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  2. 2. In what ways does your mediaproduct use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
  3. 3. PRICE BARCODE DATE WEBSITE EYE CONTACTCOVER LINES C- SHAPED EYE FLOW My magazine is an alternative music magazine that comes out monthly for £3.50. The magazine focus’ on alternative, indie, folk, rock and underground music.
  4. 4. Conventions that I haveused on the front cover:I wanted to use is theeye contact with themodel; this is because Ithink that it gives adirect feel to the readerand also makes it eyecatching.I also decided to have aslightly busy cover witha lot of cover lines andkickers.Conventions that I challenged:•I used the rule of thirds with my model being on the right hand side on my cover whereasmost covers put their model in the centre.•On my cover photograph the model is lying down I did this to give the magazine an edgyarty looking feel.•I used more than three different fonts and magazines usually stick to three different fonts.•My masthead doesn’t go all the way across the top it like most magazines, it is on the lefthand side with the barcode next to it.
  5. 5. My masthead challenges normalconventions as it is very unconventionalbecause it has a pause sign as the Uand it has a black background. It alsodoesn’t go all the way across the page.It was inspired by Wonderlandmagazine which is a very artyalternative magazine.
  6. 6. Conventions I used in myMy contents page challenges normal conventions contents page were:because: •I put an editors note from•In the image my model is lying down me which most magazines•I only put a couple of editorial pillars that I thought were the have.most important things •I put a subscriptions•I used black boxes behind the text which was inspired by section.Dazed and Confused magazines unconventional TOC
  7. 7. I have kept to some of the conventions used in a music magazine double page spread such as: Slugs pull quotesI challenged normal Double page spread conventions by:•Not have one page specifically for a photo.•Using monochrome colours.•Having a C shaped eye flow going from right to left and then back.•The image is on the right hand side instead of the left which is the conventional way for magazines tohave it.•Using two small images instead of one large image.
  8. 8. I chose to do my advert for Ray-Ban because it appeals to my target audience who are young and into the up to date fashions and Ray-Ban is a very well known fashionable brand.I also made these two advertsinspired by Ray bans never hidecampaign on Photoshop. Idecided to do one in colour aswell as the black and white onebecause they had anothercampaign called Never Hide-Colourise.
  9. 9. How does your media product representparticular social groups?
  11. 11. Demographics My audience demographic would be social groups B and E. My readers would mostly be creative and into fashion and music and a lot of them would be younger therefore unemployed students or casual workers. That is why my magazine is only £3.50
  12. 12. PsychographicsMy readers would mostly be aspirersand explorers because they arefashion conscious, always wanting toknow what the coolest new music isand they want something different andexciting.
  13. 13. What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?
  14. 14. IPC Media Bauer MediaNME – would be a strong competitor Q Magazine is distributed by them –as they are already a very successful however their target audience is different tomagazine and could cause my own as it reaches over 25 year oldscannibalism.They reach more women then men Kerrang has a different type of audience asand my own magazine targets both. well and the main genre of the magazine is rock ◘There is a gap in this market for my own publication as my audience is 16-25 year olds and the genre of pause is alternative.
  15. 15. Bauer Media I chose Bauer Media because even though it already has two musicmagazines, Pause is a completely different genre to those and reaches adifferent audience. I also liked Bauer Media because it uses online media and it publishes globally.
  16. 16. How did you attract/address your audience?
  17. 17. The language:• Colloquial, conversational•Using words such as “Exclusive” and“Must have”• I used a young model so that mytarget audience can relate.•I included cover lines about things likefestivals which people of my audiencesage usually go to.•My audience are very arty creativepeople with their own outgoing stylesso I made my model have pink hair torelate to all the young hipsters andaspirers.•I put the website URL on to keep upwith advancing technology aseveryone using the internet all thetime everyday.
  18. 18. The language used:  Colloquial, authoritative• I used a young model so that mytarget audience can relate.•I made the subscriptions sections offer35% off all concerts and gigs that Pausesponsors, this addresses my audiencebecause they are young and want to goout and have a good time but they areprobably also not very wealthy so thiswould be a good deal for them.•I put the website URL on to keep upwith advancing technology as everyoneusing the internet all the timeeveryday.
  19. 19. The language used: Colloquial, humorous •I addressed my audience by using a young model as my audience can relate. •I put the website URL on to keep up with advancing technology as everyone using the internet all the time everyday. •I put a slug that tells the audience they can receive a free download.
  20. 20. Ray- Ban is a very popular well know brand. It is seen as veryfashionable and my readers are fashion conscious so theseadverts target them. The adverts also have a quite arty fell tothem and my readers would be very creative.
  21. 21. What have you learnt abouttechnologies from the process of constructing this product?
  22. 22. PHOTOSHOP:  I learnt how to edit images to hide blemishes and scarsI also learnt how to change lightingand contrast levels within the picture How to put the grid up to make everything inline.I learnt how to simplify and edit text.I also learnt how to change the colour of things e.g Lunaras hair.
  23. 23. On Photoshop I edited the image and turned Lunara’s hair and eyebrows pink to give her and edgy alternative look. I alsomade the image a bit more contrasted and I added eye shadow to match her hair.
  24. 24.  I used this to upload presentations and publications All I had to do was to paste the URL orembedded link into compose and then giving it a title and publishing it.
  25. 25. •Makes it easier to upload PowerPointpresentations onto the blog because you just need to paste the embedded link and then press upload. •It also gives the presentations a more professional clean feel.
  26. 26. Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you havelearnt in the progression from it to the full product?
  27. 27. I think that the improvements that I have made with my music magazine are:  making the cover lines stand out from the backgroundUsing a more simple photo Barcodes The model has eyecontact with the reader Keeping the layout clear
  28. 28. I think that the improvements that I have made with my music magazine are:Using a more simple photo Having asubscriptions section Having an editors note The model has eyecontact with the reader Keeping the layout clear