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With decades of combined experience, dozens of clients and a litany of projects, BDC Advertising’s design acumen is strong, established and fertile. Differentiating your message from the crowd so it rises above the noise and positions your organization properly and effectively is no easy matter. It’s truly a blend of words and music — in our case, verbiage and design.

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BDC Advertising

  1. 1. Our Clients Get All the AttentiOn. (WhiCh explAins Why yOu’ve prObAbly never heArd Of us.)
  2. 2. it’s All AbOut the WOrk…nOt the AWArds.
  3. 3. yOu mAy never hAve heArd Of us, but yOu’ve seen Our WOrk: Websites, sOCiAl mediA CAmpAiGns, videOs, AdvertisinGAnd emAil mArketinG fOr sOme pretty remArkAble COmpAnies.While it mAy seem hypOCritiC Al On the surfACe, We dOn’t prOmOte Ourselves in nArCissistiC fAshiOn. We’re Amid-siZed AGenCy And We prefer tO stAy thAt WAy. the Only GrOWth We’re interested in is Our Clients – AlWAys hAsbeen , AlWAys Will be, Our missiOn.if yOu’re lOOkinG fOr An AGenCy thAt vAlues AWArds mOre thAn results. We’re nOt thAt COmpAny. We’re fine beinGthe best AGenCy yOu’ve prObAbly never heArd Of beCAuse We’re prOud Of Our WOrk, Our results And the Clients WepArtner With. On the fOllOWinG pAGes, We think yOu’ll find sOme COnvinCinG evidenCe.
  4. 4. We skipped An AdvertisinG AGenCy netWOrkinG breAkfAst beCAuseWilCO hAd Our full AttentiOn When they GAve us the Green liGhttO develOp An entirely neW Online presenCe. the stAkes Were hiGhWith three different business divisiOns, 11 retAil stOres, 5 AGribusi-ness lOCAtiOns, 7 GAs stAtiOns And dOZens Of AssOCiAted serviCes.the result, A site suppOrted by seArCh-friendly triple nAviGAtiOn,reAms Of COntent, smArt desiGn, seArCh enGine OptimiZed AndthOusAnds Of uniQue visitOrs A dAy…in the first Week.
  5. 5. fACebOOk mAnAGement e-blAst CAmpAiGnWebsite develOpment
  6. 6. tO sAy We’re COmmitted tO COntinuinG eduCAtiOn is An under-stAtement. West linn/WilsOnville sChOOl distriCt And pOrtlAndAdventist ACAdemy hAve bOth been Clients fOr yeArs AlOnG WithOt h e r i n s t i t u t i O n s O f h i G h e r e d u C At i O n . i n b Ot h C A s e s W epiOneered publiC-fACinG Websites And AssOCiAted COllAterAl relAtedtO CApitAl imprOvement prOJeCts. shArinG the visiOn, ChAllenGesAnd speCifiC prOJeCts in suCCinCt, eAsily understOOd terms AndreAdily ACCessible venues WAs diffiCult yet fulfillinG…in All CAsesthe result Of these effOrts hAs exCeeded Client expeCtAtiOns.
  7. 7. Website develOpment
  8. 8. We mAde the pOrtAble spA business pretty stressful fOr everyCOmpetitOr Of OreGOn hOtsprinG spAs. fOr neArly A deCAde, Weimmersed Ourselves in the brAndinG And mArketinG Of this hiGhlysuCCessful ChAin Of retAil stOres. AmOnG the 400 hOtsprinGdeAlers nAtiOnWide, OreGOn hOtsprinG spAs WAs COnsistently tOpOf the sAles ChArts. Our “experientiAl” AdvertisinG GOt them thereAnd kept them there. it WAs truly A CAse Of understAndinG theprOduCt benefits At the very deepest levels.
  9. 9. print mAGAZine CAmpAiGn
  10. 10. We’ve helped pull WArn industries Out Of the mud mOre thAnOnCe. mOst reCently it WAs With A full-feAtured dvd fOr their neWprOvAntAGe plOW system.the first Of five On-lOCAtiOn shOOts sentChills dOWn the Client’s spine… it WAs 9º Outside. they WArmed upAs We GOt rOllinG With ChOreOGrAphed ACtiOn shOts like they’dnever seen befOre. the GOAl WAs A 2-minute videO. the end resultWAs neArly 4 minutes As they COuldn’t bAre the thOuGht Of nOtusinG All the best fOOtAGe.
  11. 11. viideO develOpment
  12. 12. We’re nOt the type tO GO shOOtinG Our mOuths Off, but lAser-eQuipped fireArms Are A different stOry. bdC fires Off A neW OnlinemArketinG emAil fOr CrimsOn trACe every Week. if yOu hAven’texperienCed first-hAnd the direCt effeCt emAil mArketinG CAn hAve,We’ll be GlAd tO shOW yOu… in reAl time. When We hit “send”CrimsOn trACe C An literAlly WAtCh the Online sAles surGe. itsf A s C i n At i n G t e C h n O l O G y d r i v i n G s A l e s f O r e v e n m O r efAsCinAtinG teChnOlOGy.
  13. 13. prOduCt develOpment survey CustOm Web AppliCAtiOne blAst CAmpAiGn
  14. 14. yOu CAn’t be distrACted With shAmeless self-prOmOtiOn When ACOmpAny like renAissAnCe mArine GrOup (rmG) WAnts tO lAunChA tOp-tO-bOttOm rebrAndinG Of their bOAt COmpAnies. With sOmeOf the mOst respeCted nAmes in the business At stAke, bdC WOrkedClOsely tO prOduCe strikinG neW Websites, mArketinG COllAterAlAnd AdvertisinG fOr duCkWOrth And WeldCrAft bOAts. the resultshAve been remArkAble --- rmG stAnds AlOne As the leAdinG builderin the CAteGOry Of heAvy GAuGe Welded Aluminum bOAts.
  15. 15. Vivamus auctor leo vel dui. Aliquam erat volutpat. Phasellus nibh. Vestibulum ante ipsum primis in faucibus Vivamus auctor leo vel dui. Aliquam erat volutpat. Phasellus nibh. Vestibulum ante ipsum primis in faucibus orci luctus et ultrices orci luctus et ultrices posuere cubilia Curae; Cras tempor. Morbi egestas, urna non consequat tempus, nunc posuere cubilia Curae; Cras tempor. Morbi egestas, urna non consequat tempus, nunc arcu mollis enim, eu aliquam erat nulla non arcu mollis enim, eu aliquam erat nulla non nibh. Duis consectetuer malesuada velit. Nam ante nulla, nibh. Duis consectetuer malesuada velit. Nam ante nulla, interdum vel, tristique ac, condimentum non, tellus. ivamus auctor leo vel interdum vel, tristique ac, condimentum non, tellus. ivamus auctor leo vel dui. Aliquam erat volutpat. dui. Aliquam erat volutpat. Phasellus nibh. Vestibulum ante ipsum primis in faucibus orci luctus et ultrices posuere cubilia Curae; Phasellus nibh. Vestibulum ante ipsum primis in faucibus orci luctus et ultrices. Cras tempor. Proin ornare feugiat nisl. Suspendisse dolor nisl, ultrices at, eleifend vel, consequat at, dolor. WELDCRAFT 2009 MODELS WELDCRAFT 2009 MODELS Do you see yourself in a Duckworth? OCeAN KiNg 220/240 MAVeriCK DV 186/201 MAVeriCK DV 173/188 rebel CleArwAter VAlley OCeAN KiNg 220/240 MAVeriCK DV 186/201 MAVeriCK DV 173/188 rebel CleArwAter VAlley Duckworth boats combine a majestic heritage with refined styling and comfort to offer an altogether distinctively different class of welded aluminum watercraft. Maintaining continuity 1.800.261.7617 with our proud heritage of design consciousness, Duckworth boats are handcrafted for the sole purpose of enhancing your on-the-water experience. Don’t just imagine the possibilities: paint CuDDy KiNg 17 ANgler Se reNegADe SPOrtjet 22/24 SeleCt iNbOArD jet 21 legACy iNbOArD jet CuDDy KiNg 17 ANgler Se reNegADe SPOrtjet 22/24 SeleCt iNbOArD jet 21 legACy iNbOArD jet your dream on your very own Duckworth. ALL NEW! • 1.800.597.9189 • 1.800.597.9189 SSJ_DW_REFLECT_3309.indd 1 1.800.261.7617 3/3/09 8:21:24 AM print mAGAZine CAmpAiGn print mAGAZine CAmpAiGn brOChure develOpment fACebOOk mAnAGementWebsite develOpment Website develOpment
  16. 16. We pAssed On submittinG fOr A dOZen different AWArds lAst yeArbeCAuse the n.W. AG shOW WAs lOOkinG fOr fresh ideAs And neWenerGy thAt needed Our undivided AttentiOn. bdC AdvertisinGrespOnded With AdvertisinG thAt embrACed the breAdth Of indus-try interests, A strOnG publiC relAtiOns CAmpAiGn, A neW WebsiteAnd AGGressive mediA buys thAt dOubled the shOWs reACh AndfreQuenCy in their AdvertisinG --- All ACCOmplished fOr the sAmemOney they hAd been spendinG previOusly!
  17. 17. Website develOpmentbAnner Ad develOpment print neWspAper/mAGAZine CAmpAiGn
  18. 18. O r e G O n C i t y WA s e AG e r tO r e v i tA l i Z e i t s ’ m A i n s t r e e t. t h e nOn-prOfit, mAin street OreGOn City nAmed bdC AdvertisinG their AGenCy-Of-reCOrd And turned us lOOse With their stAff tO initiAte A mArketinG mAkeOver. We did And the returns hAve been thrillinG! beCAuse We Were busy keepinG Our eye On the priZe, We didn’t hAveMAIN STREET time tO submit fOr self-servinG AWArds but sOmeOne else did And We WOn--- stAte And nAtiOnAl reCOGnitiOn, A silver telly And An “innOvAtiOn AWArd”… tO nAme A feW.
  19. 19. MAIN STREET viideO develOpmentlOGO develOpment Website develOpment
  20. 20. retAil is nO plACe tO be COmplACent…yOu hAve tO be fOCused AndstAy fOCused tO Win. fOr the lAst 17 yeArs bdC AdvertisinG hAs beendOinG business With stevens mArine. like severAl Other COmpAniesbdC represents, We Are their mArketinG depArtment. We dO it AllAnd Are AvAilAble 24/7 As their mArketinG depArtment tO respOndtO Any Of their mArketinG needs. stevens mArine’s been in businessfOr 40 yeArs And they knOW their business And thAt’s Why they’vehired us…beCAuse We knOW Our business tOO.
  21. 21. inventOry mAnAGement systemWebsite develOpment fACebOOk mAnAGement brOChure develOpment
  22. 22. yOu CAn’t Get sidetrACked When it’s A 1,736 mile drive tO minnetOnkAfrOm OreGOn City. but thAt distAnCe didn’t shAke the WOrld’slArGest lure mAnufACturer When they hired bdC AdvertisinG. fOrneArly A deCAde We’ve been prOduCinG AdvertisinG fOr luhr JensenthAt’s resulted in enOrmOus GAins in mArketshAre. stAyinGfOCused On Our CustOmers And nOt Our industry prOfile hAsbeen An essentiAl inGredient in Our COntinuinG suCCess. bdCWhO? Our CustOmer’s knOW WhO We Are.
  23. 23. OREGON/WASHINGTON And You Thought BUOY-10 SALMON Be Seen Can’t See The Difference? Kwikfish Compiled from the Diaries and Logs of the Luhr Jensen Fishing Research Team. On A Deeper, That’s Understandable; ® “Buoy 10” is the name used to describe the salmon of tidal flows on a given fishing day and the back- Deep Six and Double Deep Six Divers are the fishery in the Columbia River estuary where often and-forth nature of salmon movements in the estuary most popular at Buoy 10. Both feature stainless steel more than a million salmon stage before continuing assist in locating concentrations of salmon, the first hardware and a positive trip, while the Double-Deep their spawning journeys to tributaries and hatcher- requirement of success. Six dives steeper and 20% deeper than the standard You’re Not The ies in Washington, Oregon and Idaho. From early The strong tidal flows of the estuary have led to the model. Because the Double-Deep Six dives steeper, it August to early September, the fishery offers the most development of specialized tackle that maximize both will go deep without getting too far from your boat, outstanding salmon fishing on the West Coast. the effectiveness of your efforts and the enjoyment of reducing the potential for tangles with other boats in More Revealing Specifically, Buoy 10 is the western most bound- the experience. crowded Buoy 10 conditions. ary of the fishery, where anglers have the first shot Most divers will dive approximately one foot Had No Room at connecting with salmon that have passed through DIVERS DOMINATE for every two feet of line out. You can judge troll- Consumer. the Columbia River Control Zone (the area between ing depth by counting the number of “pulls” from Diving planers like the Deep Six , Pink La- Level. Buoy 4 and Buoy 10). The control zone is the sepa- your reel. One pull of line (the distance from reel dy and Dipsy Diver are more popular than lead rating point between ocean and inland fisheries and is to the first rod guide) equals about two feet of line weights for trolling at Buoy 10. Their advantage over closed to salmon angling at all times. and yields roughly one foot of dive depth. The exact traditional sinkers is that they trip upon the strike, The Buoy 10 fishery includes much more than the dive depth will vary based on line diameter, trolling which relieves the pressure associated with diving For Improvement. area adjacent to the buoy itself. Continuing east to an speed, diver size and whether or not dodgers or flash- and allows you to fight your fish nearly weight-free. imaginary line extending between Rocky Point on the ers are included in the rigging. Utilizing pulls allows The flash given off by divers is also very attractive Washington side of the river and Tongue Point on the duplication once productive depths are found. to salmon, and their colors can influence success. As Oregon side, there are more than 30 square miles of a general rule, silver salmon prefer red, and chinook fish-holding water for anglers to target. DODGERS AND FLASHERS prefer chartreuse and greens. Try different finishes to find the preferred color on a given day. Dodgers and flashers can be used in conjunction Diver sizes are determined by the target species and with all but the smallest divers. In addition to flash, required diving depth. Generally again, silver salmon dodgers produce fish-attracting vibration while their The science of uV is fascinating. We can’t see it but fish can. run shallower than larger chinook. For silvers, small divers like a size “0” Deep Six or Double Deep Six is side-to-side movement imparts an erratic, lifelike action to trolled baits. Jensen Dodgers and Herring all you need for fishing near the surface to depths of Dodgers are available in different sizes and finishes 20 feet. To go deeper, or to pull an attractor down with the size 020 (six inch) and 000 (eight inch) beingfrankly, so did we. After literally millions of salmon we Salmon have demonstrated an uncontrollable emotional it’s like a beacon in the night calling them like a big family to will require a larger diver size. Each diver style incor- porates features that enhance effectiveness. the most popular. The new Pink Lady is an easy-pulling diver thatwere convinced that the Luhr-Jensen kwikfish® was as good attachment to our new UV Bright finishes. From deeper an all-you-can eat buffet. Add luhr Jensen’s J-Plug to features a slip-trip release mechanism and stainless steel hardware. When slack is allowed between rod and diver, the Pink Lady will set, or reset itself to the dive position. When tripped by a fish, the Pink Ladyas it gets. Decades of epic catches proved that trademark depths and greater distances, fish catch the the equation and the combination becomes undeniably can be reset from the boat. Those trolling spoons and spinners that are not fouled when struck prefer this Fish movements throughout the area are dependant feature. SALMON BUNGEEkwikfish® wiggle needed no improvement. luminescent shine of the ultraviolet colors effective. The erratic darting diving J-Plug upon the tides. Incoming tides inundate the estuary with cold ocean water and are accompanied by large The Dipsy Diver is a directional diver, meaning it will plane down and to the side at the same time, al-The SalmonBungee is a salmon-sized trolling schools of baitfish and feeding salmon. As the tide lowing for rods to be close in the boat, yet lines spread snubber designed to stretch up to three times its re-re turns and begins to move out, much warmer Colum- to either side. The adjustable base plate on the Dipsythen we began testing our new UV Bright and high-tail it directly to the scene. From action enhanced by luhr Jensen’s exclusive bia River water is drawn into the estuary from the east. The warm water “pushes” baitfish and most laxed length. The design allows salmon to achieve a Diver controls direction and range of side movement. firm hold of trolled baits and lures before the boat’s It features stainless steel hardware and a positive trip forward momentum pulls them away. To be success- salmon back towards the ocean. An understanding that can be tripped from the boat for easy retrieval.finishes. not only is the application of our ful, you only need to leave your rod in the holder and there, the erratic, wounded baitfish action of the Coyote uV Bright finish drives salmon to reckless OREGON/WASHINGTON wait until Mr. Salmon pulls your rod tip down firmly several times before setting the hook. A must with Lower CoLumbia river spring CHinooK braided lines, the Salmon Bungee turns short strikesUV Bright finishes better, hoards of fish have shown their into solid hookups. Affix the Salmon Bungee directly Spoon performs its seductive dance and closes the deal. abandon throwing caution to the currents and full mouth- to the diver, then continue with the rest of the leader. Available in red, chartreuse and black, match the col- Compiled from the Diaries and Logs of the Luhr-Jensen Fishing Research Team. www.luhrjensen.comapproval. it’s like ringing the dinner bell at a cowboy or of the Salmon Bungee to diver color. experience the feeling for yourself. open assaults on these phenomenally productive plugs. so generaL After 2 ½ decades of closure, the Columbia River tion and profile. While most rely on deciphering tide charts for their trip you are far better served using Though there are a dozen different methods that catch lower-Columbia River Spring Chinook the twoconvention. so just this once…the right thing was admitting was reopened for spring Chinook in 2001. There have been some exceptional returns posted over the past river level forecasts. You’ll easily find those forecasts under “Fishing Data” at Check out most popular are trolled herring rigs and Kwikfish either plunked or trolled. even though the uV’s not visible to our eyes…the results are. several years making the Columbia from Bonneville Dam to Astoria one of the most popular spring fish- “NOAA River Levels”. What you’re looking for is the projected time when the river level is forecast to Herringhow wrong we were. eries in the region. It’s no wonder, Columbia Basin spring Chinook are regarded as the finest eating salm- drop. Ideally, you’ll want to be in the water and an- chored about an hour before that drop begins. That A typical herring rig includes a green label herring hooked to a VMC 3/0 and 4/0 (3/0 is the bottom Published as a serviceon the planet. Their high omega-rich fat content on to the industry by Luhr Jensen, Inc., CoyotetM Spoon & FlaSher UV Bright FiniSheS gives them a buttery flavor that’s sought worldwide. way you can fish through the entire tide. hook) mooching rig tied to a 6’ leader with a Luhr- Jensen Swivel Chain tied mid-way up the leader to Careful fisheries management has resulted in regu- wHere to go either a Luhr-Jensen Wire Trolling Spreader, or a slid- kwikfish UV Bright finishes ® J-Plug uV BrighT Finishes TM lation that only allows sport fishing seasons in March and April. That means anglers need to optimize their fishing efforts to take full advantage of the short win- In large part selecting where to go is determined through the season-setting process. If it’s closed above I-5 or I-205, for example, then you’ll be limited ing weight with an 18” to 20” dropper for the lead. It’s a very simple rig but the key is in the leader and dropper lengths. Many who know this fishery well dow of opportunity. to the water below those points. carefully measure out the exact lengths to be sure they’re “in the zone”. Though the peak of the season generally occurs The good news is there is plenty of river available around the middle of April, there is often good, and and dozens of outstanding areas to fish. To fish this rig, slowly drop your offering to the sometimes very good fishing in March, particularly bottom while trolling. When you make contact, reel Below Bonneville Dam for example, can be very around the last week of the month. up a crank or two to make sure you’re just off the good when the water conditions are right. Catch rates bottom. From there you’ll want to check it frequent- Tenacious, hard-fighting fish, lower-Columbia spring can be the highest on the entire river in this area. The ly, every few minutes, to make sure you’re within a Chinook average 12 to 18 pounds with occasionally trade-off is that the current is often very strong, at foot or less of the bottom. That’s where the action is. fish tipping the scales to 30 pounds. times the fish are deep necessitating lots of lead or If you drop your rig too fast the herring may ride up Luhr-Jensen Jumbo Jet Divers to get down to them and get twisted on your main line. and there can be hundreds of boats in the area. Un- reguLations fortunately, most years this area of the river is closed. An important tip is to change your herring fre- Be particularly mindful of checking the regulations quently throughout the day. Many guides will only before setting out. While the Willamette River and It’s quite a change just a little ways downriver in fish a bait for a half hour or so before changing. Keep- many tributary fisheries enjoy 7-day-a-week seasons, the area of I-205 where boats troll against a relatively ing fresh bait in front of the fish definitely helps to the Columbia is often regulated on a days-per-week modest current. swing the odds in your favor. basis that only allows harvest on specified days. Ad- In the early part of the season the best fishing is ditionally, the river is often separated into open and found from the Kalama, Washington area down- closed sections, so review the regulations carefully. stream to Cathlamet, Washington. Here, boats an- Oregon and Washington enjoy concurrent regula- chor or troll in 15’ to 30’ depths using a variety of 1600 1601 1602 1603 1604 tions so checking with either state’s fish and wildlife department is fine. You’ll find the information you tactics. Early in the season it’s generally herring for Flo. Green/ Flo. Chartreuse/ Flo. Pink/ Flo. Red/ Flo. Blue/ need online at either (Oregon) http://www.dfw.state. the trollers and Kwikfish for the boats at anchor or fishing from the bank. 1600 1601 1602 1603 1604 Chartreuse UV Green UV Chartreuse UV Chartreuse UV Chartreuse UV or (Washington) . 1600 1601 1602 1603 1604 By late March, the armada of boats and bank an- Flo. Green/ Flo. Chartreuse/ Flo. Pink/ Flo. Red/ Flo. Blue/ Flo. Green/ Flo. Chartreuse/ Flo. Pink/ Flo. Red/ Flo. Blue/ water Conditions glers is spread from Cathlamet upriver to the speci- fied deadline. Most are targeting water that’s 18’ to Chartreuse UV Green UV Chartreuse UV Chartreuse UV Chartreuse UV Chartreuse UV Green UV Chartreuse UV Chartreuse UV Chartreuse UV You’ll want to adjust your tactics to the water tem- perature, general water conditions and tides. The 30’ deep. Some boats will tie off on wing dams, others will anchor and still others will troll. There are a num- Columbia River, from Bonneville Dam downstream ber of very good areas to bank fish, including some KwiKfisH® is affected by tide. It’s also profoundly affected by of the open beaches on Sauvie Island and other open Fishing Luhr-Jensen’s renowned Kwikfish is the flow, river level and clarity. beaches downriver of Portland on both the Oregon other “go-to” strategy for success in catching Colum- As a general rule, if the water temperature is below and Washington sides of the river. bia River Spring Chinook. Some will troll but most 55 degrees fishing bait, often herring, is the preferred will anchor on the outgoing tide in depths ranging It’s easy to find the most productive areas. During tactic. Temperatures over 60, then the tactic turns to from 18’ to 30’. the season boats and bank anglers will be favoring hardware, like spinners and spoons. those spots that are consistent producers. The goal is to select an area that either funnels fish The exception to this rule is the use of Kwikfish . to you or is a migration path for these salmon. Often Know before going out that the Columbia River Chinook salmon will readily bite Kwikfish in tem- times these areas will be along underwater plateaus or has a deceptively strong current. If you’re in a boat, peratures well below 55°, especially when they are channels that plunge into deeper water. The goal is to on a dock or in an area that has any depth to it you bait-wrapped with either a sardine, tuna belly, shad position your Kwikfish right on the lip of these areas are well-advised to wear a PFD (personal floatation or herring fillet/strip. before they break into deeper water or pronounced device) for safety. A popular Columbia River spring Chinook tech- pockets. Free Tech Reports: Free Tech Reports: nique, anchoring, relies on timing your trip to the wHat to use Trollers and backtrollers will slowly make way Free Tech Reports: tide, specifically, the outgoing tide. As water is pulled There’s a variety of techniques that work well in along similar areas keeping their presentation in close out of the Columbia by the outgoing tide, the cur- this fishery. An important feature of these fish is they proximity to the bottom. rent speed picks up and enables Kwikfish , spinners, tend to hug the bottom as they migrate upriver. That’s spoons and even bait to work with their unique ac- why relatively short dropper lines for lead and for divers are preferred. Published as a service to the industry by Luhr-Jensen, Inc., print mAGAZine CAmpAiGn teChniCAl repOrts
  24. 24. if its pretentiOus AdvertisinG AWArd shOWs yOu WAnt us tO inteGrAteyOu intO, sOrry. if its Online fOrums, internet ChAt rOOms AndsOCiAl sites, let’s tAlk. While sOme QuestiOn the effeCtiveness, WeGAve OkumA prOOf. An intensive fOrum inteGrAtiOn CAmpAiGn AndAGGressive fACebOOk prOmOtiOn ChAnGed the brAnd’s perCeptiOnOverniGht. they Went frOm A brAnd everyOne WOuld publiCly bAsh,tO A hiGhly respeCted, fOrum COmmunity member thAt nO OneCOuld tOuCh.