website pages as well as links to relevant, but unrelated pages (thiscould include aff links).The point is to have a nice long list of plenty of links related to your niche on the Facebook pagethat are all relevant, but equally balanced between your site links and outside Page 8
  9. 9. Bringing in the TroopsThis is where it becomes even more fun. You’ve created a nice, dynamic loop that will serve thepurpose of promoting your own webstie, your Youtube channel and your Facebook page, whilealso sending people back to the Reddit page of origin, in the event that they didn’t start the loopat it’s point of origin.Your next step is Craigslist.Now that you’ve posted to both Reddit and Youtube – those are the links you should be postingto Criagslist.Why?Because linking to straight sites is over. Overzealous flaggers will flag anything that remotelyappears like self-promotion, no matter how relevant the post may be to the debate.However, when you submit Youtube and Reddit links to a convo, it lends a great deal morecredence and you will last a lot longer before the threat of flagging sets in.How it works is this. After years of Craigslist marketing, I am reluctant to reveal what cities havethe highest reaction rates to Rant and Raves postings, so for the sake of preserving the qualitypool, I won’t tell you what cities rock most.Sorry.But the point is to start posting in the Rant and Raves section.Two key points: find relevance...if it doesn’t pop-up to you right away when you first arrive onthe page do a ctrl+F search of the page for your keywords.Once you find them, copy the headline of the post you care to respond to and add it to your ownRNR subject line with a RE: before it.In the body of the post be sure to add a minimum of 25 words of text to precede your link, anddon’t forget – you really only should be using Youtube and Reddit links.But it’s all good, because they’re all linked to your funnel.Believe me, if you get the headline and the body text of your Craigslist post right you can expectas much as 500 hits within a couple of hours. Check the Craigslist Insider Advantage for Page 9
  10. 10. And finally, Twitter.I kicked this off with a note that you should continue to expand these efforts through Fiverr, butfor the time being, you can still be easy on your time and still use as many as five or six Twitteraccounts.Personally, I presently have 7 Twitter accounts. The beauty being that no matter how littlefollowers, or how many followers I have, in the end, it’s the content that matters most.With Twitter, you have you have 6 channels of information you can use to cycle the samemessage and eventually lead people to your page. Here it’s a different ballpark because everyoneone Twitter uses shortened URLs.Most popular is Bit.Ly...avoid Google’s link shortener like the plague!However, neither are as accurate as do you use this longer system? Well, you have to create a free Linktrackr account and thiswill help you truly field how many clicks your links get.You get nine cloaked links for free, so pick your links carefully. Not that the paid option’s so badat $9 a month, but this is about keeping costs DOWN.And that, my dear ladies and gents is your Social Media Clusterbomb. While everyone thinksthat you need to direct all links from Social Media to your own site, sometimes it’s aboutcarefully funnelling them through seemingly unrelated sites. Let them feel like they’rediscovering...people love to discover knew things in a world where everyone seems to be on topof everything only seconds after it happens.The bottom line is this: Never let yourself post any links that are not in some way linked to yourown site – even for the sake of being social on social media. Always have it lead to any of yourown lead Page 10