Style seat webinar 11.14.11


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Presentation from the Webinar we gave on November 14th, 2011.

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Style seat webinar 11.14.11

  1. 1. Purpose of the WebinarGrow our relationship with you! (we <3 you)Tell you tips to get the most out of StyleSeatPreview upcoming featuresGet your feedback and answer questions
  2. 2. StyleSeat’s Goal: Empower You Make everyday easier Improve your relationships Help you grow your business Give you most features for free
  3. 3. How we Empower YouWeb site + Online BookingManage your day-to-dayEverything in your phoneBuild your online word of mouth (Facebook, Twitter, etc)Bring you clients
  4. 4. Founders Melody McCloskey | CEO Started the Digital Distribution department at Current TV, ran video analytics Dan Levine | CTO VP of Product Development at EMI Music Director of Engineering at Current TV
  5. 5. Press •  StyleSeat is an OpenTable for Hair Salons and Spas By TechCrunch, Startup Battlefield Presenter •  Cover of The 20 Hot Silicon Valley Startups You Need to Watch by Silicon Alley Insider (republished on several other sites) •  StyleSeat is Yet More Proof There’s A Market for the ‘OpenTable for X’ TechCrunch •  StyleSeat: A Social Network for the Beauty and Wellness Industries, 7x7 blog •  “Take a Seat”, Salon Today Magazine July/August 2011 issue •  Finding a Hairstylist Just Got Easier, bellasugar •  StyleSeat: Book Hair Appointments on the Go, Birchbox blog •  Interview with StyleSeat: The OpenTable for stylists, salons and spas, The Next Web •  Discover the power of a salon software program and the simplicity of a social networking site in one easy to use location, The Hair Stylist blog •  “What’s the fuss about StyleSeat?”,, August, 2011 •  “Booking Buddy”, SHAPE Magazine October 2011 Issue •  “What’s the secret to better brainstorming?”, Entrepreneur Magazine October 2011 Issue •  “Trim Down Your Spa and Salon Search”, Cosmopolitan Magazine, November 2011
  6. 6. Top 5 StyleSeat Tips 1) Get your profile looking FANTASTIC -Lots of high quality photos -Fierce profile photo -Great description of you and your experience -Easy-to-read services list -As StyleSeat grows, we’ll get more traffic from potential clients, so get your profiles awesome now to get the most out of it!
  7. 7. Top 5 StyleSeat Tips 2) Import Your Clients and/or Schedule -We can import your client info from any system -We can import your schedule from: -Schedulicity -Appointments Plus -Goolge -Yahoo!
  8. 8. Top 5 StyleSeat Tips 3) Get your clients to click the Facebook Like button -Tell them in the chair! -Email them (export their emails from StyleSeat and paste them into your email program) -Post a message on Facebook, your blog or Twitter with a link to your StyleSeat profile
  9. 9. Top 5 StyleSeat Tips 4) Create a deal and share it on Facebook -Your deal can be free and/or something simple -Make your deal timely (holiday-related, seasonal, etc) -It’s another reason to reach out to your clients -Clients love a reason to book with you or promote you
  10. 10. Top 5 StyleSeat Tips 5) Get clients to recommend you -When a client writes you a recommendation, they can share it on Facebook to all of their friends (free marketing!) -The more recommendations you have, the more potential clients will want to book with you -You can share recommendations on Facebook as many times as you like (more free marketing!)
  11. 11. Top 5 StyleSeat Tips BONUS: Use StyleSeat to manage your appointments! -StyleSeat sends automatic confirmations, reminders and thank you’s to all of your clients -StyleSeat also sends them a follow-up that asks them to write you a recommendation -You can manage your schedule and client info from your phone. You can also give access to a receptionist if you have one. -It’s FREE!
  12. 12. Upcoming Features Android Mobile App Email Marketing Tools -email different types of clients (ex. Clients who haven’t been back in 2 months
  13. 13. Q and AErica Gibson: I’d like for everyone at my salon to useStyleSeat, how can we do that?Kurtis Childress: Is there an app for Blackberry users?Miss Kimmora: Can I set up and run my account with onlymy phone if I don’t have a computer?
  14. 14. We Love Feedback!Live chat on the StyleSeat site!info@styleseat.comTwitter: @StyleSeatFacebook: http://blog.styleseat.comDailyHair Photo Blog: