Horror trailer analysis


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Horror trailer analysis

  1. 1. Horror Trailer Analysis
  2. 2. Title Teaser/Trailer Category/Genre Questions Raised Comments Shot listHouse at the end Trailer Horror What is the The use of the Fades to blackof the street woman running rewinding adds to regularly. Loads of(2012) from? Whats in the scariness and close ups are used the bottle? Who is confuses and of scary looking Kerry Anne? Who entices the objects and quick is the man? How audience. Music cuts are used to is he involved with stopping and make audience the evil girl? Are starting adds to shocked and they in a the suspense. jumpy. Use of relationship? Will Quite a cliché rewinding to add he be able to plot. A lot of confusion. control the evil typical horror girl? Why is he so conventions are nervous? Why did used like they move house? screaming, murder, scary house.
  3. 3. Title Teaser/Trailer Category Questions Raised Comments Shot list /GenreThe shining Trailer Horror Where is it set? Narrative of Loads of long Why are they in this man explaining shots zooming massive house? what happened in showing the Can the son really see to last family empty rooms in ghosts? that lived in the house to Who’s Johnny? that house create What happens to the makes the suspense and dad? audience aware make the Is he good or bad? that bad things audience Who are the little happen in that scared of the girls? house. Music house. Lots of Are the girls ghosts? stopping and tracking shots starting creates following the suspense. Kid little boy screaming is around on his quite tricycle. Quick conventional in cuts of family a horror trailer members running around. Quick screaming shots fade to white to scare audience.
  4. 4. Title Teaser/Trailer Category/Genr Questions Comments Shot list e RaisedThe Woman in Trailer Horror/Thriller What is the Scary child’s Close ups of oldBlack (2012) relevance of voice narrating fashioned scary the children? used to toys to add What is in the juxtapose to scariness. house? the usual Contrasting Who is the innocence and shots: young man? pureness of landscape and Who is the children to add close ups. woman in to the Landscape black? scariness. shots are used Why has the Pathetic fallacy. to show the man come to Really gloomy empty scary the house? Are weather. Dull surroundings of the children evil colours used the house. or victims? throughout. There are more When is it set? Old fashion shots of the clothing and objects in the scary dolls. house than the actual house to show there is evil present inside.
  5. 5. Title Teaser/Trailer Category/Genr Questions Comments Shot list e RaisedFinal Trailer Thriller/Horror How did the There is a Lots of longdestination 5 explosion start? dialogue giving shots of the How can he see away the story bridge the future? as this is the breaking. Why were they fifth in the Then there are supposed to series and a lot of mid die? How did people who shots during the bridge watch this taking scenes. smash? trailer know Then there are Is there a what the films loads of quick pattern in their are about cuts to show all deaths? already. The the different Are they all characters are types of deaths. going to shown in a eventually die? situation then What is causing you are shown all this to something that happen? will cause them to get hurt.