StyleSeat for Cosmetology Students


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Are you a beauty school student who wants to know how StyleSeat can help you find a job, build a clientele and grow your business? Check it out!

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StyleSeat for Cosmetology Students

  1. 1. Overview For Beauty School Students
  2. 2. StyleSeat is bringingthe beauty andwellness industryonline.
  3. 3. What is StyleSeat? StyleSeat is place for beauty students like you tomarket yourself, build your online buzz and interact with other students at your school!
  4. 4. Graduating is Just the Start!Once you graduate you’ll need to: -Market yourself professionally -Find a job -Build a clientele
  5. 5. StyleSeat Can Help JWe help you with all of these things and give youFREE tools to help you be successful throughout your career.
  6. 6. And, all of the Features We’reAbout to Show You Are FREE.
  7. 7. So, What Does StyleSeat do for You?
  8. 8. Your Own Website
  9. 9. New Client Traffic Via Your Facebook Like Button
  10. 10. Unlimited Photo Uploads Sharable on Facebook!
  11. 11. Photo HeartsClients can show you love by hearting your photos! The number of photo hearts appear beneath each photo and at the top of your profile. Stylist with the most photo hearts get more promotion.
  12. 12. Create Your Own Customized Web Promotions
  13. 13. We Collect Recommendations From Clients for YouYou and yourclients can sharethem on Facebook!
  14. 14. List Your Services
  15. 15. Access Your Web Site From Your Phone! iPhone and Android Apps! Take photos of your work and upload them to your Web site instantly! See when people heart your photos or leave recommendations
  16. 16. Build Your Online Word-of-Mouth! The best in the business! I received an education from the finest schools in London and New York and am excited to bring my skills and passion to the wonderful people of San Francisco. Clients can share their appointments and recommend you on Facebook and Twitter!
  17. 17. Access Business Tips From Milady
  18. 18. Get Added to Your School’s StyleSeat Page   Let potential clients and employers find you! Check out and interact with other students and alumni!
  19. 19. Get Even More Benefits After You Graduate!  
  20. 20. Get Added to StyleSeat’s Directory
  21. 21. Clients Can Search and Book With You Online!
  22. 22. Offer Online Booking
  23. 23. See Your Business At-a-Glance
  24. 24. Get Stats and Revenue Projections About Your Business
  25. 25. Easier Day-To-Day Automatic Client Track Client History,Confirmations, Reminders and Contact Info and Notes Thank You’s
  26. 26. Interested?
  27. 27. Sign Up!Go to your school’s StyleSeat homepage and click theOr go to
  28. 28. Student Sign UpClick for easier sign up
  29. 29. Student Sign UpEnter your expected graduation date
  30. 30. Student Sign Up Add your profession, check which servicesyou offer and add their pricesOnce you sign up you’ll want to go back and add more services
  31. 31. Editing your profileNow that you’ve created a profile, you can go to “My Profile”to preview your page, and click the “edit profile” tab to addmore detailsClick the linkto see yourschool’spage!
  32. 32. Upload your photos Go to the “Manage Photos” tab in “My Profile” to upload photos. For tips on how to do this, visit: edit-photos
  33. 33. Get your profile to 100%Go to “My Home” to the “My business” tab and click on “Tasksto be Done” to see what steps are left to get your profilelooking amazing!
  34. 34. Questions? Feedback? Love letters?Email us at info@styleseat.comLike us on Facebook at us on Twitter at @StyleSeat
  35. 35. See you soon! J