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What Foods Make You Smarter? Natural Foods that Work Like Adderall


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One of the easiest things we can do to improve our brain function is change our diet. Eating the right foods can actually be the most healthy and effective natural Adderall alternatives to enhance our cognition.

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What Foods Make You Smarter? Natural Foods that Work Like Adderall

  1. 1. Foods That Make You Smarter
  2. 2. Have you ever wondered what natural foods work like Adderall? Changing what we eat can be some of the most healthy and natural alternatives to Adderall we can fnd.
  3. 3. Do Carbs Help Our Brain? Glucose (a carb) is the main fuel source for our brain. Carbs also help transport nutrients into our brain to produce neurotransmitters that are necessary for cognitive function.
  4. 4. High-Glycemic Carbs ● Fast acting. ● Causes spikes in insulin level which leads to fuctuating energy levels. ● Fruits, candy, processed foods. The type of carbohydrates we eat can have a positive or negative effect on our blood sugar levels which dictates how effciently our brain works. Low-Glycemic Carbs ● Slow acting. ● High in fber which keeps our blood sugar levels stable ● Slower digestion. ● Brown rice, oatmeal, green veggies, nuts.
  5. 5. We're a Bunch of Fatheads! Fats make up 60% of the solid matter that makes up our brain's total mass.
  6. 6. Saturated Fats ● Some saturated fats are good and some are bad. ● Contained in both plant and animal sources. ● Sources that negatively affect our brain include animal products, cheese, palm oil and cottonseed oil. ● Coconut oil positively affects our brain function in just a single dose. ● Better to get saturated fats from plant sources rather than animal sources.
  7. 7. Essential Fats OMEGA-6s – Less important for boosting intelligence but a proper ratio of omega-6s and omega-3s is needed to have increased brain function. – Most omega-6s in the Western diet come from processed foods and oils. OMEGA-3s – Omega-3s from ocean sources like fsh, shellfsh, and fsh oil are benefcial for cognitive function. – Other sources of omega-3s include macadamias, walnuts, and pecans.
  8. 8. Trans Fats Will NOT Make Us Smarter! DHA is directly linked to a person's IQ. ● Trans fats decrease the level of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) which is an omega-3 necessary for brain function. ● Trans fats are found in foods like fried foods, microwave pop corn and commercially baked goods.
  9. 9. Protein isn't Just for Muscles ● Protein is an essential nutrient, without it our brain and body can not function. ● It is made up of aromatic and acidic amino acids which have benefcial effects on our intelligence.
  10. 10. Tyrosine and Phenylalanine ● Both break down into neurotransmitters known as the catecholamines which include dopamine, epinephrine, and norepinephrine. ● These neurotransmitters are related to how smart we are in terms of the grades we receive in school. ● Lack of these amino acids may be a reason why people develop ADHD. ● Tyrosine and phenylalanine are found in chicken, turkey, fsh, peanuts, almonds, eggs, and soy.
  11. 11. Tryptophan ● Without this amino acid our body can not make serotonin. ● Serotonin has many different functions including having an effect on our memory and ability to learn and also has an effect on people with ADHD especially issues with hyperactivity. ● Tryptophan is found in natural foods such as pork, soy, fsh, and turkey.
  12. 12. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate! ● Being dehydrated can negatively affect brain functioning. ● Studies have shown that people who were dehydrated performed less successfully than hydrated people in tests that measured cognition levels.
  13. 13. @thomaslartin Click here to read the full article.