Why Beauty Schools Need StyleSeat


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Presentation StyleSeat gave in the Milady Innovation Room at AACS 2011!

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Why Beauty Schools Need StyleSeat

  1. 1. AACS 2011
  2. 2. What StyleSeat Does Track your students and placement post graduation Teach your students to market themselves AND your school Provides tools for your students to be successful through their career Lots more!
  3. 3. Investors and Advisory BoardPeople behind the most successful companies in Silicon Valley, including:
  4. 4. Executive Team Melody McCloskey | CEO Started the Digital Distribution department at Current TV Dan Levine | CTO VP of Product Development at EMI Music Director of Engineering at Current TV
  5. 5. Press •  StyleSeat is an OpenTable for Hair Salons and Spas By TechCrunch, Startup Battlefield Presenter •  Cover of The 20 Hot Silicon Valley Startups You Need to Watch by Silicon Alley Insider (republished on several other sites) •  StyleSeat is Yet More Proof There’s A Market for the ‘OpenTable for X’ TechCrunch •  StyleSeat: A Social Network for the Beauty and Wellness Industries, 7x7 blog •  “Take a Seat”, Salon Today Magazine July/August 2011 issue •  Finding a Hairstylist Just Got Easier, bellasugar •  StyleSeat: Book Hair Appointments on the Go, Birchbox blog •  Interview with StyleSeat: The OpenTable for stylists, salons and spas, The Next Web •  Discover the power of a salon software program and the simplicity of a social networking site in one easy to use location, The Hair Stylist blog •  “What’s the fuss about StyleSeat?”, Examiner.com, August, 2011 •  “Booking Buddy”, SHAPE Magazine October 2011 Issue •  “What’s the secret to better brainstorming?”, Entrepreneur Magazine October 2011 Issue •  “Trim Down Your Spa and Salon Search”, Cosmopolitan Magazine, November 2011
  6. 6. StyleSeat is bringingthe beauty andwellness industryonline.
  7. 7. What do we mean by beauty industry?Salons and SpasSalon and spa professionalsBeauty SchoolsCosmetology students
  8. 8. Technology has become a part of our Lives Almost 1 billion 200 million users users Over 40 million people use online 450 million booking sites each smart phone month users
  9. 9. +
  10. 10. What StyleSeat DoesFor your students •  Client relationship building •  Business tools to get ahead •  Education resources fromFor your school: •  Placement tracking, send messages to alumni, show them off on your school web site •  And a whole lot more…
  11. 11. Student Portfolio
  12. 12. Mobile App
  13. 13. School Profiles
  14. 14. Analytics
  15. 15. Alumni Tracking
  16. 16. Alumni Tracking
  17. 17. Your Students Will be A Step Ahead When They Graduate
  18. 18. A Popular Professional Web Site
  19. 19. Online Booking
  20. 20. Business and Marketing Tools
  21. 21. Knowledge About How to Market Themselves
  22. 22. Placement in Our Professional Directory
  23. 23. How Much Does it Cost?
  24. 24. StyleSeat is FREE!
  25. 25. Leave us your Contact Info for more information Email us at info@styleseat.com
  26. 26. Thank You.